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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

2/23/2018 c23 Guest
really glad its comming back
2/23/2018 c23 Nobody245
I forgot to ask this, and I wasn't originally going to ask you because this is your profile and I should ask the person in question, (plus you have your own things to deal with) but I can't find him and since I'm a guest, I can't PM him. Since you said yourself that he was a buddy of yours, and that he kept you as the only favorited author on his fanfiction page, I have to ask where Captain Darko is and where are the stories that he wrote? I ask this because I'm a fan of both your story and his, and while I'm a bit disappointed that he likely won't finished the latest story that he was working on, I'm more confused and concerned that he suddenly retires out of nowhere as far as I know, and takes the stories he wrote with him. If he wants to stop writing fanfiction, that's fine with me, and I would be supportive of his choice just like I was with yours, but I just want to know why? And I'm sorry that I'm using this review as a bridge between me and him, but I didn't know what else to do. Anyway, what I said before is still the same, and I hope for the best is both this fanfic, and in real life, and I respect you and Darko as authors who made excellent stories out of a children's TV show. I hope the both of you are alright, and I hope to hear from both Darko and you when and if you both want to continue to write the stories you made and I hope that if you could, tell me what happened to Darko. But until then, my ending message is like I said earlier today; See you soon.
2/23/2018 c23 StacheKing
I said it before, I'm willing to wait for as long as it takes. And indeed, this is something that you need time for. Believe me, I've been there. Just promise me no matter how long you take, when you do post your next official chapter, it is of the quality of the previous 21 chapters. Because just as a fan inspired you to continue, you've inspired me to return to reviewing full time.
2/23/2018 c23 Nobody245
That's deep. I mean it. If you still want to continue this fic, than please do so, and I'll be waiting when you begin again. Keep it up, and I'll see you soon.
2/23/2018 c23 SonicMax
whoa that got super heavy. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better though.
2/23/2018 c22 SonicMax
aww man that sucks we were just getting to Lynn probably attacking Lincoln in the shower. hope you get things under control even if you don't continue I know how hectic life can be.
2/23/2018 c23 Guest CM
Hey dude, to be honest, i wasn't really into fanfictions about shows when I first read yours. After reading it, however, began my downfall (is what my sister says). I love reading fanfics now and whenever I see yours update, i immediately drop whatever fanfic I'm currently on, just to read your newest chapter. Your story is that good and i hope you continue to the end (I really like the plot and character development with many of the characters!). I know this is long already, but i just want to say, if you ever feel the way you did before, or go through hard times or simply feel down, it's ok to take a breather. Take a step back and work through it. I do not mind at all in waiting for updates and will always be a fan of your story. In short, I hope you are ok and in good spirits, and know your fan base is always with you dude. I'm glad to know your story will continue and, more importantly, you're alright and not hurting anymore.
2/23/2018 c23 XD
Im Going to start by saying im truly sorry for this love interesting experience that you went through we all been on that rollercoaster of emotions, my first love use me and i thought she loves me, i was new in the game of love she did have experience in that she even said you are just to be use thats it.
At first i feel how my heart shrink and start crying but at the end i learn that my soft heart start making crust around it at first i hated it that she play with me but then for some reasons i couldn't hate her like hated her so i forgive her 1 week later but i didnt tell her that i just forgive her in my mind i was in peace afterwards.

Sorry i kinda lose it with my story, the thing is that... your not alone it might looks that you are but your not. We your readers are here for you and we know it would take time for this at least now you have this sour experience so you would know how to apply in the future went all seems lost always hope for the best ( very cliche right? XD)

All in all the sweet moments in your life would come in time youl see it until then survive ,endure it, grow with it, live with it. And shared it to future lifes that you would encounter later on.
I would wait here for you recovery who knows? By the time you would come i might be in the marines XD anyway send you a hug from wherever u are and stay strong

Read you later mate!
2/23/2018 c23 16Sonic Thunder Saiyan Turtle
Hey, I've already begun getting into this story, and I won't stop til I reach the end. If ya need it, I'm here for ya, man.
2/23/2018 c23 3BegottenSpud
TotCall720, you’re an interesting fellow. Take this from a random, anonymous, light-weight LH addict; you’re talented, eloquent, and astoundingly creative. It’s evident you’re strong, because of all the emotional turbulence you’ve brooked and overcome, even disregarding the fic, because now you’ll see everything differently. That’s what creativity is. Creativity is like a piston, constantly firing up and down, but sometimes the engine stalls or runs out of fuel. When it fills back up and starts doing its job again, the motor roars just as confidently, and it feels refreshing to see it do what it was meant to do. My point is, you’ve obviously been in a lot of pain, and now that your flow is back, channel it. Use it, and be a new man. You’re still the interesting fellow you were before this all happened, just wiser.
I’m ecstatic with this news. You’re in better spirits, and revamped like I said. Let your pistons churn.
2/22/2018 c22 6The Brahmin
It's a shame to see such a great writer go. Hope all is well for you soon.
2/22/2018 c1 Joel Boud
what happened to all the other stories you wrote. you know like The Prodigal Lincoln stigmata i wasn't done with it yet
2/19/2018 c22 11Bleeding Wings
It's a real shame you have to go, dude. Great talent is quite rare on this website, and you're one of them. Whatever you have to do, make it count. It's a good idea to put your talent to good use, writing an actual novel instead of just putting so much hard work in a fanfic that is financially unrewarding. Well, leaving fanfic-writing to create true works of art is a way of growing up. We all have to grow up someday.

Here's some advice for you: don't you dare allow social justice warriors, feminists, or any politically correct scumbags influence your creativity. We are ARTISTS. Not social engineers. Our job as artists is to tell the TRUTH to society, not socially condition our readers and viewers to think what the politically messed up idiots want them to think. We have seen the evils of social engineering when we watched the latest episodes of "Star Wars." Episodes 7 and 8 reeked of SJW and feminism, and no thanks to Disney "Star Wars" is forever ruined. Our entertainment industry has succumbed to the evils of political correctness and social conditioning, giving us unoriginal garbage and making political messages the main goal instead of giving us actual stories! Tell the truth and tell it in the most fascinating way you possibly can!

Another thing: don't be a pleaser. We need to treat readers like children since they keep begging writers for something they want. We as writers do not give the readers what they want. We give them what they NEED. If you give them what they want just for the sake of pleasing them, you'll screw up and end up being unsatisfied with your work. A comedian once said that he wasn't sure what will lead to success, but what will lead to failure is trying to please everybody. Giving our readers what they need is top priority.

Take care of yourself, dude. Always be true to yourself and don't you dare allow anyone to taint your very talents God bestowed upon you. One day, I too will have to leave this site and people like you and me will have to do our best to not only entertain the people out there but also protect the art of entertainment from the evil ones who want to misuse the arts just for the sake of controlling their hearts and minds. Take care and God Bless.
2/19/2018 c22 AnonymousXD
Sigh...parting is such sweet sorrow...while it pains me to see this happen, and it sadly seems to be happening more and more often nowadays, I...understand why you feel the need to stop...and while I support you taking a break, I do prey that you find the energy and time to finish this story someday, either sooner or later...I, as well as all the other fans of this show, and this story, will be waiting for you. Be well, live long and prosper, and good luck. Until we meet again, one sunny day...
2/19/2018 c22 2mikotomisaka1422
Dude.. you are one of the most talented and most awesome story teller in this site. You deserve this well timed hiatus dude. Take the time to relax. All your problem will soon be solve. All of us your loyal readers will be here for you. Wish you well. and please dont give up on this story.
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