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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

2/16/2018 c21 AnonymousXD
This...chapter...was awwwwweeeesome, and I greatly enjoyed how the hijacks actually had a vibe that actually resembled the show's! So much so that I could see this being part of the show itself, what with the pets' hijinks, Lucy's jump scares, Lisa's incensed chocoholic tendencies and even the very thing that endangered them, it all felt like it belonged to the show, which is an amazing accomplishment on your part. And...while I can't lie, I'm greatly saddened to hear that this story is on hiatus until further notice, I shall keep this story wrapped within my head and loyally await it's triumphant return, whenever that may be. So no worries, you take all the time you need. The fans of this story, including me, will await with lasting patience. For what it's worth, I adore this story and can't wait for it'd next chapter! Take care, and until next time!
2/15/2018 c21 STR2D3PO
I understand life comes first for what's it worth I loved this chapter it had a little bit of everything in it looking forward to your return
2/15/2018 c21 StupidIdiot
That's okay dude, take your time with the story. I'll be here reading till the very end. (Love the chapter by the way.:) You're definitively one of the bestest and my most favorite fanfic writers of the loud house. Stay awesome dude!.
2/15/2018 c21 29Draco711
It's cool. Don't try and force yourself to write if you don't feel up to it, even if you already know what to write down. For me, when I write, after I post a chapter, the time for the next chapter is indefinite as I don't know when I will update it next be it a few or more months or the next day. If you do plan on posting every few months, work on it when you feel up to it even if its bit by bit. Again, don't force yourself to write if you don't feel up to it. Especially if it turn something you enjoy into a chore. I'll, we'll, be waiting for your return and the next chapter. (I may leave as a PM as well).
2/14/2018 c21 CrystalGSmashMario-ABANDONED
Once again, you successfully delievered another awesome chapter! The best thing about this is that its more light-hearted and has funny scenes that legit had me laugh for a good amount of time. This could mean that the story might turn into a heavy or we can relax and enjoy an arc of funny or light chapters.

Oh man, the "Leni having superhuman strength" gag is really awesome and I can actually see that in the show, but with a different situation. I don't know why but it makes me think that this joke will get a serious turn sooner or later...

You really catch the personality of the characters very well, and you manage to make them act according to the age they are in your story and this chapter enhances that to a whole new level. I guess that its Lynn's turn to have some alone time with Lincoln, and I'm looking forward on seeing what you got for both of them. Also nice reference to your early chapters. Knowing you, it will be pretty difficult to see when they are going to be romantic moments because you mastered the sibling dynamic through all of them.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 9/10. The whole destructive sequence seems a little bit off, but it makes sense and goes well into the story. Looking forward to the next chapter! Take all the time you want, no pressure and cheers, mate!
2/14/2018 c21 Guest
I understand where your coming from. Burn out is common for many authors and I'm genuinely surprised it took this long for you. Nevertheless, I trust the future to work out for you.
2/14/2018 c21 Anon53101
I'm sorry about that man, truthfully writing does wear a person out, I don't know how you do it, and I hope that shit gets better. But remember

Shit gets hard, Life goes on
2/14/2018 c21 iamzim87
Well that’s disappointing to hear but I understand and completely agree with your reasoning. I’m just glad that your not canceling the fic all together after coming this far because this, to me, is one of the best Loud House fics on the site and I know many others besides myself would hate to see it end.

I think you have a real shot at making it as a professional writer based off of the quality of this fanfic alone. It really shows how much effort you put into it from the dialogue between all the characters and showcasing their respective issues and darkest thoughts when you switch POVs.

I wish you the best of luck and that your novel succeeds!
2/14/2018 c21 33from2k
Thanks again for another amazing chapter, a perfect mixture of heartwarming moments and crazy Loud-style shenanigans!
You take all the time you need, because I think I speak for everyone when I say, no matter how long it takes, we'll be right here when the next chapter comes around. Stay safe and keep on the good work!
2/14/2018 c21 6Muminpappan
I have to say I love this story so much
2/14/2018 c21 2SomeBloke420
Dude, it's alright, times get rough, it can be worse, you could've just stopped cold turkey, just take as much as time as you need. Every chapter, no matter how long, is worth the wait.
2/14/2018 c21 9364wii
Fantastic work as always I honestly love everything and I love Lincoln spending time with everyone in this chapter that was pretty sweet.

You deserve to take a break your chapters are always so long.
2/14/2018 c21 Anon53101
I creamed my pants when I saw the notification for a new chapter
2/13/2018 c20 StupidIdiot
Can't wait to read the next chapter. Love this story
2/10/2018 c20 ThePuppetMaster
Plz Update soon, loving the story!
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