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8/29/2017 c16 Guest
Dude the way you write and place in the detail ... I'd be willing to read out this story along if it goes through lincolns years. Please don't end this anytime soon. I've got to check out your other work now. Eager to see if its as good as this.
8/22/2017 c3 4outta fucks to give
wow hitting himself in the dick... I don't think even I can do that
8/16/2017 c16 coldblue
Thanks for updating and thanks for the great chapter!

Sorry for the late review. Busy weekend and I guess prepping for work I got to do next couple of weeks.

Lincoln Loud:

Well, it looks like the Jemison family will possible be rapping up soon in the next chapter and be mention a bit in some future chapters. That going to be interesting to read a DIFFERENT perspective of the Tornados through a Video Camera. Most likely a description or narration scene in the chapter. Also, it seems that Lisa Loud hormones kicked into Lincoln. Even with Lincoln being submissive during Luna Loud episode in the last chapter, BUT it was really shows that when Lincoln is very TURNED on that he will be very aggressive in a sexual situation. This probably really turned on Luna in all of this. In order to not lose his virginity and possible force himself/rape Luna during that situation, which would be traumatizing. Chopping wood for Mr. Grouse is a good way to work out his new ENERGY, but this indirectly turned Lynn Loud on. Huh? I wounder who will get to Lincoln first? Luna, Lynn, Leni or Luan? It going to be interesting.

Luna Loud:

Well, she now knows that Lincoln Loud does have a aggressive side of sexual situations. Those chemicals really did a number on Lincoln, so I wonder if Lisa Loud left other side-effects. It very interesting for Luna to want make sure her and Lincoln will be together. That what you should expected with Relationships. Possibilities how long this will last and how far the Relationship is going. Luna already had a few thoughts of having a child with Lincoln and wondering if this relationship will last. Luna is also probing Lisa about experimenting on her and Lincoln. It not over. Luna going to find out how much Lisa knows at some point. For now, Lincoln pacified Luna about questioning Lisa by appreciating Lisa 3-D printer gifts that she created. Now it seems that Luna going to find out what happen when Lincoln was alone in the that Terrible Tornado Storm.

Lynn Jr Loud:

Well, her libido is in full swing. Of course, she almost got ran over with Lana and Lily be ran over. Showing slight family bonding moment with how much they care about each other they're family. Still, these thoughts of Lincoln are going to be tearing up Lynn. Sooner or later she going to need better relief, such as what Leni and Luan are doing. Most likely Lynn going to POUNCE on Lincoln when Lynn Jr finds out Lincoln and Luna have some relationship. I'm not saying that Lynn Jr Loud is not interested in Girls/Women. It just the psychological issues Lynn has right now seems to suggest that Lynn needs Lincoln, a man. Why? To sort of show that Lynn Jr is a girl and attractive. That getting rejected or feeling rejected by boys around her has been getting to Lynn. Right now, Lincoln is looking more and more applying.

Lisa Loud:

Well, part of the of her Hormones worked. It just seems that Lisa did not take into account of Lincoln male hormones having a delayed reaction, Lincoln probably being VERY stimulated by that, and that Lincoln would resort to physical activity to curve his carnal instincts. Lisa still very young. We don't know what she will be like when she hits puberty, thing change. For now she not interested in sex or boys. Still, she be influenced by her siblings sex lives and the studies/experiments/solution to some problems he sibling face. Lucy confronted Lisa, but it was sort a stalemate and Lisa probably does not think Lucy knows what going on with they're older siblings. Most likely, Lisa thinks she the ONLY sibling that knows what going on with Lincoln, Luna, Leni, and Luan are going through. Most likely Lisa will probably be disturbed more of the time she monitors her siblings. Also, I take back the idea that Rick Sanchez from "Rick and Morty" exist as a actually person. Most like Lisa Loud loves to watch "Rick and Morty" herself and likes adult Cartoons.

Lucy Loud:

Well she confronted Lisa. Lucy was cryptic. Also, Lisa probably unfazed about the whole Grandma Harriet that Lucy keeps mention. Lucy the spiritual and morbid, while Lisa is scientific and calculated. Most likely polar opposites in many ways, but have similar common grounds. They care about they're siblings and Lucy is taking Great Grandma Harriet advice. Lucy see's hope that Lisa will do something to help with their siblings interests. Maybe even Lucy hopes to have Lisa help her with Lucy own interests. Lucy a bit confused with liking Girls and Boys. Not to mention the GROWING support of for Lincoln and Luna relationship. I guess Lucy having another set of confusing emotions AND hidden lusts that she developing.


1) Ever thought to reveal that Lisa Loud a hidden/closet fan of "Rick and Morty" TV show? Maybe Lincoln Loud or Loud sisters know about Lisa secret?

2) Is it possible that Lynn Jr will discover Lincoln and Luna have a relationship? How would she react to seeing her siblings commit incest in some ways and would that cause her to act out her own physical desires with Lincoln and possible Luna?

3) Will the Jemison family connect what Lincoln did along with what Luna and Leni during the Tornado Storm? What will the Video Footage reveal?


1) Yeah that would make more sense. Sort of someone like Lisa would not admit she likes a Adult Cartoon that uses Scifi based technology/philosophy that basically used for cheap laughs. Someone like Lisa Loud would be too proud to admit she likes Cartoons, even if she a genius. Most likely I could read Lisa Loud be known as a secret "Rick and Morty" fan. It would be interesting to read how that would go down. A family bond moment. We could have Lincoln, her sisters, or just everyone in the Loud Family give Lisa some "Rick and Morty" items. Just a idea. It would be interesting to bring Lisa down to a Earth and have normal moments of being a kid.

2) I hope that happens. This would make Lynn Jr more bold with Lincoln. I mean, Lynn Jr witness Lincoln and Luna being a couple or making out, would hurt her and probably excite her. Why? Well Lynn Jr doe care deeply for Lincoln, but this would also show Lynn Jr that Lincoln not afraid of Taboo Relationship. They're seems to be a pattern that most Loud Sisters have a bisexual curiosity, so I guess Lynn Jr would probably start fantasying about not only Lincoln Loud, but also Luna Loud. Boy! That would put Lynn Jr in the same boat as Luan Loud, BUT I think Lynn Jr would be more aggressive and bold to make movies on Linoln and Luna. That what I think at least.

3) It going to be interesting to read the video footage. Most likely it will show Lincoln surviving the Bus from the tornado with being they're Mary. I probably have to go back to read that chapter again. It would be interesting if we had some footage of Luna and Leni as well finding the baby Jemison. Sort of bring full circle Lincoln, Luna and Leni connection with the Jemison family. I don't know. It going to be interesting for the family to witness they're family members survive the Tornado Storm Tragedy or something like that. We should get some reactions out of various Loud Family members.

Keep up the good work and sorry for the late review.
8/13/2017 c16 ReaperDemonIceWolf
All out great story. Been reading it for a week now where I read kinda slow and use my phone to do so. Would like to see where you can take this story cause it's to good to stop it any time soon. Your a great writer and I love your work. I think Lisa went kinda over board with how your played lisa loud with her getting her sample but it did add great context to the story that kept me reading and not many stories are able to do that to me. Above all else would like to see how you pull off this other Leni and Luan thing you started and would like to see what you have in store for Lynn.
8/13/2017 c16 Guest
I love your story and want to see more of where you go with it. It is down right the best fanfiction i have ever read. I would like to see Lincoln and Luna love life go from just then into a herm with Lynn at some point in time. You got me on edge with the story and would love to see this story go on for many more pages
8/12/2017 c16 ejb1013
lynn's gonna end up raping lincoln if she dosen't do something about it
8/11/2017 c16 Guest
Well I can tell I'm in for the feels since I'm sensitive about this stuff and man can't read and prob be sad about the tornado innocent, anyways with that out the way, really good chapter and I'm really looking forward to CPT. 17 10/10 on ya
8/11/2017 c16 11That Engineer
I think I want to axe some wood right now
8/11/2017 c16 10X the Reaper
Ooh, finally back to this little plot point, eh? Alright then, should be good to see this unfold!
8/1/2017 c15 Dread55
Ok 2 things i want to ask. Why Rape Lincoln? and 2 Was that odd talk about Lynn's father a hint about Lincoln being adopted?

P.S when is the next update dew to arrive?
7/31/2017 c5 Guest
Amazing version of their future rlly liked it
7/19/2017 c15 STR2D3PO
Lisa definitely went overboard with the pheromones and I think it was kinda low for her to use Lincoln's memories to get the job done
7/19/2017 c15 Guest
Well it's got the typical kind of stuff you would expect from a M rated Loud house fic yet I like this one more. Instead of just making it a bunch we love each other oooo, It's more smart and puts logic into it. It's also adding constant twist making me want to read the next chapter. Great work! 8.5-10
7/17/2017 c15 coldblue
Here the Questions/Suggestions!


1) Should we expect Lincoln, Luna and Leni using different treatments to get over they're traumatic experience? Maybe Lincoln taking a job/sport, Luna developing her music more, and Leni probably going through some therapy?

2) Who will talk/confront Lisa about the gifts she gave to Lincoln and Luna: Lucy, Lincoln, and Luna Loud?

3) Should we expect Lynn Jr just be impulsive at some point with her Lust for Lincoln? Maybe Lynn might kiss/make out with Lincoln or possible Lynn Jr taking advantage of a sleeping Lincoln?

4) Will Lincoln, Luna, Luan, Leni and Lynn Jr feelings/lust for each other be found out by they're parents? Should we expect Rita and Lynn Sr Loud to never find out or perhaps one of them find out?

5) What happen with Luna and Sam? Did they just break up or should we expect Sam to come back into this story? Maybe Sam dating Maggie?

6) Are we going to expect Lisa Loud to perform some "Rick and Morty" science levels like Portal Guns or creating her own Micro-verse?


1) Yeah that therapeutic. Lincoln, Leni and Luna doing they're own forms of therapy. Sure you could go with Leni getting help with Luan, but she has split personalities. Not to mention Lincoln and Luna can only help each other so much.

Lincoln Loud- From "The Loud House" I don't really expect Lincoln to be part of a Sport. That wishful thinking on my part and fan fiction. Still, I remember when Lincoln and Clyde worked at Flippies Gas Station. Lincoln is a hard work. "The Louse House: Future Love Run Amok!" shows that Lincoln does odd jobs for Mr. Grouse such as chopping wood. Doing either a physical or paper pusher job. It up to you if you want Lincoln to have a White or Blue Collar type job. If Lincoln has abs, give Lincoln as physical job such as Blue Collar such as a Custodian or Construction. With all the Tornados destroying Michigan, I figure Lincoln has opportunity to work as a Construction Worker and ease his mind by fixing/building on damage areas.

Luna Loud- It would be great if Luna actually focus more in Music and used the Trauma to give her semi-fame. Maybe even become famous in Michigan or across the US. I could read Luna Loud do a benefit Concert and help raise money for the Damages/Homeless people from the Tornados that destroyed the state. We could read Sam or other people Luna knows help use this as opportunity to let they're Music get heard. Plus, we find out what happen with Sam and Luna. If anything else, maybe McSwagger band coming to raise Benefits and as a Tax deduction for all the money McSwagger makes.

Leni Loud- Okay she needs actually therapy. She has two personalities. Plus, Leni I kind of figure needs someone in the family that has power of attorney. Sort of one the Loud Siblings to look out for her such as Luan or Lincoln Loud. I could read that the therapist find out Leni killed someone who threaten Leni or her siblings. If nothing else, we could read Leni confine to the Therapist of her sexual issues. NOT CONFESSING her feeling that relate to incest! No. Leni just sort of hinting at liking boys and girls. Maybe read how Rita and Lynn Sr Loud react to Leni sexual preferences and confusion.

2) First one to confront Lisa Loud is possible Luna. Yeah, sort of throw everything off. Why? Luna Loud, I feel would search Lisa out first because the way Luna sort of was LOST in her lust and almost took Lincoln virginity because of it. Honestly, if I was drugged like that I would search out answers. Of course, Lincoln and Lucy will come in, but I like to give Luna chance with Lisa. Maybe read Luna that Lisa knows about Luna relationship with Lincoln. They will have to be subtle about it, but Lisa Loud will probably let Luna, Lucy or Lincoln know about this.

I would love that either Lisa has meeting with Lincoln and Luna about why they're were drug. Lisa would know that Lincoln and Luna would search them out. I just want Lucy to throw Lisa off guard with Lucy knowing about Lincoln, Luna, Luan and Leni as well. Maybe Lucy has meeting with Lisa later.

3) That something that would happen Lynn. I mean, Lynn Jr going to loss her impulses of her body and actually just follow through with it. Lynn Jr been having issues with thinking about Lincoln. Thinking about Lincoln in a bunny outfit and probably just want to deflower Lincoln every way Lynn Jr wants. I sort of expect Lynn to lose control at some point and actually just let her body go on out pilot. Sort of Lynn to tired to mentally fight it anymore. Lynn will probably catch Lincoln off guard by kissing/making out with him or Lynn Jr will likely take advantage of Lincoln while he passed out and discover that even though Lincoln her little brother, that Lincoln not all that little.

4) I think one of them. I just don't know which. Lynn Sr Loud seems to be the ONLY parent that knows about Luna and Sam 'relationship', while it seems that Lynn Sr was keeping it quite from his wife Rita. I could be wrong and Rita Loud could have known all along about Luna dating Sam in High School. It just makes for some interesting drama if the Mr. and Mrs. Loud getting a HINT or a LEAD on they're children having incestuous relationship with each other. Sort of read the drama that goes through ONE or both the parents realizing that they're children are in a relationship with each other. Maybe Luan and Leni get found out. If not them, we could read Lynn Jr be found out by her parents for her lust for Lincoln. Hell! We could just have Lincoln and Luna relationship be found out.

Whatever it is. This is a just a idea for some drama and to use Rita/Lynn Sr Loud characters more in the story.

5) I was rooting for that pairing. I hope Sam and Luna dated each other until the END of High School and then usually people drift apart because college or they're lives are changing. I hope to read that maybe they're was something they're, but it was not. Why? Luna Loud in "The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!" loves Lincoln Loud a lot. Maybe Sam could tell that Luna did love her, but Sam could tell that Luna loves Lincoln a lot more than a brother. Probably a scared part of Luna fears that Sam found out about her forbidden feelings for Lincoln. They could have had a clean break up.

If Sam had to appear again, I kind of hope Sam is in relationship with Maggie and currently or is going to live in Washington. I have soft spots for Sam and Maggie characters in "The Loud House".

6) That would be interesting. I mean in terms of Genius, Lisa Loud is behind Rick Sanchez because of Rick experience and connections with Alien lifeforms on the Black Market. I figure Lisa Loud does have idea about Portal Gun technology or understands the capabilities of Rick Sanchez/C-137 abilities. Why mention this? I would not mind for a SOLUTION to the whole incest issues. One, figure out how to not have baby defects/disease. Two, maybe development brain modifications can change people within the Royal Woods to forget that Lincoln or the Loud Siblings are related to each other even if they are dating/physical with each other. Finally Three, you could have Lisa Loud create a Micro-verse where her siblings could live and they're incestuous descendants power a Battery for Lisa Loud lab on a PLANET that powers her research.

I don't know. I love Lisa Loud referencing to "Rick and Morty", so who knows. Maybe Lisa would help find happiness for her siblings, BUT use them to power her research. A lot of things could happen that fucked up and the Universe would not give a shit about.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
7/17/2017 c15 coldblue
Thanks for updating and great chapter!

So much to think about with chapter.

Lisa Loud:

Well we get a lot out of this chapter. Love the references of "Rick and Morty" with Lisa keeps on mention C-137, which being the dimension we know of the Rick Sanchez comes from. Which is confusing because C-137 kept downloading/switching minds with OTHER Ricks, so is C-137 still consider C-137 even if he in a DIFFERENT body that similar from his own and from a different dimension? That hurts my head. Okay, so I can tell that Lisa science skills is VERY high, but not C-137 high right now. She has now taken a aggressive route of science. Lisa is going to get a Lincoln Loud sperm sample. That means Lisa Loud is probably going to CHANGE Lincoln genetic/molecular structure to STOP any of Lincoln children with his sisters from having disorders/diseases. Lisa used a HORMONE gas that basically acts like a aphrodisiac to kick off a LUST/sexual situation with Luna and Lincoln gifts. Lincoln and Luna will go to Lisa with some questions/answers about the Gas out of they're gifts. The UNKNOWN factor will be Lucy confronting Lisa, so that will throw Lisa off knowing that her younger or slightly older sibling knows about this. Lisa thought she had to deal with Luan, Leni, Luna and Lincoln. Now Lucy is involved in someway form.

Lucy Loud:

It seems that Lucy supports Lincoln/Luna relationship. That rather interesting to read. At some point Lucy got to question if she bisexual the way it seems Lucy attracted to Luna 'lady parts'. It might be likely that Lucy more attracted to her sisters than her brother. Still, this chapter sort of shows Lincoln likes being dominated and has feminine qualities. The vents have betrayed Lucy causing her to pass out from the HEAT going through the Vents along with watching Lincoln and Luna fall prey to Lisa gas/aphrodisiac. Lucy going to confront Lisa Loud at some point. Most like Lucy and Lisa will face some HEAVY questions about they're lives and they're siblings. We got Lucy having a SPIRITUAL moment with her Great-Grandma Harriet. Interesting idea of extreme heat, emotional stress and possible not having proper nutrients does give CERTAIN individuals spiritual encounters. Most like it was ALL in Lucy head, but I will keep my options open. "Rick and Morty" cartoon prove the Devil existed, BUT it might not fucking matter to the UNIVERSE! Great-Grandma Harriet told Lucy to take it easy on Lisa, so I do wonder if Lucy and Lisa will find allies/friendship with each other on they're OLDER Siblings sexual interests/relationships going on.

Lincoln Loud:

Okay, it his turn to question his sexuality. It seems that Lynn Jr might get some 'pegging' with 'bunny' Lincoln with that little ass play that Luna did. Most likely Lincoln going to seriously take a look at himself and his sexual preferences. Now we Lincoln being the best older brother he can be to his younger siblings. It also brings up the ideas that Lincoln looking to his future and dealing with his traumatic situations with Michigan Tornado Destruction. We get a lot of ideas that POSSIBLE Lincoln will look to Therapy or something of a outlet after the traumatic event, along with Luna and Leni. It very interesting to read that Lincoln will be chopping a lot of Mr. Grouse wood after all this. Lincoln does have a lot of great qualities of a father, so I do wonder if Lincoln will ever have that thought go in his head of becoming a father in the future. This chapter brings us back to Lincoln childhood memories/photos/videos we get a idea of Lincoln and his siblings past. For now, it seems that Lincoln and Luna will be discrete with talking or finding out information about Lisa and the 'gifts' she gave them. Most likely, Lincoln might stumble on Lisa getting his 'samples' and asking the hard questions.

Luna Loud:

We get a deep connection that Luna always like Lincoln ever since he was born and spent a GREAT deal of time with Lincoln through most of his life the best she can. It very interesting to read how Luna actually looks towards the future of having children with Lincoln. A very difficult and large step in a relationship, but we have to remember that Luna is OLDER than Lincoln and mature in that thought process. We also have to remember that Lincoln and Luna known each other for MOST they're lives, so they have intimacy that most long time Couples or even Married Couples have known each other for most they're lives. It very interesting to read if Luna and Lincoln are actually consider they're FUTURE relationship. Maybe Luna and Lincoln would live together, Luna adopts a child, and also how they're family would think of them in the future. Lust is they're, while Luna regret what she did with Lincoln they both liked it and felt relieved by that. Most likely finding out why Lisa drugged them and probably realize that MORE of they're siblings actually known and Luna/Lincoln relationship.

Rita and Lynn Sr. Loud:

We get the idea of Lust is still strong with this couple. The love has grown and probably having all those children help keep they're love strong. I'm and probably others are envious of that form of Love/Relationship they have with each other, even if it somewhat fictional. Most likely they're relationship will be tested if they ever FIND out about they're children incestuous feelings for each other. I love that Rita and Lynn Sr still cause some trauma for they're kids with they're active sexual relationship. Rita and Lynn Sr thinking about Lincoln, Leni and Luna traumatic even is good and shows they are good parents. Most likely we are hinted that some changes will come with Lincoln, Leni, and Luna time of taking up changes in they're lives. I love the "L for Love" reference we have gotten with Luna Loud PAST relationship with Sam. That episodes was powerful and shows real changes does happen in Cartoons, so I love the progression they're. I now wonder what happen with Sam and Luna. I hope Lincoln starts to take a hobby to get through the traumatic events of the Tornado's and witnessing people dying. Leni Loud I hope actually does have therapy that helps out with he own mental issues.

Lynn Jr. Loud:

Her feelings or hormones are going strong for Lincoln. It does now help that Lynn keeps her body in top condition, so her Hormones in her body and blood circulation is NOT going to stop her lust for Lincoln. That it will continue to grow. I just wonder WHAT going to happen with Lynn. Most likely I think her lust will grow before she IMPULSES takes action that will show her feelings for Lincoln. Maybe Lynn will even look at Lucy in ways that consider she might likes girls, BECAUSE Lynn has had a bit of those thoughts of Lucy come into play. It just would be interesting to read Lynn realize she wants Lincoln and later that she has a attraction to Lucy.

Barry Abraham Jemison:

We get more of this Jemison family coming into play. What role they play I don't know. It seems that this family will have some influence on the Loud Family. Jemison might be the grandfather of his surviving baby grandson. That possible we read Jemison have they're own family secrets that could help out Loud Siblings own issues. I don't know. I do find that maybe Jemison family will bring some drama to the Loud Family. Luna and Leni saved a baby Jemison, while Lincoln witnessed the death of Jemison family eldest matriarch. I hope that Jemison family gives some advice, but maybe move out of Michigan to start they're new life somewhere else. Just something of haven for the Jemison family.

It looks like Royal Woods, Michigan has a lot of chaos happening with Luna and Leni trying to get home after getting they're RELEASE from Carol, Teri, and Becky apartment.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!

I will write Questions/Suggestions sometime today.
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