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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

11/13/2020 c30 Leo 23
I love all the hallucinations they have. I think they already have a broken mind jajajajajaja
10/11/2020 c28 robotchris21

Can someone please explain this to me
8/27/2020 c30 Worldnotesongs88
this is fun and awesome
8/1/2020 c10 Re Lovely Lover
Climate change.. really man. Those documents and verifications that was repeatedly announced was fact based and e everyone agreed on yet clearly didnt. That was outright proven to be falsified for bullshit agenda pushing? Damned money making political schemes. Every bs announcement being proven false repeatedly and making claims that are ridiculous. Ignoring normal cycles of weather and announcing them as climate change?

Then the crap about Trump who while I dont like has been bullshited to some of the most ridiculous extremes I've ever seen with the shit the over all left has been making up. I loathe both parties but lately things have been really.. ridiculous, I cant think of a better word with the level of blatant lying and crap that's being pushed, said and done.

I think I can do without continuing with this if it's taking this direction.
7/16/2020 c30 1copet
Come on! They are in the last chapters of the "High" (apparently), and now Lynn practically kidnaps Lincoln? And really, you surprised me with the Bun-Bun bit. I don't know if it was a preview or a false alarm, but it was a nice detail. Now I'm really interested in what's next. After all, Luan hasn't made any more moves. Good day!
7/11/2020 c8 1cooljames8836
What the heck dude, why did you need to summon the onion ninjas? Not cool bro
6/25/2020 c30 Anthrodragon
Not that I'm not amused but what the he'll is up with the hypersexuality everyone is experiencing? Also waiting for Leni to jump Lincoln.
6/20/2020 c30 Antonio
Love the fanfiction want to know if Lenin and Lawyers u and get to tell Lincoln how they feel and what aboutLynn? So you plan to add any more of the sisters or there going to be only three?
5/26/2020 c30 5SammyScripts
Nice sweet transitional chapter. Can't wait to see where to story goes next.
5/24/2020 c8 Hmm
5/24/2020 c30 9He23t
Love the Lincoln x Luna Fluff

And Lynn is super crazy!

I love this chapter.
5/24/2020 c7 Ass man
Lincoln is thanos confirmed
5/24/2020 c30 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats
Stay safe
5/24/2020 c30 9364wii
Well glad to see a updatel when those weed wear off?
5/24/2020 c30 Jeff
Luna's going to be incredibly pissed once she finds out that Lynn essentially kidnapped Lincoln while she's stoned out of her mind. But at the very least, Lynn's admitted to wanting Lincoln, despite being on that acid trip of her's.
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