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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

5/24/2020 c30 Dread55
I am begging you. Don't make this a game of thrones like story when we all think the story will never end.
At least the drugs part is ending so I hope the story will pick up the pace. Luna will be pissed for having no Lincoln to do her.
If your having a writer's block, why not do a side story of something that didn't happen in past chapters but you wanted it to afterwords.
5/24/2020 c30 Thisisawesome89
Thxs for the chapter
5/24/2020 c30 6Shieyss
I keep getting the feeling that you write these stories when your high off your ass bro xD
5/24/2020 c30 19LH-Teller9999
I love this story
5/24/2020 c30 SonicMax
What. The. Shit.
5/24/2020 c6 Obama
I hate when inanimate objects bully me
5/23/2020 c5 Why
Keep your politicle bullshit out of this im just trying to beat my dick and the only thing more sad than that is a Democrat for no reason at all putting shitty political rants into a loud house story
4/23/2020 c29 5SammyScripts
Damn this trip is like the never ending story
3/21/2020 c12 Rjv
Loved the way you characterized religious psychopaths in this chapter
3/14/2020 c29 lampe.andrew1
The psychedelic show had to end at some point and it seems Luna and Lincoln may start taking their relationship to the next level and there will no buts about it, well except maybe one massive, huge and bouncy butt.
2/21/2020 c29 Rogue Command
So seriously trippy scenes sandwiched between cute wholesome moments, I like it ~
2/14/2020 c29 19LH-Teller9999
When you spent two day on reading one story and couldn't stopped it mean that it is good. I just hope that it will be something more than Lunacoln and i see that everything is going in this way:) Anyway it's great story
2/13/2020 c29 STR2D3PO
Drugs will make you do crazy things I'm just glad nobody overdosed
2/12/2020 c29 6Shieyss
good to know your still at it with this story, it was funny and weird at the same time, but it was still good
2/11/2020 c29 29Draco711
Great chapter, I been waiting on this.
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