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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

12/26/2016 c2 Insane Wise-man
And here i thought it was Lynn the one who falls for Lincoln
What a lovely story, i really like this one, nice plotting buddy
12/26/2016 c2 Dread
wow this was so long, but 100/100. i hope you don't crash and burn from writing so much every chapter, that or start updating very slowly.
12/26/2016 c2 4Fire Lord Zuzu
Wow... Just... wow! This is an amazing story man! YOU have talent! So much detail is shown here, as well as having an interesting plot! It has it all: Suspense, drama, great dialogue and interactions between the characters, and so much more! Congratulations, you've just earned a favorite, follow, and this review; with many more to come in the future. ;) Keep these awesome chapters coming! I can't stress that enough. BRILLIANT fucking job!
12/26/2016 c2 coldblue
Okay, decide to review this story and really write about my thoughts.

"The Loud House: Future Love Run Amoke":

Okay, so it is somewhat of a love story even though it FORBIDDEN/Taboo Love. I like the drama and the issue. This story is Rate M for a reason, so people should not be complaining that much about Lemons/Sexual Situation or whatever. Plus, if anyone who reads this story does not notice the FOCUS characters are Lincoln, Luan, Lynn and Luna Loud as the four main characters with Romance/Family involve should take the hint that this is not your typical romance story. That what great about it to read the drama and the characters. The First chapter gives us a description and summarization of what happen with the Loud Family with Leni Loud moving in with Bobby Santiago, what happened with Clyde and why Lincoln not dating Ronnie Ann Santiago. Not to mention physical descriptions about the characters through the changes and years that happen. Most the Loud Family are still the same, but have physical/emotional/matured in different ways. So far, not bad.


Well, he deal with his awkward situation. Not only did he witness his older sister Luna masturbate, cum a bit on him, pass out/reawaken, and finally came to the realization that Luna was calling out Lincoln name. The end of Lincoln point of view that he actually surprisingly find that attractive or his hormones are acting out. Lincoln has grown into young man and seems to really connected with his sisters as the role of the Brother Figure in the family. Now this could cause issues. Lincoln has plans and could keep quite about this. He older and not pre-teen, along with practice in Planning and Distracting people in certain situations. Could Lincoln really have relationship with Luna, Luan or Lynn if they live together with they're remaining family? Probably, but eventually they would want to MOVE out and move in together on the pretense that it saves money yet really it Lincoln dating one of these girls and something like that.


Wow, I have to admit that shocking revelation to her to explain to her young sister/roommate Luan. I mean, it hard to know certain things about your self and feel disgusted, BUT explaining to someone else is harder. I like that Lincoln and Luna have this attraction to each other whether it Physical or Emotional reason. With Luna? I think it a bit of BOTH. Why? Well a few of the Loud Girls can emotional connect with few people OUTSIDE their family, and Lincoln be the only young Male they know seems to left a imprint on them. Instead of their father, it their brother and their brother knows them quite well. Lincoln and Luna bond a lot. Physical, it noticeable for Luna that Lincoln is attractive to her and is growing into a man. Add hormones with that creates a longing/sexual attraction on a physical level. It going to be awkward for them, but I think it will be somewhat slow between Lincoln and Luna to understand each other and their own feelings.


Well, she knows about Luna masturbating to Lincoln AND that Luna thinks of Lincoln as Man then brother. Heavy. Still, I feel that Luan understands because she might also be dealing with these Emotions and Feelings as well. It just seem rather interesting and odd that Luan asked the right questions to Luna and instead of pushing Luna away she comforts Luna. Maybe Luan been dealing with these issues her self. Luan has become a young Women with attractive, um, assets that most women wish they had on their body. Breasts, Boobs, or Double D's. It hard to really trust Guys who just either truly think Luan funny or they are attracted to her fun bags. Lincoln been supportive to Luan in her comedy with Hecklers and I guess somewhat of a BOUNCER given Lincoln being Six Feet and couple Inches tall. At least that what I remember from Lincoln description. Under comedians way of clowning around, Comedians always have more emotional issues that are normal over looked. This could be with Luan and trust issues she has with people outside her family.


Not much with this character yet. If you have not notice, I'm reviewing the main characters and potential love interests. Lynn developing and maturing well, even with her athleticism. That also might be issue with Lynn, because of her overconfidence and tom boy attitude she feels somewhat isolated. Lynn does not seemed to have had a Boyfriend at all in her life. I don't know about Luna or Luan, but it seems that Lynn wants romance in her life. Though, Lynn thinks boys think she's just one of the guys or fears her. With Lynn, her security blanket is Lincoln because Lincoln see's Lynn as just Lynn: a girl, his sister, and nice person to know. Not this very athletic and overconfident girl that probably somewhat intimidated by her. Lincoln is someone that Lynn holds close to dearly along with her other sisters, but seems that Lynn deals with deeper emotional fears she does not let any of her sisters known. It will be interesting to read Lynn character more, along with Luna and Lincoln with Luan add to the mix.

Here a Questions/Suggestions for this chapter from my review.

You don't have to respond to it in Author Notes or whatever. It just suppose to give ideas or input about "The Loud House: Future Love Run Amoke".


1) When you write potential Harem for Lincoln Loud pairing, then do you just mean: Luna, Luan, and Lynn? Could you mean more that?

2) Will we read Luan perspective in this revelation with her sister Luna and brother Lincoln? What about Lynn and her feelings/issues that we have not read about?


1) Personal? I think if you go Harem route keep it Luna, Luan, and Lynn just for Lincoln. It seems in the description they are the most Emotional close to Lincoln the way the FIRST chapter/summarization of what happen to each character. The only one I could consider to add is Lucy. Why not Leni? Well, I did not get that from her in description besides taking up the role of Mother/Big Sister figure with Lori moving out and Luna helping her with that situation. If I'm wrong let me known Lucy, still young and yet I bet she would find out about Lincoln relationship with Luna or Luan or Lynn or all three. The other girls are possibilities, but it just gets creepy as they are STILL YOUNG and I don't want to think about that.

I would love to read the emotional/physical closeness that Lincoln gets with Luna, Luan, and Lynn if you went Harem. Lucy or Leni could be add to that, but it up to you.

2) Luan seems like she could be a more complex character. Most comedians are if people take to notice of how they reference comedic sketch's to their lives sometimes to get a inside look of their emotional issues or just issues in general they feel that they can relate to other people. In this chapter, it seems that Luan has a understanding of Luna with inner conflict of Luna being attracted/in love with Lincoln. Possible being that Luan has struggle with her own issues of her feelings with Lincoln, but used her Comedy or hanging out with Lincoln to sort of suppress those urges. Even the teasing of Lincoln with Luan breast could be a sign that Luan wants Lincoln to notice her as a Women as she recognize him as a Man.

Lynn would be interesting character to read as this story goes. She athletic, possible popular, and has some issues with studying besides being able to Communication/Debate with other people on subjects. I figure Lynn has inner conflict about how she views herself. Lynn a tom boy and very athletic, but she does not feel that she treated like a Girl/Women. Weird? Lynn is trying to empower herself through sports and competitions, which Lynn shown that she can compete or do any sport with anyone no matter what if she a Girl/Women with all the Trophies she won in Competitions and Sports events. Still, this leaves some emotional insecurities. Lynn is a Girl/Women and probably noticed relationships. Lynn probably has a idea she attractive, BUT no Boy/Man has probably asked her out. Her other teammates on either Boy or Girl or Mix teams have relationships with Boyfriends or Girlfriends. Lynn? She has not experience any of that and that makes her feel inadequate and bit of loser realizing she losing in the Game of Love. Maybe Boys/Men think Lynn a Lesbian or too aggressive hurts Lyn's feelings. Yet with Lincoln, Lynn feels like a Girl/Women. Probably started to feel or understand that she becoming attracted to her brother and feels the conflict in that.

Keep up the good work and happy holidays!
12/26/2016 c2 Guest
You are an amazing writer keep up the good work
12/26/2016 c1 Yolo Banana
I like it, the story, build up, and emotions. You got the talent, keep up the great work!
12/26/2016 c2 11That Engineer
Very well written, and in very detail. The ackwardness is beginning, which of course means Licoln and Luna may try to avoid each other, but it won't help their problems by ignoring it.
12/26/2016 c2 4KamenDoctor
Very good fic 100/10 perfect
12/26/2016 c2 1Katsuo-H
Keeps getting interesting and interesting, keep it up.
12/26/2016 c2 Heavywolfblade
Dude please continue you got talent I love the emotion here.
12/25/2016 c1 MistyWolf322
Keep up the good story love how this going :3
12/22/2016 c1 Dread
Bravo bravo. 100/100. SO good for just an opening, keep up the great work.
12/22/2016 c1 11That Engineer
Alright, I like it. *puts sailor hat on* Let's launch this ship!
12/22/2016 c1 JohnMonty
Great so far, hope there will be more chapters
12/22/2016 c1 1biginferno
Great chapter please update and complete I hope to see lori and leni join lincoln's harem if they are both heartthrobs then it will sting to the rest that their eyes and heart are only on lincoln and lincoln only
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