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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

4/2/2019 c27 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats
4/1/2019 c27 Jeff
Gotta give Lynn props for not giving into her desires for Lincoln while they're still high off those brownies. But now I'm worried for them with Luan about to go hog wild on them in her hopped-up state.
4/1/2019 c27 2SomeBloke420
My reaction when I got to the ending of this chapter... "NOOOOOO! DAMN IT!" I was just so caught up with every word that I didn't noticed I was nearing the ending. I hate when I finish a chapter, cause now I have to wait for the next one to come out, & then repeat cause this story is beyond amazing.

My actually review for this chapter; that ending... Luan joins the show, & I just can't wait to see what she has in store for Lincoln, & Lynn, whom both seem to be coming down off their high. There was a lot to love about this chapter, but what I liked the most was Lynn being with Lincoln in the bathroom, it wasn't a long scene, but it was really sweet, & we get to see Lynn about to give into her lust, & take her brother, but she backs down, cause she would be taking advantage of him, but I feel like I'm being a bit bias cause out of all the sibling ships I like Lynncoln the most (there's a lot of beautiful fanart of the ship, along with some good fanfics).

Thanks for such a great chapter, & I wish you luck for the next one, mate.
4/1/2019 c27 9He23t
Oh man Lincoln, Lynn, Luna and Luan getting trippy and Luan is getting more freaky in the end.

Man the whole sequence with Lynn and Lincoln getting high was really something else. And after there withdrawal including Luna, They just unlock some hidden feelings plus some curiosity and amorous.

And the last part with Luan well this is gonna be weird.

Love the chapter, I laugh so hard.
3/17/2019 c26 2AwkwardInfo
Dude...I’m a sucker for fourth wall breaking shiz, and that is one of the greatest ones I’ve ever seen!

I adore this fanfic! It is one of the best things that I have ever read! You actually inspired me to write stuff myself, even if it is pretty mediocre.

There’s so much content, so much story, so much detail...it’s incredible. You deserve a reward for keeping yourself at the computer for that long. Props to ya, guy!

Just wanting to rant to you, cus you’re a real cool dude!
2/19/2019 c26 French
J’espère que dans le prochain chapitre Lynn tentera quelque chose
2/13/2019 c26 GingerBreadSpace4
There's a typo in chapter. It says "Lincoln said", when it should be "Luna said", when it comes to the massage topic. And I loved the part where you meet Lincoln. Very funny too.
1/18/2019 c1 1copet
Well, the self-incert was something I didn't expect. I have heard it is bad as a rule of writing, but I think you made it work by progressing the story. What I still wonder is how much will this affect the story later, and how this arc of the pot will end... Great writing by the way.
1/14/2019 c10 Guest
Can you please post a chapter where Lincoln Loud develops a strange new fetish, a tornado fetish?
1/12/2019 c26 3coldblue2015
Sorry for the late review.

Happy New Years by the way!

Luna Loud:

She got a bit of Lincoln time and this was interesting to see that they have not done the deed. Still, Luna and Lincoln were very loose and enjoying each other company. She tried to keep Lincoln grounded and calm down, but it seems like Luna was influnced as well. They are doing well as a couple and taking it slow, but they can't take their hands off of each other. Of course, leave it to Luna to find Music inspiration when getting on with Lincoln or is that a code for Luna going to check on Luan and Lynn.

Lincoln Loud:

Besides Lincoln getting close to Luna, but it seems that this Drug Trip that Lincoln broke the Fourth Wall! How does it feeling knowing Lincoln came to you and had some dialogue with him?! Ha! I have to admit that Lincoln using Drugs to some Astral Projection of his mind/soul into reality was very interesting to read. Pleading the 5th, huh? I got to admit Lincoln drug trip might be a dream, but it helps to know your still somewhat interested in the story still! I love that Lincoln asked what the readers wanted to know- is he going to just to be with Luna or will their be more?


1) Would Lincoln, Luna, Luan, Lynn or Leni stumble on Lisa spying on them?

2) Will anyone question Lucy 'special' book she bought? Will any character stumble on Lucy book?


1) I have to admit, the lab rats finding out the experiment that going on with them would be great! Lisa is not Rick Sanchez, but even Rick Sanchez is proven wrong or gets caught sometimes. I kind of hope Lisa caught red handed and this puts the OLDER Loud Siblings in predicament. Lincoln, Luna, Luan, Lynn and Leni would feel very guilty and sorry about Lisa finding out about that her older siblings...attraction with each other. It wrong and really, how do you explain to a kid genius that this taboo relationship is wrong and pscyhological traumatizing on some level.

Still, Lisa actual does questionable Scientific Experiments that not even her Family knows about. I mean, she got in contact with Rick Sanchez of all people. The man that know for cracking BILLIONS of eggs to make one hell of Omelet of the Multiverse. Lisa probably done sketchy things that are morally questionable.

2) This is something for the further on in the story.

I figure someone more into making sure Lucy doesn't buy questionable books would be checked sometimes. Something that the Loud Parents or Older siblings would look into. I have to admit, I think I would have Luna stumble on Lucy book and ask why she bought this book. Leni not into books and Luan into comedy related material. Lynn? Well we could read Lynn stumbling on Lucy book given they are roommates and Lynn Jr would know where Lucy keeps SOME of her secret stash away from other Loud Siblings, but only Lynn Jr could possible know. It hard to keep your roommates from not noticing where you keep some of your more private/valuables are at, even if we don't want them to know where it is.

This is just a idea.

I sort of want to read more character perspective on Lucy or Lisa Loud, to read these young Loud siblings perspective on their older siblings taboo relationship.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
1/11/2019 c26 10X the Reaper
Been a long while since I've reviewed, since I was off doing other things, but after a quick re-read up to this point, gotta say still loving it.

Looking forward to more this year.
12/31/2018 c27 jsBaka
The wait was long but I feel this has satisfied my hunger for “our there” lh fanfiction for ok with Lincoln being into Luna fingering him(I can’t believe I just said that)but please don’t take this further because if Lincoln starts putting other things where they don’t belong,I’m done.I liked the forth wall break in this chapter,but just a suggestion u should confirm give Lincoln a note from you to him just so he knows that he was completely high and you do exist as a sort of God for this universe.

I can’t wait to read this chapter high
12/30/2018 c26 Guest
That was pretty wild. Lincoln's sisters are SUPER FREAKS! SUPER FREAKS! THEY'RE SUPER FREAKY!
12/30/2018 c26 Dread55
... I was so hoping for another Lynncoln moment when both of them are so hammered... is the 4th wall brake so we stop asking you things or on account of the fact you ran back to having a good time with your friend?
Not that I have a problem with this chapter but if you have Chandler or Clyde do Lincoln I ain't reading this no more. The fact Lincoln likes fingering is one thing, but don't turn him Bi. It took me more than one read to like the Leni and Luan chapters, have a line drawn to how far you corrupt Lincoln.
12/29/2018 c26 2mikotomisaka1422
Ayy, I thought this was the ending or something. Great use on the 4th wall break. keep up the great job man. this was an excellent chapter.
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