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7/19 c1 Guest
I forgot how horrible this story was. The premise of it just awful, Sherry being forced to become this

And yet you make to sweet as well with our local weirdo Jake bring the most understanding good fellow around
2/3/2019 c8 2ManwithaPlan113
Still love this story
2/24/2017 c8 4Leasia
I enjoyed reading this! Will definitely check out your other stories. Sherry seems to be taking her mutation well...at least at this point. It would be interesting to see what happens next but this is the end. Loved reading the story from Jake's rather jaded point of view.
2/24/2017 c8 13DarkGidora
Nice way to end it. I like the nods to Chris's obvious instability, and the obvious quandary the BSAA would be in when they're dealing with members-turned-B.O.W.s with human intellect who are.

I do like the idea of playing bureaucracies against another to get the BSAA to play into their hands; it works, especially with Piers being a bigger problem if only because the BSAA has to own that particular issue.

The last few lines are great; "That was freedom for you", in particular following up Jake's reflection on his mother; something terrible cannot be stopped, but once it comes to pass you don't have to worry futilely anymore. Even when she looked human, Sherry always had her condition in the back of her head, and now it's at the forefront, she can't do anything except deal with it. Which she will.

I really enjoyed this entire thing. I keep saying it, but you did a great job handling Sherry's issues with what she's become and how she's changed and were spot on with Jake's POV. Thank you for posting this, it was a great read.
2/24/2017 c8 24Ashardalon125
Ending on a quiet note in an otherwise fraught story. Very fitting. So much happened over the last few chapters that it just seems to suit. Very well done for a longer, connected narrative.

Given Sherry's cohesiveness, Piers' fate makes more sense here than it does in some "fix" fics, not the least that it seems to be not entirely without flaw. Chris was portrayed well in his emotional state, as he was in RE6, while not failing to still have the trappings of his former self.

If this is what your longer fics look like, I look forward to the next one!
2/15/2017 c7 13DarkGidora
I like how you handled the Haos fight; with the little details like describing struggling with a concussion during the fight and Sherry's too many eyes getting flashblinded. It honestly was a mess, gameplay wise, but you handled it really well. The bits of combat with the Raskaplange were good, too; focusing on their weird detachable/reattachable anatomy worked well to be off.

Jake needling Piers about sniping worked well; he starts to distract Piers from Sherry, then they immediately gets annoyed with the man and decides to push a few buttons. It's very in-character for him.

Also, I really like their reactions to Piers infecting himself; it's a great character moment for the two of them. Jake's made up his mind on Nivans and since Piers was mistrustful to Sherry it's hilarious, and Sherry doesn't, both because she's not exactly in a better state, and because she's not the kind of person who'd laugh at someone's misfortune.
2/11/2017 c6 shijanni
Alright I'm honestly gonna have to ask... your description of sherry makes it pretty clear that she is mutating in a way similar to her dad...

but its hard to tell what stage of mutation she's in from the descriptions alone.

Some of them indicate she's in the second stage (her secondary arms not being fully developed yet), while other's indicate she's in stage three, (her secondary arms being functional.)

So uhh which one is it?
2/5/2017 c6 DarkGidora
Chris's bad decisionmaking actually pays off beneficially for once.

You really do have a lot of skill in making Sherry pitiful; part of it is just that her personality hasn't changed (beyond being distressed at her changes), but you manage to cram in all these details, like her crying out of the eyes where eyes shouldn't be, or that she can't really get Jake free because her hands won't work the controls. Things like her being concerned with Simmons being infected, or her lecturing Piers about his attitude are really great character bits.

I do like the abject hostility Piers and Jake have viewed through Jake's rather jaded eyes, or the fact that it took him so long to realize that the BSAA officer named "Chris" is Redfield because he figures someone that important/famous wouldn't still be pulling fieldwork. RE's an odd universe, because in most ways his cynicism towards authority is fully justified, but then he gets entangled with people like Sherry or Chris who are pretty straightforward good guys. It's a very rotten world, but he's swept up in a massive crisis alongside people who don't fit his expectations.

As usual, I really liked the chapter.
2/5/2017 c6 4Leasia
Thanks again! This is like getting to the end of a novel series and the next book isn't out yet. At least I only had to wait a week. Can't wait to see where you take them! I never thought Sherry would escape China completely unscathed in some way, either mentally or physically.
2/3/2017 c5 Leasia
I hope you continue the story...I've written my own version of events of RE6 but you are definitely a talented writer! :) And I do seriously want to know what happens next(through your version, I did play the game, but having a mutated Sherry was interesting!)
1/30/2017 c5 Guest
Great read, I really like the dilema with Jake's feelings and the transformation.
1/23/2017 c5 13DarkGidora
Hm... I should've made that connection earlier. Helena had to put down her chitinous, multi-limbed sister, and now Leon's brokering peace between a B.O.W. and her pal in Umbrella threads (while also jumping to the defense of the apparent ringleader of these terrorist attacks who shot her sister in the face with an arrow). It makes so much goddamn sense and adds another layer to her already-justified misgivings about the team up.

The bit with the Ubistvo was brutal even though Sherry can get better; just the description of her frothing at the mouth in pain as she got a chainsaw buried in her arm was unsettling. Drowning the thing to get around it's ludicrous durability makes sense. And the followup, with them finding out she's got a bunch of eyes stitched shut was worth a shudder. Also I like the little detail of introducing the Ubistvo by its chainsaws noise blending in with the boat's motor until they cut it to hear it droning on without them.

I also Jake automatically assuming that *everyone* knows Sherry was a B.O.W., including the BSAA agents they ran into by coincidence in Edonia. Then thinking about just what'd happen to him if they figured out who he was. It speaks to his deep cynicism and assuming everyone's got a hidden angle... which admittedly isn't that bad a policy in the RE-verse; but it also helps reinforce his decisions regarding getting out of dodge with Sherry.
1/11/2017 c4 DarkGidora
Y'know, since you posted the original oneshot in Teratogenesis, I wonder what the Ustanak could've done that would shake Sherry so badly, and now we know. It makes perfect sense given what little we know of Ustanak's backstory, and how it impacts Sherry tells us so much about her mental state and how she feels about herself now. It is really cool, and it colors how Jake is accepting her; he still likes her, which is something she'd find completely aberrant.

You handled the fight well; the constant dodging and distracting of the fight worked. Finishing off the Ustanak made sense. I'm halfway disappointed we don't get to see what'd happen if it had time to burst out, but killing him like that works very well.

The initial conflict with our protagonists was good. Sherry's obviously not in a state to be much of a help, but Leon's been through enough crazy to take all of it in stride; him essentially being the voice of reason, and him, Jake, and Helena all realizing that dealing with Simmons is a bad plan.
1/3/2017 c3 24Ashardalon125
Another great chapter. Now that they are free of the base, Jake seems to be letting his thoughts drift more. I am intrigued to see what he thinks by the time they get to what would nominally be the end of the normal gameplay (since they seem to be following some odd approximation, or at least a proximal path of it).

Loved the portrayal of Leon and Helena, particularly how quick Leon was to defend Sherry, as well as his desire to help the survivors.
1/1/2017 c3 13DarkGidora
Jake's musings about what Sherry was "designed" for were way off base, but very believable given how he has no clue of her background and how G's mutations look very different from the J'avo and their spinoffs. Also I like how you describe her as leading the way, given how once she gets a hand of it her limbs give her plenty of advantages in climbing over stuff.

I do like how he recognizes that normal crazy people would want a B.O.W. as a weapon or something, and that the fact he's actually fond of her is pretty far from normal.

The imagery of the traffic jam was very well done; the gas sweeping in, zombifying people in cars, the lucky few immune being trapped in tiny metal cans with flesh-eating horrors sitting next to them. Jake lying to Sherry in order to get her to move, and then realizing she's still looking back is great; both of their behaviors are perfectly believable and in line with who they are. "The sound somewhere between a sobbing child and a wounded animal" is just perfectly gut-wrenching.

Her charging to the Neo-Umbrella folks hoping to recruit help was good too; Jake planted the seed by lying. The fight was well done; I like all of the details; from Sherry getting scalded by the Javo as she rips into it, the description of the strelat as a umbrella made of frills is as good as any for it. The action was well done.

The build to the meet-up was handled well, and the trainwreck of misunderstandings that was the dialogue was fun (how many times Jake said the exact wrong thing, Leon immediately assume it's Jake's fault when he sees Sherry, the universal gesture of 'hold you fire, I'm about to do something stupid').
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