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for Harry Potter-Dracula and the Prisoner of Azkaban

4/1 c1 Crimson Wolf
If you had just stuck with hotel Transylvania and Harry Potter, You would've been just Fine.

To be quite honest, I only liked the hotel Transylvania and Harry Potter crossover'
That you wrote for the story.

But I did not like the annamay
World, end creatures that you had added in this story.

Can you just do a rewrite with just hotel Transylvania and Harry Potter?.

And please add more dumbledore bashing.

Can you also add more scenes with Harry and Winnie?.
Can you put more scenes of the wild and untamed Where Wolf cubs in the next story you write?.
Can you put a scene in Your next story, that Remus lupin gets wooshed away, by giant slew of wild werewolf Cubs?.
He gets dragged away from albus dumbledore.

And he soon talks to the excited werewolf cubs.
To make it perfectly clear, For those who still call to werewolf kids, Pups.
The werewolves are called cubs not pups.

They're either called, Wolf kids, werewolf cubs, werewolf kids, and Wolf cubs.
I like the use of wording, CUB, or CUBS.
In the hotel Transylvania fan fictions.
Thanks for this story and if you can please write another story
I've also read the tale of Harry dracula.
Can you do a remake of the tale of Harry Dracula and can you make it a bit longer in chapters?.
4/1 c1 Crimson wolf
I love this fanfic series.
Will there be more to this series?.
Harry Dracula.
Will there be more to the Harry
I love how you the how everything out.
I love the
I want more of dumb as a bashing. I love all of this series.
Can you put more ceenes with Winnie?.
Hinnie. Harry and Winnie.
Can you also put more ceenes with her many werewolf brothers?.
Can you write a ceen?, where a slew of wild werewolf cubs swarm Dumb as a Door, and they woosh Remus Lupin quickly away from him.
Can you put the Lily possessing Jinie Weasly part in the fourth fanfic?.

Harry dracula and the Goblit of fire.
C you also add a half werewolf wich girl?, group?. And can father be Remus Lupin?. The is Jenie Wolf. The wich gene is from her father, and the werewolf gene, is from her mother. She is a Hotel Transylvainia werewolf version, of Remus Lupin.
Can you add her as a transfer slash permanent student at Hogwarts?.
Her name is Maddy Lupin.
Can you add her to the harem of girls?. Sorry if my grammer, and spelling, is not really the best.
I love this siries though, and I've read all fanfics of this series. To the first one? to the third read. Harry dracula and the prison of askaban. Can you continue this series?. I would love to read the continuations to this Harry dracula series. I loved reading all three fanfics slash books. You did a really awesome job writing all three fanfics. But you might want to go back? and fix a few words, and improove some small details. Thank you for writing this story. I've looked for crossovers with Hotel Transylvainia? and Harry Potter. Your story crossover, if by far, my favorite story, out of all stories, I've read. Wunderful job. Keep up the good work.
10/21/2020 c1 There are not names
Not sure I want to continue this a harem really? I think it was going really well without one
5/6/2020 c9 ScarletRainbow1
I love your writings, but...

Sorry, but, I do not like the addition of the 'multi-verse' and 'phantom consortium'. I just want to read about Harry Dracula in the 'normal' universe. It sounds like someone has a split personally, and two of them are writing separate stories that have merged into one, and it's very confusing.
1/31/2020 c15 ILikeFanfiction4296
cool can't wait to read this remake whenever it comes out.
10/29/2019 c13 Guest
My vote for death eater
6/7/2019 c15 Guest
... You ruined this with the harems, multiple character and crossovers. I had loved the first book, tge second one was OK, but this? This has gone up in rainbow flames of sparkling zombie unicorns
6/7/2019 c15 Guest
Please! Do NOT make the next series a harem! That only works in anime, even then it's pushing it
6/7/2019 c1 Guest
NOOOOOOOOOO! PLEAE DON'T MAKE THIS A HAREM! Has anyone ever thought of how that makes look like needy, jealous sluts and the boy a untrustworthy player?
3/19/2019 c15 StoryTeller2087
as the old saying goes try try again.
2/22/2019 c15 BigD2k
I’m always curious when someone rewrites something will you keep up the original?
11/23/2018 c1 Bigrob1945
hope you update this in the near future
11/6/2018 c13 lou2003us
You might want to go back and change Rayna Krum zinging with Harry if that is the new list. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.
10/30/2018 c14 1Pushi19
Update please
10/11/2018 c13 1MidnightStorm022
Please continue this story, It's great! Ignore the dislikes, they're just a bunch of haters.
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