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9/13/2020 c2 5Yasha-HebiHime
So, I tried to get into this one, but... I don't believe I can go further than this with the hints being dropped here on what Ranma is becoming. Which is, essentially, not Ranma. The beginning started out alright, with a decent set up for why they would go through this and fixing Ranma's social awkwardness would cause the Nerima problems to also start reducing, but probably not as much as they did. Turning into a girl was never the real problem with Ranma and Akane's relationship, though it's doubtful she would show his girlside the same affection which would hurt his feelings, but that's whatever. While Ranma was growing up, it seemed odd that Akane wouldn't accuse him of something, but that's not really where I started losing focus. That's honestly whatever and better stories have done weirder stuff with that.

The real problem would be two major factors, one of which being how the story is written. There's a slight lack of detail with how things are being written when it comes to the environment and time passing. Don't get me too wrong, the dialog and banter between characters was well done, as were the notes of how their expressions were handled, but it often felt like they were just in a blank room, as the environment never really comes into play. Even in the previous chapter, the scene where Ranma and Nabiki are in the park has no real set up beyond "Park, big rock, pond." The shop Nabiki goes to also has the same problem; it became clear she had been there before, yet we weren't given any indication as such until they started talking, which hardly set the scene for the story until about half way through. The lack of detail and set up for things makes it feel kind of bland, especially as time passes without any real note of how things have changed until the next scene is already playing. Akane and Ranma going on a date, for instance, just sort of... shows up. No build up. No asking out scene. Nothing and the date itself is skipped.

But the part that filled me with dread wasn't any of that, but instead Ranma's physical and mental changes. Ranma finding himself attractive is of no surprise; he always believed he looked great, even if he wasn't too comfortable with the body, but just changing his hair to blonde causing him pause seemed... a bit silly. The wig part made sense for disguising, so that's whatever, and the personality shift was expected, though perhaps a bit slower than it was portrayed. But..

Then came the casual shopping... and the tanning. Indulging in the usual actions of a hostess and what not is fine. But happened a bit too fast, as we were given no build up for those scenes to happen. They just... happened. But the tanning, and the small event afterward, is where I started feeling pretty gross. As the tanning became a novelty people commented on, and... honestly, why would Nabiki /or/ Ranma take the risk? It wasn't clear the magic would clear it and people in Nerima would ask questions. Which would result in everything going down hill. But that wasn't really what bugged me. It was the comments afterward and how it was received, but notably the idle comment that Ranma's lips "could be fuller" and the comments before about the Doctors and what not. Making it pretty clear where the story is going.

Was... Was the whole plan to give Ranma an alternate self that was just a sex object, despite being a hostess with a "no-touching" rule? Why, especially when it was set up from the start to be a way for Ranma to grow as a character, and yet it feels like the writing is just.. breaking Ranma down further and further as a character. Even though the whole point off Ranma's male and female half is that /both/ of them are naturally attractive! Ranma uses his female half to tease and trick people all the time, despite the red hair being an easy beacon. Regardless...

Your ability to handle dialog was well done and the overall idea isn't bad, but... This story fumbles pretty hard in a lot of ways, most notably being the idea of Ranma devolving himself into the stereotypical sex object appearance. Something he would never /do/, without a lot of reason to at least, especially if he was going for a "mature" style to his disguise. Which being tanned doesn't go against... But getting fake lips? And a fake chest? That's uh... not really the "mature" Ranma should aim for. Pretty much ever? It's... I dunno. You do you, but I'm not reading any further than this.

Happy writing?

7/27/2020 c4 26Ozzallos
Covids are finally letting me get around to reading this. Not sure how i missed the inital chapters, but we're here now. Chapter one felt overly rushed and ran a bit quickly for the setup it was offering. Nabiki felt way too charitable- even for a profit motive -and Ranma simply irritable and bitchy.

Thankfully this all evens out as we watch the Ranma/nabiki relationship evolve into something approaching friendship and even romantic tension while never truly approaching either. Even the growing relationship with Akane is a nice change of pace, all while knowing the lifestyle wheels are bound to fall off as Ranma simutaneously gains control of her situation and pulls another piece from a teetering jenga tower. Its like watching NASCAR, you want a winner, but you're on the edge your seat for the inevitable crash as well.

More words please.
7/25/2020 c4 Guest
I look forward to more
7/23/2020 c4 Lukkai
Completely missed this had updated at first.

Hm... Really not sure if that's the right way to got for Kuga. Might end blowing up in her face rather spectacularily. Especially should the Kuga personality start to bleed into Ranma's life even more. The mask has acquired a life of its own by now. And at some point it might come to conflict over which life's the real one and which one's the mask.

As for how Nabiki and Ranma have been treating each other lately, it really reminds me of close siblings more than potential lovers.

And Cologne should definitely be alarmed for the changes in Ranma's behaviour and the general characteristics of his relations with the different fiancées. She's also the one person in Nerima with the best chance to find out the truth about Ranma's new job. Both from her skills and motivation and the fact that she actually might know of that artefact and thus could potentially recognise it if able to catch a look.

Quite a bit of (sometimes not so) hidden potential for drama in this one.
7/21/2020 c4 LUFTRITTER
Love inmersive writing. You write Ranma and Nabiki in an excellent way, I actually ship them. Poor Akane is too much of plain Jane on this one.
I wonder how the rest of the Nerima will react when they get discovered (they have people with literal supernatural abilities is only a matter of time) and if Ranma will jump in the slippery slope down to enkou or actual prostitution...
Very interesting story.
7/16/2020 c4 Diablo4005
Glad to see the updates, thou worried on the tragedy bit.
7/16/2020 c3 kingred222
Ranma wore the bunny suit against Tsubasa Kurenai. unless you had had a moment like that in the story and I just forgot because this story updates once in a blue moon.
7/14/2020 c4 RedKol
Aha, it is wonderful to see this story updating! It's been fascinating to see Ranma mature and change in such a nonstandard way, and for it to be done tastefully and believably is another mark in your favor. On a story-drama note, it is fascinating to see Nabiki of all people being concerned for Ranma as it looks to her like Ranma is getting too deep and is unsure of their 'relationship's future', as it were. Ranma always commits 100% and you've delivered that in spades. The bit at the end about Ranma getting an appointment with what I can only assume is a plastic surgeon for a little enhancement is something I never thought I 'd see, let alone have it be absolutely in keeping with his plans and character development.

To be quite honest, I am unsure if I can offer any helpful criticism in way of improving it further, as it is already polished well beyond my usual fare. My apologies.
7/13/2020 c4 James Birdsong
This seems great
5/17/2018 c3 Kitten Arina
It sucks that this is the last chapter after being as long as it has. It would have been nice to have seen some sort of author note as much as I hate those things popping up in the middle of a story.
3/31/2018 c3 1Ceridwen Kalamack
I'm somewhat disappointed that this hasn't been updated. Ranma the hostess and eventual...call girl? Madam? It's an interesting idea.
3/4/2018 c3 Jack Lemmon
the story is fantastic I can't wait for more
9/10/2017 c3 10SomebodyLost
Very interesting. Ranma's getting pulled deep into the world. He doesn't really realize it, but he likes the freedom and control there, relatively speaking. And in some way, it's good for him. He's learning how to talk well (it even bleeds to his dates with Akane), change disguises, etc. I love secret identity tropes. :D

Nabiki is still manipulative. I hope that she undergoes some character change as well. :D

Akane is more mellow. It's a nice change for her, even if I don't really ship her with Ranma. :)

What I'm weirded out was when Ukyo, Ranma, and Akane were discussing stuff; it's like Ukyo suddenly disappeared mid discussion? Gah.

And that dream is disturbing, haha, but made me think: can Ranma pull that off? Being a teacher in Furinkan? And his English I prolly better, eh?

Anyway, this is an awesome fic. Please continue and finish this!
3/12/2017 c3 r2d2.best
That's amazing :)
Thank you for excellent work. Hoping for new chapters :
2/7/2017 c3 FireInLife
"Not that she was terribly inclined to skip school."

Fyi, Akane and her friends have skipped school themselves in the manga. I could probably find the chapter if you want to see. Not that it matters much :p

This is an interesting story, but if Ranma keeps changing...well, I'll probably lose interest. In my opinion, it would be nice for something more interesting to happen and for Ranma to stop changing. Not my cup of tea to read about Ranma almost completely changing into a different person.

Either way, thanks for writing, and good luck with future chapters.
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