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6/19/2020 c5 Jon221
good story so far keep up the good work
4/22/2020 c1 2merendinoemiliano
Hoping you'll return soon and that you're safe
4/7/2020 c5 8The Keeper of Worlds
12/6/2019 c5 2merendinoemiliano
Pretty interesting chapter, i liked overall how you're portraying the several charachters, but i tought Summer was dead also there, and is quite unlikely Raven doesn't know that. Curious to see aniway how the team will develop. Hoping also for Blacksun( just for not making all the girls gay), good work.
7/17/2019 c5 Jonu
Well, I'm a sucker for Faunus Weiss, so I'm gad, that you continue the story, to tell the truth, I lost hope for another chapter. The idea of an time skip is good, and I'm curious how your plans for the main story goes.
7/15/2019 c5 4BluSlvrWolf-13
glad to see this back, the time skip was a good idea.
5/23/2018 c2 2merendinoemiliano
Update soon
3/7/2018 c4 Misslieness
Raven and Ruby bonding is pretty amusing. Raven will do literally everything besides talking to her own daughter.

I don't get the Weiss and Whitley fighting arc...thing though. It's just not very interesting and quite random.

I'd advise against too many custom Grimm's. Few people will bother looking them up.

For the story as a whole, I find myself wishing there's a clearer sense of direction. Not sure what to make of it to be honest. Not a big problem though, just something to keep in mind.
2/21/2018 c4 merendinoemiliano
Not quite bad and good exactly how Whitley and Weiss are related if apparently she was born after the death of Jaques' first wife and he's younger? Aniway, i can't wait to see next chapters and Beacon, i hope you will use Blacksun,Arkos and maybe work.
12/6/2017 c3 5Gryffindor620
I really look forward to the continuation of this! I look forward to Team RWBY linking up at Beacon! 2 cat faunus on the same team! It's like an acrobat's dream!
Volume 5 is out and giving the Freezerburn feels! Come back!
8/13/2017 c3 Misslieness
Good chapter!
7/27/2017 c3 12Shadow Nightblade
Qrow be nice! Well, he was almost getting there...but hey, I can't say most people in his situation would know how to react to some things. Other than that, good chapter and I wasn't expecting that many character interactions for this chapter. Good job on that
7/26/2017 c3 3Sakurako Nagasaki
Great chapter! We finally see some member of the Schnee family. Whitley is such a asshole, god I can't stand him... We even see some of the Rose-Xiao-Long family ;) can't wait to see what will happen with Raven and see if we will see more interaction between Weiss and Yand and Weiss and other Schnee member.
Good work as always
7/26/2017 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Hello, pretty nice story. I'm curios to see Beacon's entrance, your theories about Salem and i hope Qrow will be in fact Ruby's father (i love thath theory and Hummingbird). Keep up the good work and see you later.
2/22/2017 c2 Misslieness
Good chapter, although I dislike how you withhold so much information from the reader, and how Raven being attacked wasn't explained properly afterwards.

At least don't try to brush over something so important. Even if you didn't go into details here about it, take such an opportunity to show off better how worried Weiss is for example.
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