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for Crashing Waves: Drowning and Betrayal

11/11/2017 c21 OnEternity'sEdge
I started reading this at 20:30, and couldn't put it down. Even though I desperately needed to sleep. At 1:30 in the morning I finally finished. . . And while it was most definitely worth it, I discovered that a sequel had been started. Joy. Even less sleep. But I had to know! I had to read. It took me a few hours to read it, but now Ihave a different problem.
Waiting for an update.

Your writing style is one I thoroughly enjoy, and I wait with eager expectation for the update of Vengeance and Warfare.
5/7/2017 c21 9fireman23
Damn, I hate it when the e-mail notification is down...
Great chapter, I'm glad to see it all turn out alright. I just don't think that you could physically bind ropes so tight they break the skin. Possibly with threads, but not with ropes, unless you meant sort of rubbing the skin sore...
Secondly, there was never a slight possibility of getting through that iron chain with a sword, Aslaug shouldn't even have bothered. The axe is more likely, but even then I'm not entirely sure how good this works...
Finally, to me it seems that the paragraph where the wolf dies doesn't fit to the rest of the story style-wise. Keep it that way if you like it, I just wanted to tell you.
In general, great update!
4/30/2017 c20 annamason23
This chapter made me tear up when Gisale and Rollo were found! I'm hoping they get back together and Gisela turns into a human!

Post again soon!
4/23/2017 c7 renata.deoliveirasena
My favorite parts:

"She only saw them as a duty, as less real than her. She had never thought they might have a name. They were nothing to her."

When I read this, I immediately thought about Rollo and the raids, he never thought about the men he killed. It was duty and survival.

The part in which he tells her it must be painful not to cry was beautifully written.

I love Lagertha and Aslaug's dynamic. They support and respect each other.

I hate Rollo's father. The man is terrible. It's like Rollo is not his son. I want to punch him.
4/22/2017 c20 fireman23
Well, that twist was rather unexpected - I suppose Torstein proved not to be trustworthy this time. It's hard to imagine a way how they could get out of this predicament...
4/16/2017 c19 fireman23
Alright, I'm excited about where you're going form here, now that Gisla is redeemed with her people. But I can't shake the feeling that this is going to be a mixed blessing...
4/10/2017 c18 fireman23
Finally getting around to reading this great chapter!

I know that you don't like Ragnar, but I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't have opposed his father raping his wife. Unless of course, Aslaug never told him...
Furthermore, I find that the birth scene goes a little too smoothly, considering that neither Rollo nor Gisla have done it before. Should they not try and get someone more experienced to help?

And now, after reading this, I want a snickers...:)
4/9/2017 c18 Anna Mason
I love your story! A story of a mermaid and Viking is really romantic! I check every Sunday morning for your update! I can't wait to see what happens with Gisela and Rollo!
4/2/2017 c17 fireman23
Well done! I like how the worlds of the mer-perople fit together.
Considering that Rollo wiched to redeem himself in the eyes of his brother, he is too ready to commit treason once more - even if it is for a good reason...
3/26/2017 c16 fireman23
This chapter really brings the story forward. Well done!
I love how conflicted Rollo is about what happened, I suppose it is still hard to forget /ignore the relationship, no matter how much they despise each other...

But honestly, It took Rollo an enourmous time to figure her plan out. I thought he had already realized it as soon as she had learned about his father.
3/25/2017 c6 renata.deoliveirasena
I think she is hurt by the feeling he didn’t care about her. I mean, when he left her on the shore.
Poor Gisla.

My favorite lines: "You’ll have to be more careful if you want to kill me. You were not very discrete." and "You distracted me with your annoying voice."
3/25/2017 c5 renata.deoliveirasena
My favorite parts: "He had held her captive only to release her. […] Gisla knew who she was but it just took her one look at this human to suddenly doubt of herself."

You're in love little mermaid. You're not sure of anything anymore. Hahahaha.

I loved reading about Gisla’s family and how she almost forgot them due her revenge. The ending of the chapter was so funny. Hahahaha.
3/20/2017 c15 Gale Lover
Sigvar deserves to be blood eagled! Damn Rollo became the famous bear he is in this chapter! I loved it :)
3/19/2017 c15 fireman23
Great chapter, it provided some insight into the characters. And the fight scene was well written, although I suspect it is not the best thing to do, after one has just gotten his hands bandaged...

But serieously, I can't believe Sigvar did not want to have a son, especially in a culture like that. I mean, it would make sense if he was always being outshone by Ragnar, but right from the birth?! Unless, Rollo was a bastard somehow...
3/12/2017 c14 fireman23
I almost thought there was something like this coming, although I had hoped for their sake it wasn't... Great chapter!
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