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for when you least expect it

3/9/2017 c7 Sweetgirl2711
Brooke and Gavin need a reality check. Even though Gavin deserve a punch in a face, violence doesn't solve anything. Good chapter thpugh.
2/21/2017 c6 Sweetgirl2711
Nice chapter! Gavin won't give up thankfully Austin was there. Now that they know their names, Austin and Ally can start something.
2/1/2017 c5 Sweetgirl2711
Thanks for answering my question
2/1/2017 c5 1Maira579
Austin is the lead singer Dez plays piano. Elliot and Trent play base. Dallas plays the drums.
2/1/2017 c5 Sweetgirl2711
Wow Gavin doesn't get that Ally doesn't want him? Btw I love Auslly date. I have a question, what does Austin's friends play, what instruments do they play?
1/31/2017 c5 Guest
did you mean 'expect' in the title?
1/29/2017 c4 2DisneyButterflyPrincess
Loved it loved it loved it
1/17/2017 c3 TheAusllyAngel
1/14/2017 c3 Guest
loved this!
1/14/2017 c3 28AusllyTraceObsessed98
Awwww Auslly at IHOP what a cute little date :) Also gives me fetus Auslly vibes :) I like it. A plus!
1/10/2017 c2 Clarice
Ooh, I liked it. Update soon, I want to know what happens.
1/10/2017 c2 Guest
you're a really good writer!
1/10/2017 c2 2DisneyButterflyPrincess
I seriously love this story please update soon
1/9/2017 c2 Guest
love this so far! pls update soon!
1/9/2017 c2 28AusllyTraceObsessed98
Please update soon ;)
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