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2/19/2018 c1 3Electra Nolana
Love the dynamic between these two. Honestly, I harbored my own love for Revy long before I realized there was fanfiction about her (outside of doujin though surprisingly there isn't really any yuri content). I loved the line about Revy getting "Sockings instead of stockings". Its perfect for what we think her childhood was like and it was shown more than once that Balalaika did grow up in a fairly decent house. The consideration and mix of these two is a hot mix and I love it. I hope you write more about these two!
9/26/2017 c1 Fwallow
So glad I found out you wrote more of this lovely couple! I encourage you to post your other stories on AO3 as well so you can get more exposure for your great writing and this awesome pairing!

Loving the focus on Balalaika in this story. Interesting to read what's going on through her head and how she views this "relationship." Her thoughts of violence are interesting as well (does she have them cause she gets off on it?); even more interesting that she doesn't act on it and instead channels it towards something more... um... productive I guess haha. Nice to see that she acknowledges her dark side, but doesn't give in knowing beating your lover isn't really the best thing to do. And it's sweet to see that Bal knows Revy enough to see that she needs acceptance and praise (messed up childhood much), and tries to give what she can. Love the last line of her wanting to smile, but can't do it just yet; her ice armor is slowly melting!

And I do find it amusing Revy still calls her Sis
12/27/2016 c1 Jo
Yees! You made my day man, glad to see you back:D
As always very nicely balanced, and a good understanding of characters. I, too, think that while B has some violent tendencies and thoughts, she rarely actually acts on them (they probably serve more as fuel for the bigger (wicked) plans, than some everyday unnecessary brawl) also - decorum, she won't break it lol. Liked the childhood flashback and comparing between hers and Revy's. The way we are brought up always weights heavily on us after in life.

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