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5/13/2022 c8 1Amynila
no you cant. no, you cant! dont lie to yourself Yuuri! its ok!
3/29/2020 c33 Guest
Hi, thank you for this AU story! I enjoy every word you ceate for us to understand Yuuri, Victor, Yuri and other characters. Please continue on. I like the Omega's point of view on being first (officially, but not in real) Omega skater landing quadruple and the struggles o breakthrough and the support. I want to get to know more Yuri as well, he seems like interesting persona and his progress and evolution make me want more. Victor has too little isight to his personality and life when it comes to not being Alpha. This is one of the AU stories that captures personalities and send them in different, yet same direction as the anime. (If your muse lacks inspiration roght now, I think I can try to help you with the plot a little bit. Got a few ideas recently.)
9/23/2019 c1 Helena
OMG! I'm so intrigued! Can't wait to read it all! Thank you :3
3/16/2019 c23 Guest
You don’t know meh name
3/16/2019 c13 Pepperoni
I really don’t think I’m the only one who thought that Victor and Yuri were fucking in the beginning. I soooooo wish they did!
I ship it!
2/27/2019 c1 DevilsDoor25
It seems like you stopped this story a bit last year but i really hope that you update soon because it’s such a good book and i love it so far
7/10/2018 c33 10BlakeEller99
Oh my gosh i love this story but is it continued somewhere else? :) im really invested
6/29/2018 c33 Guest
This is really well written and I'm excited to see how Yuri performs at Cup of China. I really hope you update soon, because I love your writing style. :)
6/25/2018 c33 2PearlesantlRose
Okay, I love this story. It is fantastic and it kept my attention all day. No joke I had to put it down at like 3am to sleep and then picked it back at 9am and have been reading it since then. Great work here. Please continue, I am looking forward to the next chapter.
5/11/2018 c33 Mrs.MagnusB
Reading this story makes me so happy :)
5/11/2018 c32 Mrs.MagnusB
Way to go Yuuri!
4/16/2018 c33 18Stygian Willow
Great chapter as always!
4/15/2018 c33 6HeartThrobbingFanticyLover
Aw it's so cute and lovely and steamy. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
4/1/2018 c32 lokiworshipper13
I just binge read this story and it is incredible! I am eagerly awaiting more! :)
3/23/2018 c32 lmonroe1214
Sweet :) Very interesting take on the original anime. It is wonderful that you manage to incorporate some of the dialogues from the anime in a different situation and still make it work. I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for the fic!
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