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for Stepping Out of the Shadows

9/15 c7 GeezerWench
Apparently, I already reviewed this chapter. Had to sign out.
Stupid, stupid Bella. Keep her secrets and screw everone over.

She'll help Clint against Loki. Great idea. Unless Loki finds out about vampires. Who's to say he can't also use his mind control over them? Then say he finds out about the wolf-boys anyway. He compels them to do his bidding.

Both of whom can tear humans apart without hardly trying.

Bella selfishly and ignorantly kept her little secrets and doomed Clint and humanity.

She's not thinking clearly here. She thinks she's being noble by not giving all the information she knows to Clint, but she's not. She already knows a vampire is after her and she's not going to tell Clint about them to protect the Cullens? What did they do for her except ruin her life and put everyone she knows in danger?

Bella needs her ass beat.
9/5 c10 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
9/5 c1 9MetallicAngel28
I keep getting notices that you've updated, but I don't see any new chapters. Are you just fixing the ones you have for now or what? I really like this story and would like to see it continue.
8/31 c3 Roxhall1
please update soon
8/22 c10 Guest
Please update! I need the rest of the story.
8/19 c10 1Solita Belle
You have yourself a new fan from Vietnam!Please return to this, I'd love to see more of it.
In the meantime I'm going to take a look at the last story on your list.
8/10 c10 Newest Reader
I know it's been over two years since you last updated, but this is an amazing crossover that features a strong and independent Bella who finds someone willing to be beside her and not shielding her. It would be awesome if you updated sometime soon. Please and thank you with much anticipation.
7/28 c10 4Black Fire Neko
Oh Please update soon I can't wait to read more this is really really good
7/15 c10 Guest
This story is amazing! Please update!
7/14 c1 WhitlockFan4ever
I really love that story. I hope you haven't lost interest and that you'll update it. I also hope everything doing good in your life.
Take care!
6/28 c10 HarryPotterGleeTwilight
This is such an amazing story! I’m really hoping for an update
6/26 c10 7rmiser1994
Great so far! .
6/7 c10 marymoore3686
your story is great please update i like this bella she is awesome
6/5 c10 67MoonPrincess623
So awesome. I wanted Bella to save Loki too in that abandoned house, but hey. Clint is good too. I cannot wait for more. So freaking awesome.
5/12 c10 Melikalilly
I love this story
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