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for A Certain Electric Trainer

7/5 c19 Guest
Dear Darkbetrayer,
I don't wanna come off as a whiny asshole Dark -(can I call you Dark?, oh well...)- ... but you GOTTA update this please I'm begging you!, I know you've got a life to live and all that... so Ima shut up now but plz I beg and pray, and hope for an update... though preferably sometime soon unless of course that would limit the quality of the chapter in which case I begrudgingly ask that you take your time, take as LOOOONNNGGG as you need.

-Again, don't wanna come off as an ass I just really enjoyed re/reading this and love your other works too
(Off to the side tho... whenever possible, backstory on why Toumas pokemon are banned from daycare?)

-Anonymous (hasn't logged in, let alone signed up) user
6/21 c1 Guest
We need to know why Toumas pokemon were banned from daycare
5/23 c19 Guest
Always a good read, only thing that sucks is the update rate (it's not bad I'm just impatient) but everyone's living their own life so I understand, as do we all. Keep up the good work and please don't drop this it's really good otherwise I hope your doing well irl.
3/25 c19 1Unknown032
I hope an update comes soon. This crossover is really enjoyable. Good work author!
2/2 c19 Unknown
Please man you need to update this story more often
1/31 c19 Guest
Please update this story. We need a higher update frequency! Please
1/17 c19 Guest
Well I recently found your story and it's one of the best light - hearted ones I've read in a while. Well no need to say anything else, please update!
1/11 c19 1Nightfang123
Ngl I kinda hope Last Order somehow befriends this Accelerator. Maybe she gets lost in the city and bumps into him and just decides to follow him around as he's the only person around she somewhat knows.
1/8 c19 Luis sanchez
It is true that you said there will be no legendary pokemon for Touma but that such a mega evolution of Charizard that would be epic
12/3/2021 c19 Guest
Wonder what happened between Mikoto and Mr. Mime, hoping that you will explain that at some point.
12/2/2021 c19 Sarcasm Sage 626
This was a fun chapter, especially how the title reflects both the strategy used, and Rampardos’ solution to all of life’s problems. Somewhat concerning how much Shinx looks up to him though.
Accelerator continues to be a hundred times more chill than his canon counterpart. Letting Touma off without a fight was practically a kind gesture from him. The battle itself was funny, especially the buildup to his use of Zen Headbutt, which was great use of a double Bait and Switch. First it seems epic, then stupid/funny, then epic again. And I agree with Mikoto, it was satisfying to see her sister get taken down a peg.
11/29/2021 c19 Sirius25
Absolutely amazing. Always excited so this one update, and hope to see more in the future. Also thank beta reader-san for going on strike for the sake of this fic’s fans.
11/27/2021 c19 1onilink500
Gracias por recordarme por qué todos odiaban a los spiquicos en la generación 1

Bueno el poderoso cabezazo soluciona todo

Espero que esté fic se actualice más rápido
11/26/2021 c19 2Anime Crossovers
I really liked this chapter! I like how you blended the two worlds of pokemon and ACMI so smoothly.
11/26/2021 c19 Chen
You really should update this story more often…
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