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4/23 c5 doctordan123
Gosh darnit, this is just getting good, and now I'm gonna have to wait forever for an upload. Why are you so cruel?!
4/15 c5 Dewin D
every so often I rediscover this fic randomly and I absolutely love it!
I always cry at odd moments when it's hinted that Sauyri is the AI-ghost. it just stands to reason that Ranma of all people would have a relationship with a system designed to make life increasingly challenging for it's user-base.
3/12 c5 Dcwestby
Looking forward to more of this... Whenever you get back to it, I know for you there must be more than a few stories in progress. Keep at it and never give up.
2/10 c5 Stardust00
Woo finally noticed this updated awesome can't wait for the next installment
1/17 c5 IPMay
I'm loving this story and though I have my doubts that it will be continued I do like what you have written and if you do continue this story I can't wait to read more. I had. Couple of thoughts about what is recovering ranma's combat kit and what situations could have potentially happened while he was stuck in aincrad. I imagine ranma's cand would be a weapon and techniques he would utilize would be things like the moko Takabisha and shi shi hokodan. If willing to utilize them he could also make use of the Yama senkens paralyzing shout and air blades and the umi sen Ken's stealth. Ranma would stick to a more ranged style than normal. Also I could imagine problems arising from the kuno siblings. Kodachi would probably like to hurt or injure the now vulnerable girl while kuno in his infinite hubris would try to remove the nerve gear from his pig tailed girl (most likely leading to a fight with akane). Those are just random thoughts though I think my favorite parts of this fiction are the improvements to sao as a game, the confrontation with the coward who ran, and the present day sections. Also in exchange for loosing dev consol access I imagine ranma would get access to one of the 8 unknown special abilities related to her status as someone who helped design the weapons and combat system. But I think ranma is eligible for a unique skill.
9/24/2020 c5 doraemax
Uh, wow. What a way for those two to meet. In any case, I bet Kirito is damn lucky Ranko is not into swords...or else he would not have met the requirement to wield Dual Swords.
9/7/2020 c1 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Dude, what you just said makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If it's a fucking crossover, put it on the fucking crossover section. It's a no brainer. Otherwise you end up with a messy ass normal section that is filled with fucking crossovers. Keep it separate bud.
9/5/2020 c5 22Byakugan789
Nice to see this back. The jumping back forth and sideways was something I forgot about, but eh. Raise a beer and salute.
8/9/2020 c5 Oliver W.K. Twist
I was not expecting *this* to get an update. Had to reread the other four chapters, but this was excellent. Really enjoying Ranma's maturity, and the back and forth style is somewhat unique. Keep up the good work, looking forward to your next.
8/5/2020 c3 Lukkai
To those who mentioned that 20 million yen is not much once distributed among the survivors: You should read a bit more carefully. It's not 20 million overall, that would indeed be a rather small number. It is 20 million PER PERSON. While still not being abundant wealth, that is a reasonable amount to get back on your feet.
But Ranma, according to Nabiki, is not just looking forward to those 20 million. (And the free high school education.) But also to a very substantial recompense for being an, as she put it, 'disadvantaged employee'. A recompense looking to be at least fifty times again in addition to what Ranma already gets for being a survivor of the game. So we're talking a sum equivalent to over 10 million US$ here. Maybe as high as 11 million $, all added together and depending on how far 'north' of that 1 billion yen the employee settlement will end up. You can't tell me that that's not a lot of money!
8/4/2020 c5 Lukkai
Not spelling mistakes per se that caught my eye, but a few times you doubled words. Probably after either pausing in writing a sentence or rewriting it later and not editing out all of the old version. Happens to me regularily as well, so I know how those tend to sneak in.


The Aincrad part is still within the first six months, I take it. What with Sayuri still alive. Whilest the "present" part... What is it that Ranma wanted from the agent, I wonder. It seems reasonable to assume it connected with the promise mentioned last chapter. Which likely ties in with Cardinal's hacking attempt and/or its consequences, but that is just my personal speculation at this point.

Thanks for the update! It's much enjoyed.
8/3/2020 c1 1kamenheroHEISEI
Well the ending for this chapter ends my interest.

Its clear you'll be injecting a lot of western mentality and reactions into this.

Gabriel Blessing sao already makes clear how the general populas will react to the entire incident which is pretty true to form for japan, something i dont think you will place attention upon.

My interest is dimmed
8/3/2020 c5 3ijpowers92
Sorry for not reviewing sooner.

I put off reading this chapter and then it slipped my mind.

Well, overall I continue to enjoy the story. To be honest I mostly view the "present day" scenes as framing, but I do like where you seem to be going.

Keep up the good work and stay safe!
7/28/2020 c5 RadicalErin
Don't go dying, now. We are all exceptionally curious to see where this goes.
7/27/2020 c5 1setokayba2n
Good to see you back, entertaining story and fic, waiting for next chapter, hope is not in 2021

Also, a question, is the story only going to include only Sword Art Online? Or is going to include Alfheim and Gun Gale Online?
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