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11/16/2020 c15 cassiejones07
hope you're safe just found the story! please update I'm curious to see how it goes personally I'm a bone and Jim fan or Spock and Jim.
4/29/2020 c15 2AnakinPleaseStopPanakin
Good to see you still kicking, Author! This is one of the best Fem! Kirk fics (if not THE BEST) I've read in a long long time. I like the way you've portrayed all the characters, especially Tommy and Jim. Bones and Spock are an adorkable mess too...
I'm really looking forward to the next time you update (hopefully soon) and how Beyond unfurls!
5/29/2019 c15 justthelittlethings
Any chance for an update? This is so insanely good I read it twice
5/6/2019 c15 1TehJediThatNeverWas
wheres the update op
4/6/2019 c1 4cyiusblack
update soon
11/10/2018 c15 stinkyblankets
I love this much! Please keep going!
5/7/2018 c15 Nataly SkyPot
Muy bueno.
5/6/2018 c15 NaomiBlue
I’m more interested in who was keeping Winona away from Jim, was she part of Section 31 too. Also on an unrelated note you’ve obviously seen Infinity War.
5/6/2018 c15 James1996
Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.
12/24/2017 c14 Debbie Hicks
Recovery ceremony
that herserlf dresed in her uniform her voice rang strong what this your ritual Spock you saved my life yes what this this is my promise to you our two kindoms m y princess then he held a torch With this fire it will not burn or sizzle heself spoken this ritual saying Take ye water into my hand the bodysuit she wore then a greatest transferance Began then a fireball was created herself felt the fury an d rage then herself echoed this line You'r sushi Herself focused with her new found planetary ablities of hers then a greatest soun d focused really harder the Ambassadors of New Vulcan heard this MARS FIRE IGNITE! Space, the Final Frontier, these are Voyages of the Starship Enterprise her ongoinging mission to seek out new life and new civilizations to Explore strange new worlds To Boldly go where no gone before this ship m yself with it's crew will travel to Yorktown to resuply listen to m e heed ye my training words b y law I Have taken a mate then it was over n ewest uniform s by from the an cient bodysuits then a greatest noise the un iforms looked different then were mixed together then then with the Starship exploded then was very far futurtisc thanks Mother then n ews of them had nwest quarts remodeled everything's different then then it was done then Meet Dawn Read Spier your Chief Counselor with her teamm ates then it really happened to their uniformes looked from the seventh season of Star Trek the Next Generationall of them wore the same sam e uniform longer sleeves and the both with pants herserlf gracefully ffound her own Captian's chair hair was pinned upwardly acted Federation but her voice gave up fierecer order Helelmsman Impulse Power set course to Yorktown warp 9 Aye Captain setting course now he felt strange new buttons then Activated Ma'am Engage that was it history forever changed it Warped Commander Spock n oticed the chage in his was Crision uniform so hers with the newest chiief coun selor was Vulcan dressed in blue for medical services so they the ensign was wearing yellow Sctty wiore red he was swearing it had machines had to take a easy oh no it's as all changed as all of them then then it was different but altered then suddenly both things appeared onto with as all then forged comb adges b laring pips then flaring then shattered then sudden too late n uked was real then a blinking Spier her go ahead Scotty look we are dressed like this he apporves it by TV Series Seventh season where we heading it's a planet hang on setting this gal into true speed 4.6 the lowest you wanted then suddenly her telepathic ablities went on red alert Captain, I Sense a Powerful mind it's Krall with his warriors man your stations prepare yourselves Shields up Red Alert! it was a training practice for trouble was coming for them the Cadets in grew-red no way on this final cruise wee are train ed then good god Jim yikes it's different with our uniforms not bad to myself then as all of their as all then it caused all of it thennow trapped from here the newschips of the m ost powerful flagship was altered n ew look from the TV Series n ot bad then keep on trucking then then don't honk please Egads Daughter we are going beyond this gouing on a quest to stop Krall once for all to fin d a woman here oh no Excuse me ulp holy Cron us you are muscular Strom yes we b rought them Hello your ritual done well new hair style yes sir then that it was n ow new again Pu' uh oh you remodeled the whole starship oops down here a kid oh I Like her your niece had a physical is healthy yes good god a kid hang on to your butts Yorktown or Bust too late it arrived here just for lunch/dinner Scotty was Vegetarian watched his diet kept thin eating a salad was on a diet was eco-earth friendly had manners his friend was queasy had puked in the toliet flushed oh my head he was Ryolan yup his specie's name was out ugh no thank you pills from his other daughter for spacesickness he moaned in his language.
12/24/2017 c14 Nataly SkyPot
Muy bueno.
12/23/2017 c14 James1996
Good so far, I look forward to reading more in future.
11/2/2017 c13 Guest
I want to know if the crew ever finds out about tge captains past. Please, please update!
10/25/2017 c13 2NoVacancyMind
Woooooohooooo just found this! Super excited!
9/28/2017 c13 Debbie Hicks
that Jim yelled into dialects into Vulcan Kail'fliee! that right in to his brain source then Jim was telepathic via mem ories when they first m et declaring as Imazadi given soul mind and body herself screamed on e single loud word so soft Do you remember I Have taught you Imazdi can you sen se my thoughts remember we first met Beloved we never say our goodbyes I M ust fight him for you thenLeonard sightened his friend we are Imzadi it m ean 's beloved in Betazoid she is m y mate oh m y god Spock she is bound to you but her illness she Given from From Khan a quart her brain is cracking a Sixth lobe she is healing faster as we speak she is Telepathic by touch noticed her mutated ears they are Pointed have very richer upswept eyebrows Sarek we found out the two are bonded but they are Mated that Sarek passed out altered his age he is going to fight for love and justice who Challenged Jim did telepathically he is her spouse but her husband that T'Pau fight for ye wife then Waityou are waint marredkeep thy wifefrom healthy yes Once she rises she had joined m y people then the two fought he did som ething to him used a twenty first n eedle as all of blood taken but had to ask Scotty to Sailor Trans port his blood into her corpse will be healed body washed rised oiled cleansed and hair started to darken with age wearing White Martian robes and Hand symbolic jewelry and ritual neckelace and ban gs cutted but rearranged with sides exposed pointed ears with her face begun to full up with his blood stirrin g the hair began growing longer then herself had the Venomous Waters of life sinking then began to fire her eyes with blood her Gaean Forest Green blood preparing to scream very loudly then screaming then a great change had happened fresh new blod combined prepareing to act very logical but howling she was going to alter it then her Late Father's katra Daughter chan ge it now chan ge the Sacred waterss of life then FATHER FATHER THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED! It blared she was returning to life and preparing then the screaming started then it really happened blips a lot then herself my husband oh no then Herself blared open newest eyes She was alive but had regained her katra then Acolytes noticed how cold she became then herself had CGI Blue within blue eye sclera iris and pupil were darken she had changed it the nurses reported she has become Vulcan transporters released a crew Sir! she's what Fremen hereself begun to move then spoken with a lot of training KROKYKAH! Most powerful what it means it means Stop! or Enough! yikes she is with Authority from Pike himself is a ghosthow you feel Pardon herself had one arching eyebrow raised Tell her I Feel fine what you do um there is a baby sandworm combined with it but she has altered her longevity her hair is darking with age by the time will be Nox Brown oh m y god to save her life but there is more she is going nativeshe was born with pointy ears and Slanted her late Father was killed but gaven his katra to his daughter the two born differently are warriorsfor Starfleet she is a married Starfleet Vulcan Captain then he returned my Mate you fought well husban d who is this man your father in lawwith Soran his aide with my grandmother she m ade us bound her eyes are blue within blue she is weaken but had lost weight is getting stronger three tim es that in time a Cereomony held with witnesses standing but the groom selected a bride he rang herself healed medtated dressed in her finery of a Vulcan bride Wimona echoed these words It's Time that twp cadets in blue robes were religious robes her voice singing in great power and courage within her katra If the dawn or tomorrows for our dawys from time of beginning it shall be my husband who Am I to you I Will constrate and shall be who really we are Beloved then the wedding started then the young high master spoken these words What ye about to witness for the time of beginning without change this is the Vulcan heart this is the Vulcan soul this is our way do you Spock take ye Captain James T Kirk to be you holiest lawful boun d wife to have to hold for richer and por in sickness and in health your blood fires Child of out race un'ill death never parted never partED I Do Daughter of your clan do you take Spock as you humble lawful wedded husband to han d to hold for richer and for poor in sickness and in health t'll death to you apart and never parted I Do daughter of Kirk your blood is flaring On this glorious beautfiul era By orders of the United Federation of Planets You may meld activated then herself used her alien powers to touch him differenly then it really happen ed he used his then a white light of them with children eight allowed then herself cried for her officer given in the line of duty thengiven waters to the dead was a Fremen custom my child my lady herself bowed Welcome to The House of Surak my daughter then I Proclaim them married you are now James Sch'n T'Gai his wife there she was married to Spock then now the after ceremony was private my own sister wed to him yes it's custom i am adopted belonged to my adopted race the Vulcans then after a speech herself sported a newest uniform both held fingers twohair braided where to Ma'am there is a world full of life congraduations you are bond there is true wedding we shall be married is she is my wife attend as you wish husband good god chilren will be born eight are allowednow it Warped it had a signed MATED FOREVER FOR ETERNITY! their thrid year aboard then herself was very busy acting very coldly but herself used her logic From Surak now with strange crewmembers not human at all had wore robes for the speech had it copied in her head then it was time for real Greetings your majesty we the crew grace ye thy gift do approve of it from my mate in her belt a sailor guardian talisman a long staff we of the Enterprise my newest best friends it roared at her herself held it both hands Intoned PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM! a psionic energy whirling then her voice exploding words Guarding Pluto the plan et of time! I am the gatekeeper of the underworld blessed be by my guardian deity is god of time Chronos! princess of Charon castle! in the name of the mighty silver millennium will Punish YOU! SAILOR PLUTO IS HERE! Herself used her powers then suddenly most glorious radiant energy blaring a noise hair flying then herself was royality Momma mia she is of royal blood you look terrbile what is this due to his blood you unleashed a new power source you look like from the reprinted these are contact lens can alter your eye color your hair with a lot turn ed black-green all of them knelt to her held a staff her skin smelt of Ancient Vulcan redspice she was now older of the blood burnt now it arrived herself bathed in prvate was very sacred then wore her wekend robes herself had converted as a Vegetarian her voice Exploded from her brain was so hungry had eaten light on a diet had very gracious manners as his spouse then it arrival to Yorktown herself was eco-friendly their quarters was hugedesigned for couples so they now a newest threat came too late.
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