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9/25/2017 c7 2BUTTERCUP29
I was kind of disappointed because i thought this a love story between the two. I ship this two so maybe you could make a story about them. :(
5/20/2017 c2 871-1 Marines
Wow, the RAF base Tracer stole the Slipstream prototype from must have had awful security.
2/10/2017 c7 1-1 Marines
"-the Russian Government forced Zarya in the Army-" Um, did you mean "-into the Army-"?
1/25/2017 c8 Guest
You say these are alternate background stories, but i honestly cant really see any diffrence from this mei and the real one ;)
1/27/2017 c7 2WebbedMenace4ev
Hanzo next as he is evil and genji is supposedly "good"
1/19/2017 c7 Guest
Do Mei next please. Would love to see an evil version of her
1/19/2017 c7 Guest
I liked Zarya's part. However D. Va's didnt really feel that dark to me.
However you did good work nonetheless
1/17/2017 c7 2Rayven Nightshade
Loving the story so far, Would like to either Winston or Junkrat next thanks again for a great story
1/17/2017 c6 Guest
As to who next? Hmm...Muhahaha, MEI!
1/15/2017 c6 5clood9
Goddamnit this is the perfect setup for a Rainbow Six crossover story.

I hate you for getting me thinking.
1/14/2017 c5 Guest
Im so excited to read Mercy's story. If you take the kind, caring and motherly mercy we and turns her upside down, what do you get? A cruel, sadistic, heartless torturer.
Would really like to see Mercy next.
1/12/2017 c5 2WebbedMenace4ev
Evil genji in mercy's backstory good Hanzo?
1/9/2017 c5 GaoGod
Actually, I'm more interested in Junkrat and Roadhog. They're villains as well, so shouldn't they be good?
1/9/2017 c5 Guest
Mercy would be fine
1/8/2017 c2 LordNoskill
My curiosity is sated alright. I'm looking forward to read what happend to my main Mercy.
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