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9/29/2017 c12 5chemrunner57
Thank you for the update... I've missed this story and am glad it's back. What will happen at the Burrow and how will they get together? I'm dying to know, so update soon.
7/18/2017 c11 HarryPotter4Lyfeandafter
Yasss more
7/14/2017 c11 ObsessedRHShipper
Definitely surprised at hearing her background- original twist . I wonder if it will change things between ron and Hermione, why he left her alive, and if they have a chance of catching his father.
7/14/2017 c11 3ScarletProphecy14
Great chapter! I'm really enjoying this story. I did not see that coming AT ALL! That's impressive; such a creative plot. But, it makes loads more sense now. Eager to see where you'll take it now!
7/13/2017 c11 16AzureAlquimista
Well... not, I wasn't expecting this... and its not bad. This was an AU, so it's totally "legal" Hermione is a D.E. daughter... and it explains a lot of things.

But if they were looking for her, it would be because her father... Then why he didn't kill her? Or in the end, he wasn't capable?... strange. Maybe there is more than we know?...
7/13/2017 c11 banzi
I liked the twist. Definitely didn't see that coming. Awesome update.
7/13/2017 c11 JayBat
Just read 1-11, this is your first fanfic? Nice job, and I was lucky enough to come in just in time for the big reveal!

My goodness, our Hermione, errrrm, Ivanna is quite a witch, isn't she? And I bet she makes a nice macchiato, also. :-) Which name will she go by now? I guess she says "I changed it", pretty definitively, so it's Hermione? Augustus knows she's alive, because he left her alive. That's a little complicated.

Well, Hermione needs a wand, doesn't she? Is Garrick Ollivander still in business post-war, and does he make house calls? At least for special clients? :-) Would love to see that!

What will Ron do? Well, his Auror duty is clear. And he really doesn't have the right to make decisions on Hermione's behalf any more, that young woman can make her own decisions. There are murderers to bring to justice.

Looking forward to your next.
7/13/2017 c11 HeRonLove
Wow the daughter of a Death Eater, I never saw that coming. I loved the way Ron handled everything she told him. I loved that he finally admitted his feelings for her to himself at least. I wonder if she will keep the name Hermione? I can't wait to read how everyone else reacts to her news. I wonder why her dad didn't kill her too? I hope Ron is able to find and capture Rookwood. I wonder if she will get another wand now that her memory is back. I can't wait to read how their relationship develops from this point.
7/13/2017 c11 tryntee13
What a twist! Cannot wait to read more and how having her memories back changes things!
7/13/2017 c11 loverhr
brilliant I can never imagine Hermione Granger changed identity...!
7/12/2017 c10 3ScarletProphecy14
I'm really enjoying this story so far. Keep up the good work!
6/18/2017 c10 ObsessedRHShipper
Very interesting showing of the raw magic.

Frustrating cliffhanger for those of us who want to know more!
6/18/2017 c9 ObsessedRHShipper
Curious how the dynamic will continue to change with the full house.
6/18/2017 c7 ObsessedRHShipper
Good chapter. I was hoping she was a witch.
6/18/2017 c6 ObsessedRHShipper
Definitely want to know if Olson was involved in jinxing her or was assaulting her as a womanizer.
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