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10/28 c91 maxkaufman2002
yo its almost bean five years since you started Digatal extra and i have to say thank you for makeing such a wonderfull story
8/3 c62 Redpo12
I have a crossover idea if you want to use it Hakuno in starwars.
8/2 c91 jmcdavid
Right, time for a theory!

I think Blackwargreymon adding darkness to the Destiny Stones is meant to break the seal on the Harmonious Ones.

My theory is, King Drasil was the one who sealed the Harmonious Ones away. This, in turn, allowed Devimon, Myotismon, and the Dark Masters to take over the Digital World, and made sure Ken was met with little resistance when he became the Digimon Emperor.

So if the power of light is what's sealing away the deities of the Digital World, how better to weaken it than with the power of darkness?
7/26 c91 SentinalSlice
Wooo Caladbolg!
7/25 c91 29Engineer4Ever
Nice to see! Still eager to see Hakuno starts giving battle commands to Black. It’ll be interesting for sure
7/8 c90 3ProSpartan
Lets go, I'm finally caught up. And holy crap is this story good. Blackwargreymon is kind of like Hakuno's own digimon partner huh? And I know you've said that there won't be anymore servants in this story, but I still like to imagine what it'd be like if Lancer was here, bantering with Archer at every given moment.
7/8 c90 53snake screamer
Kazuradrop: I will kill them both... PAINFULLY.
6/30 c90 Shani-Fan
Nice anime crossover.
Never thought this character living on Digimon world is amusing.

I read and watched "Fumetsu no Anata E" (To Your Eternity) anime/manga. Can Hakuno would be perfect for this story crossover?
5/24 c90 2Final Genesis
I must admit, you got me interested! While I still have much of Fate/EXTELLA LINK to go, this, I enjoy very much along with Digimon Adventure 02! I eagerly await for more!

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
3/28 c90 jmcdavid
So these Royal Knights are just copycats of another group. Question is, which one?

So King Drasil and the Royal Knights had a connection to the Destiny Stones, and by infusing dark energy into them, BlackWarGreymon has been breaking that connection. Considering that the only heroic Yggdrasil I can recall is the one from Digimon Next, that is probably a good thing.

And Hakuno has given BlackWarGreymon a great deal to think about.
3/28 c90 DPSS
The dex prefix for the dorumon line is for the evil, borderline zombie, versions. For example, Dorugreymon can digivolve into Dorughoramon or Alphamon. But Dexdorugreymon can only digivolve into Dexdorughoramon and eventually Dexmon.
3/28 c90 Guest
3/28 c90 10celian Cogitore
Interesting chapter.
3/28 c90 Dasgun
3/28 c90 45Gundam-Knight-Chris
Yeah, it would be imprudent to bring in Blackmetalgarurumon but it's also strange to bring in the Royal Knights as Hakuno's enemies. Then again, this is Hakuno we're talking about. She could make friends with anyone without even trying. Just look back at the Extra series including Extella. All the Servants she fought? She managed to form a bond with them. Just like she's forming a bond with Blackwargreymon. Is it so far-fetched that down the road, even though she isn't an actual DigiDestined, she carries an artificial Crest of Miracles? The same Crest that Daisuke wields? I wouldn't be surprised if her Digimon partner in essence was Omnimon Swartz, aka Black Omnimon. It's your story and I have no right to tell you how you write. I'm merely adding my own suspicions and theories on what may happen in future chapters.
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