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for The Return Of The Prodigal Knight And The Phantom Menace

1/15 c9 Lord Virus
I need to know what happens next.
1/12 c9 Guachico
Good evening. Really enjoying the story. I think there’s tons of potential for Revan to grow into a really engaging character. Only thing that gets to me is his calm acceptance of Qui Gon manipulating the die to get him free instead of his mother—I would expect a bit more resentment about someone basically freeing him from one master but denying him any choices thereafter, thus becoming simply another slave master. He went from having no control over his life to having no control over his life. I would have expected a bit more anger at the Jedi and probably a bit more of an effort from him to free his mother by extralegal means before they left. He’s got HK, after all.
1/8 c1 wood21
the story so far is one of my favorites and master Plo Koon for the win thinking about doing a Darth jar jar please let Master Plo Koon survived order 66
12/29/2020 c5 Guest
I would absolutely say that an older ahsoka is a good match for Anakin
12/26/2020 c9 TheLastFedaykin
really good story you have going here. What a cliffhanger haha I hope you get a chance to update sooner rather than later
12/24/2020 c9 Guest
I got a pretty good idea how this story is gonna unfold going forward. Maybe I am wrong I hope I am.

I see a lot of people like Revan that is fine. But to me he is coming across like a bit of a git.
12/23/2020 c9 Red Eyes. B God
Awesome story I can't wait to read more
12/23/2020 c9 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
12/21/2020 c9 Guest
Great story, can’t wait for you to update again.
12/4/2020 c9 superninja123aa
if you have to kill of jar-jar to update quicker then please do
12/3/2020 c9 Guest
When is the next part
12/2/2020 c9 Guest
I know you've probably heard this before so I do apologise but I really hope you depict Revan the way Obsidian depicts him, not Bioware. Obsidian's depiction is the true Revan. KOTOR II's description of him is the most accurate and so is the Knights of the Old Republic campaign guide!

I'm sure you will though, mate!
12/1/2020 c7 Guest
Yeah this is a drop. I don’t believe that this Revan mc would desert his mother who he literally knows is going to be raped and or killed because of him. What a poor excuse of an mc. Fuck you for wasting my team reading this garbage
12/1/2020 c6 Guest
Drop after Revan had no reaction to qui gon doing that after he already used the force to make it land on red
11/29/2020 c9 Guest
Revan is 'chosen' by no one. He's always been a being of his own creation and always will be.

Kreia: "Revan's choices were always his own. It was not your teachings, or circumstance, or example, it was him."

Malak: "You are all things, Revan, and yet you are nothing. In the end you belong to neither the Light or Darkness. You will forever stand alone."

I hope you portray Revan as he should be bro. I have faith you will! I'm sure he will become the most powerful Force User or being (aside from the Ones maybe and Abeloth) in the galaxy by the Clone Wars when his memories fully return. But he won't be solely reliant on the Force either no matter his complete mastery over it.
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