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8/3 c6 14myheadsgonenumb
I'm loving the development of Doyle and Wesley's friendship and the exploration of the trauma of Doyle dying and him having to cope with remembering it all. It's going to be interesting to see how he fits into this version of events and why it is he is so 'valuable' to the higher powers (beyond that he's awesome and even twenty years later we're not ready to accept that he just died ... I assume he must have some story relevant value beyond that). I hope you manage to carve out something really different and worthwhile for him to do - in this episode he just took Angel's actions from him (doing the exorcism) and that's something to be really careful of. He isn't earning his place in the story if all he does is steal other people's stuff (like Angel literally said 'I couldn't have done it' about the exorcism, but of course he could - because in the show he did. Too much of that and Doyle's presence starts diminishing the other characters.) The further away you get from 'Hero' the easier it will be to diverge because obviously all the little stuff starts building up until bigger things are changing down the line because of them - but early on, when it's just a MOTW episode, it can be hard to find something to do with a fourth character. But it's definitely something to look out for when you write your next chapters - Doyle has his own story line with his trauma and with dating Cordelia, but is he actually adding anything to the canon stuff or is he just stealing from someone else and so leaving them at a loose end instead? In previous chapters you've managed a good balance on this, so I'm sure you'll keep it up - but in this one, he did take something major from Angel and that's a slippery slope you don't want to go down! It's much much easier to just have him steal stuff but it makes for a better story if he actually brings something of his own to the team. More work for you - but ultimately a better and more unique fic over all, so hopefully worth your while.

Anyway, that's just my two penn'orth. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Is that The Prodigal? I'll be interested to see what you do. It's an episode with bad dreams in it and you're already writing Doyle having bad dreams, so I'm wondering if you're going to lean in on that - and I'm interested to see how Doyle's presence will affect the outcome of the story. If he can save Kate's dad then that can change her entire arc but if he doesn't ... how will Kate's crusade against vamps and demons affect him, will she cause trouble for him down the line? So many possibilities, can't wait to see what you choose.
8/2 c5 3MerlockVonBaron
Another doyle lives story I think kate and lyndsey both should join the team
8/2 c5 14myheadsgonenumb
Oh no, this episode just didn't have enough jhiera in it for me! ... said nobody ever : D It's great to see this story up and running again - hope you stick with it. I really enjoyed Doyle's interactions with Angel at the party (sending Laura to go and talk to him - the sneak little b*st*rd : D) and I like the way you're building up the friendship between Wes and Doyle. You've managed to put Doyle in but he isn't taking from anyone else. And the kiss at the end - squeeeeeeeeeee! It would be great to see some more of this.
3/12 c3 1Flickerflame8
I liked the scene of Wesley reassuring Doyle that he and Cordy had no interest in each other. It was amusingly awkward. It was also a scene I could really imagine happening had Doyle lived longer/had Wesley been introduced before so that the 2 could interact.
3/12 c2 Flickerflame8
I like the idea of Doyle being given a second chance by the PTB. Angel got one, so why not Doyle too?I know that in reality Angel was brought back for the spinoff, while the writers actually wanted to write Doyle out, but then the whole purpose of fan fiction is to fix things in canon.

I don't think Doyle would have known that he'd be passing the visions on, though. He probably didn't even suspect the possibility. He always saw them as a burden, so he wouldn't really want to give them to Cordy, even without knowing the consequences for her without any demonic heritage. Also, Parting Gifts would make more sense if Cordy temporarily had the visions - the metaphor of those visions as a parting gift. Then (haven't read beyond chapter 2 at this point), you could have ended the story with Doyle regaining the visions when he and Cordy finally get together and kiss a second time.
9/21/2018 c4 14myheadsgonenumb
Hi - I found this story back when you were posting it (I think some of the 'guest' reviews are mine) but I didn't find this last chapter until now (or I don't remember it anyway). Do you have plans to update this at all? You've promised us a Cordy/ Doyle date! I wanna read the fluff : )
I really enjoyed your version of this and would love to see where you plan to take it. Don't be put off by the awfulness of 'She' - Doyle makes all things better! Anyway - it was a great little story, so far - and I hope you come back and update it someday. There is not enough Doyle/ Cordelia in this world!
7/12/2018 c4 1kstew9872
Oh please update this! I’ve been rewatching Angel and I sorely miss Doyle. I wish they had kept him on longer and these stories are so well done! Thank you for even these few! They are wonderful!
5/1/2018 c4 christinedestler
Just found this story. I know it's been about a year, but I really hope you continue. There aren't enough Cordy/Doyle stories out there.
4/26/2017 c4 TBunch
Great job love this story
4/20/2017 c4 Guest
good chapter, I like how close you stick to actual dialogue and manage to make Doyle fit into it (*sigh*why couldn't it have been this way for real?!) - can't wait for the next one
4/14/2017 c4 Guest
This story has been so amazing. Please update soon. This is the best fanfiction I have read in a long time. The characters are on point and I can't wait to see where it's going
4/1/2017 c4 1Flickerflame8
Cordy and Doyle are so cute with you! I wish he'd survived in the actual show.
3/31/2017 c4 m
so interested to see where you go with Doyle's nightmares! are they somehow linked to his visions, too? will they get worse? keep it up! this is wonderful.
3/31/2017 c4 20foxxer1999
I was So happy to see another chapter of this! I cannot wait to see more!
3/27/2017 c2 Guest
Loving this! Now I have to watch the next episode before reading your next chapter!
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