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for Mistletoe

3/1/2017 c1 24Abssynthe
Hi ! Well, reading your text was similar to fulfill a dream... This, was quite unexpected. I mean, I do love Garrett and Nigelthey are my two favorites characters in the whole showbut a scene where the two kiss under a mistletoe branch, with magic involved ? It must be Christmas ! (Well you indeed posted it around Christmas, so thank you for this little gift.) I would have thought that the idea of a Garrett/Nigel scene were only a bizarre product of my mind, but it is seeminly shared with others, and I'm so happy to have found out your story. It's well written, supra cute, the idea of magic is great and not absurd at all in the way you depicted it. Thank you again for satisfying my deepest expectations when regarding a pairing from Crossing Jordan. After all, Nigel did tell "I love you" to Garrett in one episode. Cannot be ignored.

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