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10/29/2020 c41 139Stormyskies89
Love it! A little boy for Alan and Tin-Tin! Beautiful and I loved the idea of naming him Grant though naming him after Virgil would have been good too - confusing but good. Well done!
5/30/2019 c41 1akimakel
what a beautiful way to finish this story.
5/28/2019 c41 41Math Girl
Woo-hoo! :) I was betting boy, because Bow Echo picked girl for hers. Do I win a tee-shirt? ;)
Great finish, Créative Girl. And I think the labour scene went very well. Had two ceasareans, myself, so I'm equally mystified; experienced no pain, at all. :)
It was funny, Gordon waiting so long to bet, and then getting it wrong. Nice job, fun read! Can't wait for the next.

5/28/2019 c41 13Bow Echo
Perfect ending to a fantastic fic. Loved Gordon's procrastination in favour of the badgering the insider knowledge from Virg and Brains. Laughed a Tin Tin still appreciative of a good body. And who can blame her, Virgil Tracy with torso on show. Mmm mmm! Adored Grandma being welcomed as a delivery partner. And of course a sweaty Scott Tracy on his run. Lovely chapter, beautifully written and baby Tracy has the perfect name! Great work CG29. X
5/3/2019 c40 41Math Girl
Yeah, Virgil, you'll get over it. Just need the right woman in your life, and perhaps a few outings with Scott (ol' Rico-suave, over there). Lots of family and rescues'll help take the edge off, as well. A couple of years from now, you'll be laughing about all this, one arm around the REAL love of your life.
Happy ending to a great story, Créative Girl, and I'm betting "It's a..." Boy! (Because Bow Écho's was a girl.)

In anticipation,

5/2/2019 c40 13Bow Echo
What a heartwarming chapter. The way Virg and Gords kept missing each other and then their reunion...squeeee! But before that cathartic release Virgils inner turmoil darn near broke me in two. Choking back emotion a few times. But the delicately and expertly interspersed gems of comedy ... DNA, excellent T-shirt and the whole train of thought Scott needing a wingman set me on ... well just perfect! Great job CG29!
Oh and 'It's a ..' I cannot wait to find out!
4/5/2019 c39 41Math Girl
Hearts heal more slowly than bodies, sometimes. What Virgil needs most is a chance to get out and meet someone new. Maybe online?
But, yeah... comfort food definitely helps. Men often keep that stuff in unless they're engaging in sport, or drunk, unfortunately.
Brilliant update, Créative Girl!

4/3/2019 c39 13Bow Echo
Fantastic update. Gordon's forgiveness is sealed, there is no longer any anger at the forefront of his mind. Just an injured brother he loves so very much and does not want to leave. Wanted to wrap the aquanaut up into a great big hug and sooth his worries away. But ofcourse I'm not needed, he has Penny for that now! *squeals in delight*. Here's hoping Virgil makes a swift recovery. Loved every second of this beautifully written chapter. X
4/3/2019 c38 Guest
Fantastic, Penny and Gordon have made up amd he's on the mend, if only the same could be said for Virgil.
2/17/2019 c38 Bow Echo
Fantastic chapter. Beautifully written. Loved the Jeff / Scott interaction, only a parent could be immune to what I imagine was in THAT look. Scott would try anything to stay by the bedside of a brother. Gordon's nightmare gave me chills. So pleased that he got to wake to a kiss and reconciliation with Penny. Worried for Virgil though, hoping that an IV dose and the news that all is well between Penny and Gordon see him on the road to recovery. Looking forward to more of this wonderful fic. X
2/17/2019 c38 41Math Girl
Time for some major antibiotics, Brains. The big, all-at-once shot, not pills. Pneumonie can turn ugly, fast. Been there.
Glad that Penny and Gordon are back together. She's good for him. Nicely done, Créative Girl. :)

12/23/2018 c37 Elsa Jay
The back story of Penny's mum and Gordon supporting the same charity is a nice touch, in fact the whole back is lovely. Is everything about to come up roses, I hope so.
12/22/2018 c37 1akimakel
what a gripping chapter
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