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4/13/2017 c10 Chicken
Can you make a story where a random chicken jumps on the will and nico's table when they are on a date? It would be funny
4/13/2017 c10 5ThePhilosophicalNerd
"Operation Death Boy?" LOL Keep writing!
3/27/2017 c1 2Wense
Interesting concept, look forward to read more
3/8/2017 c9 accounthasbeenabandoned123
(Eats pillow to avoid screaming) I FLIPPIN' LOVE THIS.
3/6/2017 c9 5ThePhilosophicalNerd
I like it! Keep writing!
2/21/2017 c8 WizardingWhovian
Oh my gosh, they are adorable!
1/28/2017 c7 ThePhilosophicalNerd
OMG I love solangelo AUs. Keep writing!
1/28/2017 c7 WizardingWhovian
This is great! No tips from me, except to keep writing.
1/28/2017 c7 Achalia
This is really good! It's nice to see Nico being himself and everyone accepting that he's gay. I can't wait to see how the next part turns out.
1/27/2017 c6 qwergfvbhj
AAAAAHHHHHHH I read this during school and I love it! I don't think the dialogue is weird at all. Keep writing this please!
1/27/2017 c6 3NothingAtAllImportant
Oh my gods, I love this story so much!
1/27/2017 c6 3theonewhoisBEST
OMG. DID SHE JUST- I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/22/2017 c5 Guest
I really loved this chapter, hoping they develop their relationship in the next
1/20/2017 c4 moxaleine
Dam no who is that
1/20/2017 c4 theonewhoisBEST
This story is coming along great!
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