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3/19 c13 16KorevainsoLightshire
Great chapter. Unfortunate that it seems this story hasn't been updated in awhile. I do have to ask nonetheless though, why was Danny's blood Red or even Just Red? Especially considering he was in his Ghost Form, shouldn't it have been ectoplasmic Green?
12/31/2021 c13 Lexie
More please
10/23/2021 c13 9Fearmegu
when is the next chapter coming out?
10/3/2021 c13 3Wondla Master
I just realized... that fear she gets from the vision... that's Danny's fear isn't it? His fear of being found out. The thing that happened when they first touched, did it make an emotional link or something? That would be interesting to know.

This is really well written, btw, great job xD
10/2/2021 c2 Wondla Master
Ah, thank you. This is the first fic that Ive read where Danny appreciated the obvious puns in the names- and considering that that's litterally half of his fighting style... well, it's sad. So thank you for doing it.

This is written wonderfully so far, btw. xD
2/18/2020 c10 18KillgarraghForever
This is amazhang. I'm stealing your ideas for Halloween.
2/18/2020 c6 KillgarraghForever
What's sleep?
8/25/2019 c13 1MURoomie
Is this dead?
7/26/2019 c13 Amythyst Aquarius
Will you finish this story?
5/26/2019 c13 ForbiddenWitness41
Holy. Freaking. Cow. This story is AWESOME!
It makes sense that Vlad would consider other options in his obsession with Danny. It makes sense that he would use the Infi-map to test the possibility. It makes total sense that Danny would desperately try to hide his hero self from the girls since it turned out so well in Amnity Park. I love all of the character moments you had in this story and how you showed Danny's obsession affecting him and effecting others.
The only negative thing I have to say is, " DRAT! Given how long its been since you updated this it probably won't ever be finished. Especially since its flowed so well."
Hopefully yours,
t Witness t
4/24/2019 c13 1SofiPhan29
Oh oh c'mon continue! I want to see More!
12/22/2018 c13 MrMasterplan
PLEASE tell me that you plan on continuing this great story!
10/14/2018 c13 xTorchbearerx
Please continue!
9/13/2018 c13 A fan
Hi! Please keep writing this! If your not into it just imerse yourself with the two shows! I really want to keep reading you have a talent at writing and I would love to keep reading this awesome story! Thanks - a fan
8/20/2018 c13 1Miraculous Puppy
THIS CHAPTER WAS EPIC! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I wonder when they will find out about Danny. Who will VLAD send after him next? Danny needs allot of practice if he's gonna face Vlad. I wonder what's happening back at Amity, what did Clockwork do about his absence? I wonder if Sam and Tucker are lonely. Will Danny meet Princess Celestia and Princesses Luna? I wonder if Princess Luna will come to Danny in a dream to help him with his fears! Gees this comment is so freakin long!
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