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for Under the Mistletoe

12/4/2017 c1 NPC Energy
I couldn't help smiling a little when I read this. Okay, fine! A lot! I smiled a lot! Agh, so friggin' adorable!
6/26/2017 c1 2Drayonyx
great writing
3/2/2017 c1 AnimexFreakz 0.o
Cute! Hahahaha thanks for writing! I enjoyed it!
2/20/2017 c1 skdjbfsk
It's way past Christmas, but what a really cute and funny story! I love little one shots like this- you were able to display your excellent writing skills within a short word count. All around great fic.
1/19/2017 c1 27KHLostEmpress
That was really cute!
1/5/2017 c1 Moon Stone Tiger Lily
that was cute!
1/2/2017 c1 rayneee
I loved it :D. soooo cute and fluffyGreat job!
1/1/2017 c1 7suavespanol
I love this so much. It's so cute and everyone stayed to their character and ahhh this is perfect
12/31/2016 c1 Guest
Great one-shot and a Happy New Year to you too
12/31/2016 c1 24Lmb111514
Haha, this was great! I hope to read more- like what happens next...
12/31/2016 c1 3enchantressXofsouls
So much adorable fluff! love it

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