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2/21 c12 3Charlee56
No big problems?
Have we forgotten the Weasley's? It seems as if the Terrible Trio were left silenced/somewhat restrained at the Heroes' Luncheon when last we read about them. And what about the Malfoys? Please tell me they're all dead or otherwise incapacitated!
Because if not... then they're still problems.
I just got through reading this entire story; took me the better part of a week and I loved it! I truly hope that the author continues this great tale soon!
2/10 c2 Charlee56
It's a great story But you need a beta very badly. English is obviously not your primary language. Or the common mistakes in grammar and syntax that I see wouldn't be occurring.
But for all that the plot is wonderful and the details are astounding!
2/3 c12 1GreenOtter467
Sooooo, covid is pretty much gone, will you return?
1/25 c12 3Scabbers1957
This is a awesome story, I'll add it to my alerts n favorites.
10/4/2023 c12 Books85
I had been referred to this by... I think it was etherian, but I am not sure. I have a bad habit of writing author / title on a notepad, and then when I have time to read something new, I look for the "reccs" and sometimes they are wonderful. That was the case this time. I have really enjoyed this. I have only taken short cruises, but they were definitely worth remembering. Either you have taken a world cruise or you are amazing at research!

I hope to see this finished, with the youngest Weasleys either healed or incarcerated and Mrs. Weasley getting her just desserts (and maybe some counseling?)

Thank you for writing and sharing this. I am happily off to read your murder mystery HP/DG.
9/19/2023 c12 Pegueng
Mmmm marvellous. And no worries about the hiatus, take your time. Better to write and publish what you are content with rather than churning out chapters just for the sake of it...
9/11/2023 c12 2KSIJ
just had another read of this story as I was craving a good daphne story. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it and hope you will be continuing it soon
6/11/2023 c12 Lukoshi
I have to say that while I have enjoyed many of your Harry/Daphne stories this is easily in the top 3. Thank you for your wonderful works, I hope you do get around to completing it one day. Until then I look forward to anything else you put out!
6/4/2023 c12
That is a beautiful, mostly fluffy, light-reading story.
Thank you.
I have visited some of the places they travelled and recognized a lot.
I hope, for myself, that you will come back to this story at some time.
5/30/2023 c12 Just William
Has this story been abandoned?
5/17/2023 c12 Quaziemoto
May 17, 2023
I keep rereading this story every year or so in hopes for a continuation, sofar naught!
Still I am hopeful that all this good writing will continue on?
5/19/2023 c12 notyourpapa
I hope you are feeling up to continuing this wonderful epic

We have just started traveling again, some of which we already paid for in 2018 & 2019. The credits have to be used this year. It’s bunching up all of these trips that’s an issue, also prices have more than slightly increase.

I really enjoy your descriptions of the cities and activities of your characters. I hope you and your family are well and your muse looks in on you again.

I really enjoy your stories thank so much
4/18/2023 c2 HeartsGlow
what is a sun island? I tried to look it up, and there is nothing.
2/9/2023 c2 scotty26
Probably this review is early but I think I’m sold on this story so I will continue on but first I have to Star Metroid primeRemastered version before I go to bed
2/9/2023 c1 scotty26
Well this chapter felt like a novel of sort and while reading it it felt like I was reading a soap opera. Just certain things bu that’s ok…it has peak my interest to say the least…. very rarely do I find a story from a first person perspective that is actually quite well done. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a story that is from a first person perspective that is just shock full of detail. Th way you writing the relationship is one of the reasons why I’m loving the Harry/Daphne dynamic. It’s simple and sweet.
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