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for From Southampton to New York and Beyond

10/26/2022 c12 counter12
I loved this story's beginning and how their relationship developed. Still so much to explore in this story! Hope you'll update one day
10/8/2022 c6 3Bogli
I don't know how, but this story has had the most relatable content in an unusual way. I've been travelling the world since i was 12, and except Australia and New Zealand I've visited these places. I know about trying to walk in Vietnam, it really is that chaotic.
9/26/2022 c5 counter12
Amazing how detailed you were about Hong Kong
9/26/2022 c4 counter12
Omg how could it turn like this... no
9/22/2022 c3 counter12
Just cuteness.
I hope you update this and marry you soon I absolutely love both and have seriously read each about 8 or so times.
8/25/2022 c11 Elly
"There is no health insurance, unless you're at Hogwarts and the school will provide for that, or an employee of the Ministry; we have no retirement funds, and no provisions for widows and orphans."

There's no health insurance in England, and Hermione would have an NHS number. Plus she has the ability to negotiate the muggle world, and at worst finagle the paperwork get a government pension (not retirement). Or be on benefits. You're thinking by American standards and terminology here, the phrase "health insurance" sorta grates me
8/23/2022 c12 Stratre
hey great chapter i loved reading it
i hope you come back to this soon and are in the mood to keep working on it i think its my fav story of yours thanks for writing cant wait for more
7/27/2022 c2 arata7kasuga
Why bother with a haircut if you can literally make your hair into whatever style you need or want with your own abilities?
7/21/2022 c12 efachepis97
Thank you very much for a wonderful story, as always I enjoyed it a lot.
While I completely understand, condone and even encourage your homicidal tendencies (as long as they're confined to the written page, of course), I do hope you'll find the will to return to this story at some point in the future.
7/17/2022 c11 JimSilver
Will Harry adopt hermine as his sister? What about her baby? Oh I’m so worried!
7/17/2022 c12 JimSilver
So beautiful! Would love to see the Weasley dealt with, the wizamgamott sorted and a blissful slice of life for Harry and daphne as they teach and support herminoe and have their own children!
6/28/2022 c11 8daled73
Not sure if this will post of if I reviewed previously. The world is getting brighter and people are breathing freer (except I admit in the Ukraine). There are problems ahead, negotiations with Neville, resolution to the toxic weasels, and deatheaters and braindead 'Mote members. By now you should have killed of the poor character, so how about some happier writing for your fans, OK?
5/27/2022 c2 30Sparky She-Demon
Loving this story!
5/17/2022 c12 1kyuubi ruler of all bijuu
Love the story so far
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