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for From Southampton to New York and Beyond

1/23/2020 c1 K
I have read the first eleven chapters, and have to say that I admire your excellent imagination. I do hope that you continue the story to its conclusion, as it is well worth that effort.
I could quibble with the odd spelling mistake and use of apostrophes used incorrectly, but the few little things like that would be sorted out if it were going to be published professionally, so I am not going to harp on about them. An excellent effort - so far! Please, please do continue it!
1/25/2020 c11 Dogco94
Glad you continued this. One of my favorite stories!
1/23/2020 c11 Raymondjay41
So thankful to see your continued writing of the storyline!
As I’ve said before with MoC , your are a brilliant story teller with your writing. I truly enjoyed this last chapter. Honestly can’t wIt to see what happens
1/23/2020 c11 2trekkifulron
This is a fun story. Thanks for the update.
1/22/2020 c11 WildOnionTops
Glad you continuing with another of the stories I suggested. Nice background information.
1/22/2020 c11 cameron1812
Oh I love this story so muchit speaks to me! getting an update is heavenly! Thank you for sharing your work with us and for coming back to this work! Yayayay!
1/22/2020 c11 4Davinius Gerard Fogg
Well done! I follow all your stories. I have had this one sitting hoping for an update. Enjoying your Harry/Daphne stories immensely. This one in particular has spawned two ideas for Harry and Daphne stories from me. One will be a short-ish 10 to 12 chapter story, the second will be considerably longer, a Hogwarts era story over JKR books 4 to 7 and beyond.. Only got ideas for them at the moment with a few scribbles written down, a very brief structure for the longer story in particular. It will be a while before I get them on ff as i have two stories ongoing atm so need to concentrate on those.

Thanks for your writing. It's great

Regards David
1/19/2020 c11 Thegriz
Thank you very much for the update. I've loved this story from day one. And have no Idea how you'll end it. With ever chapter I see new plots lines that can start new stories or add several chapters to this one.
I miss out on who RL is. But their very lucky to have you as a friend that put's them first.
This past June I lost my best friend of 44 years. I wish you and RL that and more.
Looking forward to your next post on any of your stories: But this is number 1 for me.
1/21/2020 c11 BMS
Thanks for updating.
1/21/2020 c11 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! That last bit was too funny! Can't blame Harry though. Dealing with friends and family can be quite entertaining. One question - shouldn't the Ministry be taking care of Frank and Alice since they were both Aurors? Love the rich detail of the story. The scenes at Grenian House were very touching. I like how Harry is comforting Daphne and helping her. Great job!
1/21/2020 c11 hunzbookwyrm
Great story hope to see more from you soon.
1/20/2020 c6 28WitandAmbition
Well this is quite different from your other stories!

I can honestly see Ginny using a Love Potion on Harry. Just enough that he notices her, and his symptoms aren't that extreme.
(Side note: JKR made it so easy to tear this pairing apart. That's an effect of bad writing and introducing Rape Potions in the same book Harry supposedly meets his One True Love, and showing Molly being very blase about them earlier in the series.)

I don't think Ron used one on Hermione, though, at least in canon itself. They fight too much for a Love Potion to be in effect. The development of their relationship is just bad writing again. Done well, it can actually work unlike Harry and Ginny. He also did help Harry, when JKR wasn't ruining character development for the sake of the plot. I hope he gets a tiny redemption.

Also I'm laughing at each letter from Hermione and Ginny. They're just so ridiculous!
1/20/2020 c11 LBII
Great work! Thank you
1/20/2020 c11 Ronin Kenshin
awesomeness had to reread after so long almost forgot how much I like this fic definitely an all time favorite great work
1/20/2020 c11 11Gabriel Herrol
I'm quite happy to see an update for this story. The whole visiting the destroyed Greengrass mansion was quite sad. It also show that everyone has their personal tragedies. But is working with Magical Britain's archaic and corrupt system really the best way to go? It's that system that led to both Blood Wars after all. Shouldn't it be easier to just torn it all down and rebuild anew?
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