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for From Southampton to New York and Beyond

5/15 c3 cravingsforthesoul
Can I just say that, harry is a bit meek to Tracey Davis in this chapter. He should have handled her like he handled dawlish.
5/13 c12 1blcoachmac
Yes, you have got to finish this!
5/13 c3 blcoachmac
All that needed to be said! Of course there is going to be drama later!
5/13 c2 blcoachmac
4/21 c12 Raptiko
This story was great, it's one of the best Haphne fics there is. Even if you don't continue, I would say that it ended in a good note and it's not hard to imagine how things would develop. So thanks for the great story.
4/20 c12 5flame55
This is great can’t wait for more
4/12 c12 2Specky Clarke
Dorothea, I really do hope that you can find it in you to finish this story. Although it is not my usual type of story I have enjoyed reading it a lot, you are a very good author. Dave.
4/11 c12 2KuKu for CoCo Puffs
I really enjoyed this!
2/24 c12 Hedwig68
Truly Beautiful Story, Looking forward to future updates.
Understand your frustration.
2/21 c4 Chryseum
So Harry acts like an idiot and Daphne takes it way too hard, it's sad how you made such a cliche for romance novels even when it didn't feel right.
2/8 c12 211GryffindorTom
Great fic. just a little note (as i am a bit of a train nerd), at the time of this chapter being set, the CTRL/HS1 (Channel Tunnel Rail Link/High Speed 1) had not been finished so E* trains would have gone into Waterloo International (the only way to approach St Pancras would have been via a tour of West London or via the Thameslink 2000 project with a reversal at Kentish Town or West Hampstead)
2/3 c1 the-unimaginative-idiot
Why HP never used warming charms in this chapter Is anyone’s guess
1/22 c12 ElementalMaster16
This is a lovely story, I really enjoyed reading about the light-hearted adventures of the couple and I really look forward to reading about more of them.

Please update soon
1/15 c12 John Stepp
Very good; and a stealth cross over too (I see you like mysteries). I hope I live long enough to read this (I'm old) no pressure.
Be safe.
1/7 c12 K
Brilliant story. I do hope that you manage to continue/complete this story, it is far too good to leave at this point indefinitely. Yes, things are very unsure and vexing, but the world needs some lightness, and the arts, writing included, and definitely your contributions, are one way of helping lightness to emerge.
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