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11/28/2021 c9 2Cario Regun
not telling the real father about a child? that is awful, plus the redhead trait is strong is going to be obvious!
11/6/2021 c12 Raevl
Thank you for a wonderful story, well written. Please do not wait too long to continue your wonderful stories.
11/5/2021 c12 antiginnyharry
I have just reread this story for the second time. I do hope you eventually come back and finish it.
10/8/2021 c1 kblankenship1025
‘s . I think you were putting the name of the hospital. It desperately needs fixed. Find function ‘s you’ll see
9/11/2021 c12 varian
thanks so much dorothea i love all your stories and look forward to your future updates
9/9/2021 c1 Star Boy
I'm a great fan of your work. I particularly love this gives and also Marry You. So I hope you can continue and complete them for us your fans. KUDOS
8/8/2021 c1 IndraUchihaOtsu
"My housemates had always taken my side, too, without asking. None of the other Slytherins outside of Malfoy's small circle of cronies had ever actively harassed me, so I learned to give them the benefit of the doubt."
Second year - only Hermione, Ron and the twins weren't afraid of Harry
fourth year - only Hermione who supported harry
8/2/2021 c12 6Slytherin7Piece
I've just recently reread this story again and it is one of your best works in my opinion. I am hoping you pick this story back up again. You have a lot of skill in writing and the story was just fun to read.
7/26/2021 c12 CarolWim
Good luck to you and loads of strength and patience.
7/15/2021 c1 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
So this is another universe where everyone speaks telephatically to each other huh? I’ll be honest Fanfictions that take place in universes like these are getting kinda boring.
7/13/2021 c12 Noble Korhedron
Any chance of more, now things are calming down...?
5/31/2021 c12 MioneGreen
Every time I read this story, I am impressed with your story telling abilities. I look forward to the next installment whenever your muse for this particular alternate universe returns.

ThanksEverSoMuch for Sharing
5/31/2021 c4 MioneGreen
The saddest chapter of the whole story. I am glad Harry pulled his head out and finally went after her.

ThanksEverSoMuch for Sharing
5/31/2021 c1 MioneGreen
Rereading this fantastic story. Love the development of their relationship, first as friends and later as a couple.

ThanksEverSoMuch for Sharing
5/23/2021 c12 dschmid855
Great story I hope that you get back to it soon. :)
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