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for Coconut Trees

4/29 c1 AnaFlor
thank you again for this story. It is my reread go-to list.
4/23 c21 1Escapee2FF
read the again and just so hood. so well written honestly! wish there was more.
4/21 c19 1ajuvie
OMG Evangeline?! It's grandma from Alaska?

1/29 c21 rosehog
Loved this! I immediately reread it again. Then noticed you are the author of Alaska…one of my other favorites so I was not surprised.
1/23 c21 AGreyFantail
So many heartwarming and humorous scenes here: Coconut's cute approval of Darcy; Darcy apologising for something he may not even have done; Elizabeth trying to be sexy with Darcy's shirt. And then the glorious, sweet commitment to each other. So much love. Thank you for writing this moving story. It's one of my favourites.
1/23 c20 AGreyFantail
Elizabeth's family is ghastly. It's good that Elizabeth and Darcy are home, together.
1/23 c19 AGreyFantail
Darcy's first priority (Elizabeth!) and subsequent panic when emerging from the coma were adorable. So they both tried contacting each other and failed, but here they are on another plane, having a proper conversation. Yes!
1/23 c18 AGreyFantail
I really like how you're telling this heartaching, fraught story on the one hand while on the other filling it with details such as candy brands, visa issues in Siberia, the US term for 24-hour time, and country calling codes, making it all the more real.
1/23 c17 AGreyFantail
The feelings they're all having are entirely believable, as are the group dynamics. I'm amazed at how you can write so many people with each being relatable in some way.
1/23 c16 AGreyFantail
This was an engrossing rescue. Thank you for choosing to go with an international-cooperation effort.
1/23 c14 AGreyFantail
This. I'm not wiping my face, I'm not. Well, maybe just a little under my eyes. Maybe. This chapter was heartbreaking and poignant and tender and...well, please, let them stay together.
1/23 c13 AGreyFantail
Please, let them stay together.
1/23 c12 AGreyFantail
Seriously, you're tugging the heartstrings left and right. All that heartache and Darcy's obvious love (he's wearing the bracelet and he has the box in his luggage!), and then Kitty's shenanigans, and his statement that Elizabeth is all that matters, and the kiss, and then Darcy's question about second chances. You're truly excellent at the tugging.
1/23 c11 AGreyFantail
So beautiful! There's the hope that Sam brings, the joy in finding some checked baggage and the oh-so heartwarming story of the bracelet. But...there's the pneumonia still.
1/23 c10 AGreyFantail
Modern Wickham, Lydia and Catherine de Bourgh are true to their originals. I enjoyed the sweet moment Elizabeth and Darcy shared as they were waking up.
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