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3/22 c21 eopandabear
I really enjoyed this story but the death of the final character felt like an unnecessary sock in the gut. The dialogue was wonderful. Elizabeth’s fortitude was also a delight. Many P&P variations make her a bit milquetoast. I think there are some minor inconsistencies in timeline (takeoff and loss of radar was 1 hour but they had been in the air for 4 hours but the search was only a few hundred miles off the target?)

I had hoped for more closure for some of the characters. Perhaps this is a gentle nudge for a follow up story? Thanks for taking the time to post this.
3/16 c21 HeathMoors
I loved this! Truly. Thank you
3/15 c21 AnaFlor
Awesome story! tks for sharing
3/8 c21 NickyofOz
I really enjoyed your story! Any chance of an epilogue? Pretty please
2/24 c21 Romione2323
Omg what a story! I couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in a day and a half! please do an epilogue for this! You write so beautifully, I had an amazing time to read you beautiful writing and the meaning of the beautiful and awesome characters! I hope you will continue to such beautiful and amazing stories for us to done!
If someone sees this comment you have to read this story!
2/11 c21 1ChristineCombe
I found your story quite by accident, but on seeing it was complete, decided to wait until I'd reached the end before commenting.

First, I have to say that I don't usually go for modern variations - no reason why that I can put my finger on, I just simply prefer variations set in the same time as the original. I do that with my own variations that I write. Anyhoo, the reason I mention it is because while I don't usually like to read modern settings, I was intrigued enough by the short summary to have a look, and I was so glad it was complete because I haven't been able to stop reading. If you were to publish this book professionally, I do not doubt you could make money off of it. Seriously, it's *fantastic*!

You have pretty much every person from the original in the story in some capacity or other. Some of them are absolutely spot-on character-wise (Darcy, Dame/Lady Catherine, Lydia, Wickham), some of them were worse (Mrs. Bennet and the younger sisters), and some of them were changed but in a really interesting and believable way (Elizabeth, Charlotte, Kitty). I actually really love what you did with Elizabeth - she had OG Elizabeth's with and impertinence, but making her dyslexic and the black sheep of the family almost made her more real, you know? And the relationship with Darcy was believable in every way (though I see that she made mistakes, I side with Darcy in thinking more of the blame fell on him than her), both the good and the bad - as well as the better in their making up.

Darcy as a pediatric surgeon was a bit of a surprise, but then, I'd always imagined him secretly adoring children. Well-behaved children, at any rate (he'd probably go nuts over the Musgrove boys).

I do feel the need to point something out, a discrepancy you may not be aware of. In the beginning of the story, you gave Lei's sister the name Juan and his younger brother the name Yong. But then about a third or halfway through, you started calling the younger brother Juan. Letting you know in case you care to go back through and correct the errors.

Overall, I absolutely loved this story. Well done!
1/22 c1 Pedmisson
Lovely story. Thank you.
1/20 c21 5Elin Eriksen
Wow, thank you!
What a brilliant story, I loved it!
1/12 c21 Guest
Quite unique and very well done. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
1/6 c21 Red-Emerald
My brain couldn't fathom a modern Pride and Prejudice so I had put off reading this story of yours. But I should've known I was in the most capable of hands.

What an amazingly crafted tale! There was such depth and complexity to your characters. The detail in the events that unfold held a weight and surrealism for a situation that I couldn't even begin to imagine. And of course the beautiful way that Elizabeth and Darcy reignited their love for one another. Simply amazing. I loved it. I don't regret staying up to 5am to finish this whole story in one go. Lucky it's the weekend and who needs sleep anyway.

Thank you for sharing your creativity and stories with us, you are so gifted and it was my absolute pleasure to enjoy!
12/10/2022 c17 sosueme
Beautiful description of rescue. You've capture Elizabeth's torn feelings of extreme happiness vs overwhelming worry for Darcy. So good.
12/10/2022 c16 sosueme
That was a welcomed chapter, so well done. Poor Sam. I vote Elizabeth as queen!
12/8/2022 c21 Mpal
This was a very moving and well written story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It was also in parts terrifying. Now I am thinking if I need to learn how to build an AM transmitter, or if I should always have a small solar phone charger in my carry on since I am traveling so often. Dyslexia is a pest, especially a very acute one. I am very thankful that mine is so mild that it impacts only my speed of reading and not much else besides my atrocious spelling of course. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
12/6/2022 c2 sosueme
This is very intriguing. I've never dived into this genre before - tho I adore P&P.
12/2/2022 c1 Guest
It is completely illegal for me to have found you when i should be doing other stuff
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