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8/3/2022 c21 6Windchimed
Thank you so much for finishing this story quickly, and for sharing it with all of us. The story developed well and gripped me more and more strongly as it went. I'm pleased to see ODC get their happy ending, particularly after they went through such a struggle to get there. It was also nice to see confirmation of both Elizabeth's dyslexia and her giftedness; she deserved that validation.

On that note, thank you for showing the effects of ignored/undiagnosed learning differences. No child should have to grow up the way Elizabeth did, and I hope that others will connect to that part of your story and will learn from it.

Thank you again!
8/3/2022 c21 ExBficLover
Awesome read!
8/3/2022 c21 ashiana
Absolutely love how it all came together in the end! Thank you for giving us this amazing story xo
8/3/2022 c21 2Sydneyer
Please please write an epilogue! Another chapter! Can’t say goodbye to these two characters. I love your version of Darcy and Elizabeth! Story must go on, the three kids! Anyway thank you for writing such a fantastic story, I will miss these two “you chose me” he said. I love your characters and thanks again!
8/3/2022 c21 liysyl
Awesome ending to an awesome story I hope I see another one. Thanks again for sharing your twist.
8/3/2022 c21 1JulieToo
Such a joy to read! Very glad they received the HEA Elizabeth and Darcy deserve.

I have to admit I was frightened Darcy would not recover or would not be healthy but of course, this is fanfiction and I really shouldn't expect the poor outcome. hahaha.

Stay healthy as you possibly can.
8/3/2022 c21 jojo203
Thank you for this story. A sweet closing for ODC who have been through so much. I like how you developed Elizabeth’s character.
8/3/2022 c21 Saralee
Great story, enjoyed it immensely. Only one problem, it was too short - could have read about this Lizzy & Darcy through their next 50 years. Thank you!
8/3/2022 c21 2EmlynMara
Beautiful chapter. Loved seeing them together wrapped in their love. They’re not perfect, will never be perfect, but they each other. And interspersed with that are the new realities of their lives.
Thanks for sharing. Feel better soon.
8/3/2022 c21 JZ56
Thank you for the wonderful story! You have always been a favorite author of mine (Eos being a personal favorite) and I can’t wait to see what other stories you will write in the future! Ps. I really won’t mind an extra chapter or two about their childrenwink wink*)
8/3/2022 c21 calt02
Thank you! Enjoyed your story so much.
8/3/2022 c21 KTNCullen
Gah what a beautiful ending you’ve given our sweet couple! I’m glad she got tested and confirmed her learning disability. Now her family’s poison won’t take hold at all. And Darcy, we discover, is an adoring supportive boyfriend indeed! I know almost nothing of P & P, but I jumped into this story because I adore your words. And MAN they did not disappoint. Lovely, heartfelt, swoony, compelling, fascinating, your words are everything! Thank you! Until next time…
8/3/2022 c21 Guest
Best story ever! Congrats, and thank you! Please publish, so that we can buy it.
8/3/2022 c21 7Shanee
it's a beautiful ending for a beautiful story. thank you for taking us for the ride. I love your work.
I just had a question, I probably missed where you explained it but what happened to the other unconscious woman (with short hair if I remember clearly), when did she died ? thank you
8/3/2022 c21 FineEyesPrettyWoman
It’s a wonderful story. I’m going to miss seeing it pop up as new.
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