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1/23 c10 AGreyFantail
Modern Wickham, Lydia and Catherine de Bourgh are true to their originals. I enjoyed the sweet moment Elizabeth and Darcy shared as they were waking up.
1/23 c9 AGreyFantail
The Something Good promised in this chapter's title must be the communication between the two of them, for learning more of what has happened (in Darcy's life, and in the extent of the failure of Elizabeth's parents and family to provide any sort of love or support) really is Something Sad. I can hear Darcy's love for Elizabeth just in how he breathes her name.
1/23 c8 AGreyFantail
Oh my, the heartstrings were well and truly pulled here. So much devastation. Your writing is incredibly compelling.
1/23 c7 AGreyFantail
1/23 c5 AGreyFantail
Ouch! What a (fraught) first meeting.
1/23 c4 AGreyFantail
I like that they are dependent on each other, if only to regulate body temps!
1/23 c3 AGreyFantail
The situation they're all in is bleak and the tentative way Darcy and Elizabeth talk to each other just makes me want to know how they're ever going to overcome whatever their modern Hunsford was.
1/23 c2 AGreyFantail
Somehow, I'm cold just reading this. Not sure how that's possible! The interactions between Darcy and Elizabeth seem beset by something awful and big, yet they are pulled towards each other.
1/23 c1 AGreyFantail
I came across this story a few months into the COVID lockdown and stupidly decided not to read it as (and maybe I'm remembering this incorrectly) the story summary had something about planes not having the courtesy to land on a tropical island when crashing. You see, we had had the experience of needing to make an unscheduled landing in Fiji when flying across the Pacific. But then the summary changed (?) and you were posting regularly. So, I took the dive and I am very glad I did. Now that I've created an account, I'm trying to leave reviews for stories that have stuck by me, as a thank you.
1/22 c21 d3po
The only reason I read this is because you wrote it. (I don't follow P and P fanfics.) You must change the names and publish this because it's amazing! Truly, it's the perfect example of your talent. Seldom do I binge read anything, but I binge read this until I finished it at 3 a.m. I sighed when I reached the end because these characters - even the minor ones - captured my attention and left me wanting more. (There's no doubt I'll read it again in the near future.) Kudos.
12/11/2023 c21 HudsMarie
Absolutely fantastic. One of the best unpublished modern P&P variations I’ve read. A sincere pleasure to read this. Your writing is excellent. I would buy this book if was available. Thanks so much for sharing it.
11/22/2023 c14 Guest
Rather, Juan died in chapter 3 and death re-confirmed in Chapter 4
11/22/2023 c14 Guest
I thought Juan died in Chapter 2?
11/14/2023 c21 Katarinahayat
Прекрасная история,держала меня в напряжении все время.Надеюсь Уикхема задрал медведь(злобный смех).Мне нравится как ты описываешь близость Дарси и Элизабет,Ничего пошлого.Слияние двух душ.Спасибо что фанфик законченный,всегда печально читать и гадать о продолжении.С приветом из России, Катя
10/20/2023 c21 1Romione4evah
I loved this so much! You write so beautifully!
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