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10/9/2023 c21 bewitchedtree
I am so in love with this story! It’s incredible. Please publish it so I can buy a physical copy. It’s truly amazing! Thank you so much for writing and sharing. I have no notes! Beautiful and lovely and all the best adjectives ️
10/2/2023 c21 Guest
Oh what can I say... it was perfect.

Thank you for writing this.
9/7/2023 c21 Guest
I've just reread this story (4th time!) and I love it so much, with all the realistic details that make me feel like I'm there with the heroes, what imagination! I can't get enough of it!
9/5/2023 c21 5aalens
This story has given a most enjoyable afternoon and evening. Thank you!
9/1/2023 c21 PopcornWA
Wonderful story snd so well written. Thank you!
8/28/2023 c21 AKS1607
I’d love an epilogue or reunion with some of the survivors at their wedding. You could publish this!
8/28/2023 c20 AKS1607
Why does wealthy Darcy live in a Studio apartment?
8/28/2023 c19 AKS1607
This is so good! I’m sad to be near the end!
8/27/2023 c14 AKS1607
Oh my gosh. I see why everyone recommends this story!
8/27/2023 c10 AKS1607
I loved Dame Catherine and Lydia and Wickham are the worst.
8/27/2023 c4 AKS1607
I love how you have humor, sadness, anxiety just everything I imagine would be experienced in a plane crash.
8/19/2023 c21 Guest
Just read this for the second time. Pure magic. Best contemporary pairing I’ve read. Would love to see a future take.
8/14/2023 c21 amydieg
So beautiful. thank you
8/8/2023 c21 Lainey10
Absolutely a fantastic read. I hope one day you drop a future take of maybe a meet up or a zoom hangout of the survivers.
8/3/2023 c21 11staceyyyy
This story was so original yet you managed to keep D and E true to character. Very very good read, thank you!
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