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8/3/2023 c21 11staceyyyy
This story was so original yet you managed to keep D and E true to character. Very very good read, thank you!
7/28/2023 c21 1HBMTT
love this story. I have lost count the amount of times i have reread this. Amazing work
7/23/2023 c21 WittyLizzy
I just finished the story in one day...then proceeded to reread it entirely in one sitting. That's how good this story is so brace yourself for a long review.

First off, I thought Darcy as a neonatal surgeon was perfect. Other modern P&P stories have him as a surgeon because of the accuracy, diligence, high pay, etc. which fits his personality, but him working with neonates showcases his caring side-one that we see with Georgiana in the book. I can imagine Darcy taking charge in a situation like the plane crash, so him being a doctor made sense, even though he wasn't able to do much physically (which also made for a lot of cute interactions with Elizabeth, and I'm here for it haha). I also thought Lizzy's dyslexia and dropping out of school was a good fit, and one that I don't see very often. She's smart but in a different type of way than what others are used to, and has a career in something more people-oriented, which I think works well. It was touching to see her overcome her lack of confidence in herself, first with building the radio, and then getting tested and learning how to better cope.

Given that the story title is "Coconut Trees," I did expect the plane crash to be somewhere warmer. But as I'm from a cold environment myself, I think it added some realism (aka they didn't land on a deserted island which coincidentally had all the necessary supplies) and made the interactions between characters more interesting, since they couldn't really leave the plane.

Normally I don't like stories where Lizzy and Darcy are together, break up, and then come back. Often the reason why they break up is childish and annoying. That was the exact opposite case here. It made sense with the story, and they needed some independent growth before they'd work well as a couple. I will say, it was a bit confusing for me to figure out the time jumps on a first reading, but it worked well to reveal bits and pieces about their past relationship as the story progressed.

I really liked Kitty's character in the story, especially regarding her relationship with Elizabeth. She has all of cannon's good qualities without being under the influence of Lydia. While of course I would have preferred a plane ride without Wickham, Lydia, Mr. Collins, or Lady Catherine, they all added to the story. Wickham and Lydia running off was pretty funny-I still don't understand why they'd do it, given how far away from civilization they were. But hey nobody really missed them and it served them right for stealing food rations. A silent Mr. Collins was amazing, especially as it was Kitty who slapped him into submission. Lady Catherine was an all-around funny character, and I loved how she quickly shifted from one opinion to the other. (Like thinking herself incapable of getting frostbite, and then wanting to get away on the first rescue helicopter when space was limited.)

I'm not super well-versed in medical knowledge, but I do have an EMT certification, and I'll say that from what I understood, the medical stuff was pretty accurate. Yes, there is a certain way you're supposed to handle a mass-casualty incident, and they didn't *precisely* follow it, but they got pretty darn close and the triaging seemed effective. Poor Darcy, being sick the entire time, but definitely in character for him to insist on helping whenever he could. It was a nice little touch that the baby was named after him.

Overall, the little details in plot points and characters seemed well thought-out, as if all of this was in some way part of your personal experience. Either that or you did your research really, really well. There's a lot more I could probably say about this story since I enjoyed basically all of it (though I definitely felt the angst), but I think that covers most of my main comments. I look forward to reading any other P&P fanfics if you choose to keep writing.
7/20/2023 c1 DimmDimms
Just rereading everything while anticipating Scheduled for Friday. Is this a little Easter egg for Alaska? Evangeline Edward’s Grandma? Posting here because I had left a review for chapter 16 already!
7/11/2023 c21 LoneFan
Who would have thought such a horrible setting could work out so well and include so many other aspects of life?
Brilliant plot, great dialogue, amazing level of details, interesting OC’s, and surprising twists to all the usual suspects. Thanks for sharing and hope you’ll do many more stories! Maybe a sequel with a set of twins 1 to reach 3 before 29? ;-)
7/5/2023 c21 Guest
Thank you for this lovely story! I wish I had found it earlier, but now was a good time too.
7/2/2023 c21 Guest
I've just reread this story, for the third time at least, and I'm still enjoying it immensely: anguish, adventure, resourcefulness, human relationships, romance, and so on, all combine to make this one of my favourites.
6/14/2023 c21 Vickety
Thank you!
6/14/2023 c21 Alex Maria1
Oh! *sigh of happiness*
I don't usually like modern Pride and Prejudice stories. I still think that the Regency England is part of Jane Austen's work's beauty and charm. I don't like it when authors write using the names and some odd personalities meant to remind of the canon, and nothing else.
But THIS! This is absolutely on my 3-title-list of modern variations that I adore and will definitely enjoy reading again and again.
Everything I have wished for is here: masterful writing and great plot. The perfect combination for a successful story, in my opinion.
First, about the writing. You, sir, have a rare talent of using words in a way that makes the reader live side by side with the characters. How I laughed and smiled through the last chapter! And I swear tears gathered in my eyes when I reached the part describing Elizabeth's heartbreak and the part where Elizabeth and Darcy discussed his will and contemplated the possibility of him losing his life! And of course, I REALLY wanted to smash Darcy's head when I read his first insult to Elizabeth! And to smash Caroline's head, but there is nothing new there, anyway. (although the famous first insult is a must of every Pride and Prejudice story, your approach is quite unique. No way Darcy could insult her looks, but a real disability of Elizabeth's *eye roll*). Besides, I appreciated very much that I did not find a single spelling or grammar mistake in almost 90k words! The dedication and efforts were considerable, I liked that.
Second, about the plot.
How beautiful the characters were portrayed! I have read about a deaf, a blind or an infirm Elizabeth before, but never about a dyslexic one! I loved it. To my shame, I realised her disability at the same time as Darcy. Before that, I really could not understand why Elizabeth failed so much. You made her quite unique. Other traits I recognised from canon: pride, stubbornness, courage and compassion.
Darcy. Well, it was quite a surprise to read about him as a neonatal surgeon, and wonderful, too. The famous pride and stupidity, of course, could not fail to make an appearance! I agree that Elizabeth had her share of blame in their arguments and breakup, but I still think that Darcy was much more responsible for how they suffered. Although he was ill, he still did everything he could to help all the survivors. I liked the relationship between Darcy's mother and Elizabeth!
I hated Elizabeth's family. In the canon they were mostly stupid, but here! Downright cruel! They should have supported and helped Elizabeth, not make her feel like a failure. Although Elizabeth tends to think that Jane should not blame herself for how they treated her, I certainly agree with Jane's point of view. Jane was kind of selfish because she did not try to side with her sister and to help her feel more accepted. But even after they found out about what Elizabeth herself did to save the survivors, they still did not believe her or felt pride in her success! Unbelievable!
The other survivors, a group of very different people brought together by disaster. Very interesting point, indeed! I liked how complementary they were, despite their language, culture and personality barriers. I liked the inclusion of a same-gender relationship, although I must admit I'm not a huge fan of them. I was sad that Sam did not make peace with Elizabeth, I understand his point of view, of course, but still, she made great efforts to save him...
After extolling so many of the story's good parts, I will speak a little about the less good parts, too. There were minor inconsistances, like names, or the time, but I fell they did not diminish my enjoyment.
Also, I would have liked to read more about Darcy's feelings and reaction when he found out the truth about Elizabeth's 'cheating'. I think Elizabeth's emotions and reactions were much more at length described than his...
I would have also liked to read more about Caroline's punishment when Darcy, Jane and Bingley discovered her betrayal, I think she deserved much worse than she got. Moreover, I would have loved an extended scene when Caroline saw Darcy and Elizabeth together, again, after their rescue. But these are more to satisfy my sense of vindication than anything else.
It would have given me much pleasure to read more about what happened to Lydia and Wickham, they deserved a terrible fate.
All in all, a book I heartily recommend, I loved it! Thank you for this amazing work!
6/12/2023 c14 2Hamptonator365
God, the depth of emotion in your writing. You can just feel the heartbreak of these characters. How are you not a published writer? You should consider publishing to Amazon at least. The JAFF community is quite large and I’d love this one for my permanent collection. Such a great story!
3/22/2023 c21 eopandabear
I really enjoyed this story but the death of the final character felt like an unnecessary sock in the gut. The dialogue was wonderful. Elizabeth’s fortitude was also a delight. Many P&P variations make her a bit milquetoast. I think there are some minor inconsistencies in timeline (takeoff and loss of radar was 1 hour but they had been in the air for 4 hours but the search was only a few hundred miles off the target?)

I had hoped for more closure for some of the characters. Perhaps this is a gentle nudge for a follow up story? Thanks for taking the time to post this.
3/16/2023 c21 HeathMoors
I loved this! Truly. Thank you
3/15/2023 c21 AnaFlor
Awesome story! tks for sharing
3/8/2023 c21 NickyofOz
I really enjoyed your story! Any chance of an epilogue? Pretty please
2/24/2023 c21 Romione2323
Omg what a story! I couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in a day and a half! please do an epilogue for this! You write so beautifully, I had an amazing time to read you beautiful writing and the meaning of the beautiful and awesome characters! I hope you will continue to such beautiful and amazing stories for us to done!
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