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5/1 c61 Camaz
Hi ! Your story is really good ! Actually, It s difficult to find french stories that I like or even in english for DGM and who haven't with a lot of clichésI really enjoy your work..

Bonne continuation !
Good AfternoonSorry for my english
3/10 c59 astra
I love the siblings relationship, aw lena
11/3/2019 c56 4jadasimone16
Choaji, just... shut up. Please. You annoyed me enough in canon already.
11/3/2019 c56 Guest
The character i hate the most is Chaoji, since the moment his character showed up in the series. Can't believe it, i hate him so much. I salute Richie for standing up for our baby boy
11/3/2019 c56 alexc1209
A shout out to our girl for standing up to my least favorite character next to the guy who looks like Hitler (since his name is a bit hard to spell). Either way, Chaoji really crossed the line when he slapped Richie.
9/11/2019 c54 Inpras Lartel
I want to say this for a long time but Allen and Richelle feel like the real sibling. I mean yes, Richie has sibling relation with others too but not as close as Allen’s.

Maybe she wasn’t serious at first as she thought everyone is family but as time passed, I feel like it is more than that for both of them. How she care for him, support him, and always be by his side. Well, I have an idea that Richie was past allen’s real sister. (Past allen in manga) Maybe it is me thinking too much but I feel like Richie has sth to do with things 35 years ago. In some relation.
Also, how the two of them both have strange colour of hairs and innocence involving an arm ( This part is really whole imagination things)
Aside from those, thank you so much for bringing this character to life and create this fantastic story.
8/11/2019 c53 alexc1209
It’s official, the 14th is awake and all hell has broken loose, literally.
8/4/2019 c52 alexc1209
By the end, we all know where this will lead.
7/13/2019 c51 alexc1209
Man, this is a lot to take in. Also, how in the world can Richie communicate with the Earl telepathically? By now, she's confused why he desperately wants the 14th back, especially since he betrayed the Noah years ago and got killed for it. Even though he murdered Neah, it's obvious the Earl has regretted it for years. Something only us the audience knows.
6/2/2019 c50 2Maistyria
This has been a very interesting story... it's been so long since I thought of -man again and this story kind of took me back to when I first started the manga and anime. It has been fun~ I really want to see how you will continue and develop Richie's character... and I really like her relationship with Kanda. The pairing has been fun... and that scene of the almost kiss ... super cute. I look forward to their relationship in the future and, honestly, I like that you are building it slowly and they didn't just jump right into being lovers. Much more realistic I look forward to reading more, so please keep up the amazing work. Cheers!
6/2/2019 c50 alexc1209
It’s official, shit has just gotten real.
5/5/2019 c49 alexc1209
I’m at a point where my heart actually breaks for Kanda. It’s obvious the second exorcist project must have been hell.
4/11/2019 c4 Nina3KPop
I'm really surprised that you don't have more reviews. I really like this story already and I'm not even that far in yet
4/10/2019 c48 Cam
hello !

Their story is so sad ... Even the "good side" is bad after all .
I think you did it right for the third person perspective , I've been a little confused but i'm not a english so I think it's normal haha

byye !
12/9/2018 c44 Erzatscarlett
What an epic chapter. I had a feeling that Rosemary was related to Richie
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