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for Naruto: The Uchiha Chronicles

11/26 c40 304th'sMan
What an awesome story so far!
11/24 c40 Rodo22
Well congrats. You ruined your Naruto
11/17 c40 Racan
Nice chapter
11/17 c40 Roswelll
big reveal
11/16 c35 Roswelll
11/16 c31 Roswelll
love the story
11/16 c27 Roswelll
found this fic last night, it was amazing!
11/16 c12 1Godrune
sonbonzakura absolutely love it, it is a great power suiting magnet release, can't wait for the bankai
11/16 c12 Godrune
man never did I think I would see madara as a maid
11/15 c7 Godrune
when did madara become so cool
11/15 c40 Golden Wind God
loved it bro
11/15 c4 lucavento
Naruto was actually a Genius in Canon, it’s just that no one ever taught him anything when they do he get it down in record time. Tree walking took him the same time as Sasuke a prodigy with less chakra than Naruto, Rasengan and Sage mode all things he learns at a fraction of the time of other characters. He was not untalented he was just neglected.
11/15 c40 DragoFae24
I dont mind some angst here and there, but dont drag it out for too long. I understand why shes angry(i was too when someone close did similar to me) but eventually she should be glad shes no longer alone, and that i think would supercede any personal feelings at that point, but then again maybe not. The curse of hatred is a powerful thing. Good chapter overall, i like the pace and the buildup to the exam finals.
11/15 c40 smokeapound
ya the whole thing with it being ok that sakura messed with the headstone of his grandfather and grandmother, IS BULLSHIT
11/15 c40 Josh Lancaster
I certainly hope that sasuki forgives Naruto for hiding what he did, can't really blame him for if the masked man knew about that the consequences would be dire and Sasuki truly would've been alone.
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