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for Naruto: The Uchiha Chronicles

10/13 c22 Brehze
This story has so much potential and I can’t wait tbh, like the fact naruto could see with his grandfather in the 4th war but idk how it’ll turn out since madara was nice but does that mean obito still pretends to be madara idk and the suspense is killing me. Cant wait for the next chalter
10/3 c22 The Light Hunter
This story is quite good, one thing I don't like is how out of character Madara is. The rest is fine though.
10/3 c22 Trjktakta345
I like this story as it very fun and exciting
10/1 c22 Golden Wind God
good chapter
10/1 c1 ThreeKerr
this is a good story, but it the pacing is just lackluster; takes too much time
10/1 c22 PoetSamurai
For some reason, the quality of this chapter is extremely good. Like...don't get me wrong, action is action, but after a while it's like jangling a bunch of keys in someone's face.

This was nice character development, and made me think of some great slice of life anime. That's really tough for something like the Naruto universe, cause their filler just does not give the same vibes.

Great work!
9/17 c15 Meh
Wish this story wasn't so cringe. If there were any decent naruto/femsasuke fics out there, I would drop this in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that is not the csse

The dialog is the worst part. Majority of the speaking patterns just come off as childish, especially from naruto
9/14 c21 2Shae Quen
9/10 c13 Guest
Ninesey? Fucking cringe dude
9/11 c21 Darkanaklusmos70
Nice story
9/8 c21 Shae Quen
9/6 c21 2Xerzo LotCN
Well ive read this now
Im pretty sure i read the original of this or the original of this version
It had a younger naruto as in still in a orphanage starting training not a naruto in his first year
I think i really enjoyed that one this one was good though but earlier training been nice

I really hope the pairing in harem (or i guess poly if you make sasuki bi) not just solo naru x fem sas
(but at least it isnt forced yaoi or abo male preg id make further comments but some might get offended while i dont care meh)
9/3 c21 ViRuss
Fantastic history
9/3 c5 dbtiger63
Madara Uchiha was a complete almost perfect shinobi. Why would he focus only on chakra control when physical training is equally important? No taijutsu training after a year? Anyone would change for the better with proper training why not Naruto? Doesn’t make sense.

9/3 c4 dbtiger63
There is a difference between not a good student and an idiot. After months with MU, he should be better. Madara wouldn’t let him flounder especially knowing no else is helping him. Grandfathers wouldn’t take that approach; he’d guide him to think about what he does and why he needs to do it. He would teach what a real shinobi is and remove the fairytale thoughts he hears from him; being a jinchuriki, no way he just let him flounder. So is he an idiot or not? Neglected, no doubt! But with direct training from a super shinobi, he’d learn much faster. Not just in skills but behavior as well. He’d definitely teach him to use his Sharingan as a tool.

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