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for Naruto: The Uchiha Chronicles

5/15 c58 Roswelll
Love it as always!
5/15 c58 spehain
W chap
5/14 c58 Alexander4443
Good chapter
5/14 c58 4greymatter1098
Finally! Thank you!
5/2 c57 Jhillman
next chapter soon? also what’s the update schedule?
4/25 c44 uHtagqaPp7153gaa
Naruto in Canon getting his chakra sealed off by orochimaru,Naruto with little to no training by kakashi and stll capable defeating kiba on his own.

Your naruto version literally have Sharingan,Magnet Release,trained by madara himself for several years,received complete training by Kakashi,Have elemental training and still need kyuubi chakra to defeat kiba?

Just saying that the power scaling here kinda messed up a lil bit. You unintentionally making This Naruto even weaker than his canon counterpart even with all training/power up he got here.

Anyway other than that,Your story enjoyable tho
4/6 c57 PsychoStorys
I swear this would be such a good story if you focused more and actually writing it instead of typing every single one of your patreon's names at the end.
Short and lacking detailboring
4/3 c57 amavgupta0
Naruto is the coward, itachi was literally 14yr old, how much burden does naruto think he can handle, the little shit wasn't able to decide to tell his own little secret of being uchiha with satsuki and just thinks that the one giving orders can just be killed and their would be no consequences and we all know hiruzen knew danzo ordered the massacre and he did nothing about it and we also know he was sus before hand and he also couldn't do anything because no proof so that little shit motherfucker who an't decide the little things in life has no right to be disgusted with itachi who had so much burden on his shoulders, was also 1yr older than him, had his sister threatened, had only very few ways to protect her and mikoto was not innocent, she was in agreement for the civil war with fugaku or I think she would have left fugaku, she's not innocent at all and also many of the uchihas were killed by obito, not itachi and he also killed all the uchihas because he doesn't want other uchihas who are left to be hateful and destroy the village like with what happend with sasuke in the show and also an order or else he would have atleast spared the children. naruto can go fuck himself, this naruto is so bad hating on itachi, fucker doesn't know shit about life, the shit actually thinks some guy will just agree to kill his own kin and parents just to stop a civil war and not have any other reasons also, they tried the peaceful method for yrs and didn't work that's why they took desperate measures because if the civil war would have started leaf village will have almost destroyed themselves as they were still weak from the kyuubi attack and other villages would have completed the job after that and little shit should also know that the uchihas were actually planning to use him to overtake the village because he had the nine tails, fugaku himself said that he would control the nine tails and wreak havoc on the village.
4/1 c57 rizzler
skibidi ohio rizz
4/3 c57 arata7kasuga
more chakra than naruto? i know hes called the tailless biju but naruto has one lol..
4/3 c1 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Rinne Rebirth not work because she isn't dead yet, there nothing to revive.
3/31 c56 Guest
Need the next part
4/2 c57 Alexander4443
Good chapter
4/2 c57 Roswelll
Love it!
4/2 c57 marioluciosemedo
That's it? Please don't let it be all. We've been waiting for so long and you deliver a intro/prologue/omake size chapter.
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