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for Kidnapping Erza

4/18/2022 c27 HawwyPawtter
1/22/2022 c27 Jelsie Sucker
I'm so happy I always come back to this story. From beginning until the end, the same feeling when I read this a few years back (dang it's already 2022!) and it's still the same excitement and joy. Truthfully speaking, this has became my safe space when the world around us is in some sort of chaos. I reviewed it last time with technicality and such, but now I realized that it's became emotionally attached to me. It's true that an amazingly written story is not just about construction (well, it do wonders but not wholly), it's also about the emotions it instills to the readers. ;))
1/17/2022 c27 Guest
This is an absolute joy to read. I've found myself returning to this story time and time again because the utter care you put into everything is so abundantly clear, and it made your writing so enjoyable and magical. Everything, every twist and turn and heartwrenching drop and singing lift, was exciting to read. Your Jellal was funny and charming, and every single member of your cast felt so loved and well written that I loved them too. And of course, I'm so glad Jellal could find Erza, though of course your story had so many other parts to it that were just as important, if not more. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Thank you for this wonderful story.
12/25/2021 c27 Fireblem
I read this three years ago and have come back to read it a second time and let me tell you, this is just as good (maybe even better) as I remember. The amount of work and planninh you put into this is so clear and amazing. The way you were able to accomplish those three goals you mentioned while still keeping a logical flow to the story is what makes this my favourite Fairy tail fic. Plus the character development was so great! I love that Jellal never stopped being arrogant and self assured but rather grew and developed with these traits.

I do wonder though, do you ever plan on writing a sequel? Perhaps one that would include some more of the canon arcs.(Grand magic games, The whole future Lucy arc, etc) If so I would definitely be back to absolutely binge it multiple times like I did with this fic lol. Thank you for this amazing fic, it was a fun ride and I can't wait for whatever you decide to do next!
11/9/2021 c27 Fairylover
I love itttttr! Literally the best i have read so far
9/11/2021 c27 Guest
3 you are an amazing writer, and thank you for bringing this story to life. This Jellal will live on in my memory forever!
9/11/2021 c26 Guest
Levy really MVPed here, and BOY TELEKINETIC CAGE sounds super neat
9/11/2021 c25 Guest
I love endings like these:D
9/11/2021 c24 Guest
Epic Mystogun
9/11/2021 c23 Guest

Erza, beat him up!
9/10/2021 c21 Guest
Love love loved it XD bathroom fight!
9/10/2021 c20 Guest
that ending ;’]
9/10/2021 c18 Guest
At last, the final member
9/10/2021 c17 Guest
Natsu almost got another win over..he tried
9/9/2021 c16 Guest
Lol don’t want to get stuck with Natsu, I got it afterwards..moving transport

Jet skis at resorts, nifty!
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