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2/27/2017 c3 KiT72
Well written and oh-so-fluffy! Your portrayal of Kenshin's thoughts were pretty spot on. He's such a great guy but his feelings of unworthiness gets in the way. He's been through so much. :( Anyway, it was a nice welcome back to the fandom. :) Hope to see more from you. Keep writing! :)
1/22/2017 c3 7J Luc Pitard
I liked the way you should their hesitation and human foibles. If this is post Enishi, though, I'm surprised that all the tremendous emotions Kenshin went through when he believed her dead wasn't addressed. Still, a very beautiful little story of how Yahiko and Megumi's teasing could lead to Kenshin confessing his love and how very beautiful he thinks she is. (Oh! Also wondered if she wouldn't yell the line about having been the "rose of kendo" when she was so stressed. That line always made me laugh in the manga.)
1/17/2017 c2 13Ender Mahe
For example, Kenshin's thinking "you're an idiot" was a little jarring. And Kenshin didn't seem particularly mature, though that's a really hard call to make. He's deliberately set up as over-mature in terms of violence/experience, and under-mature in terms of emotional development and interpersonal relationships so that he's relatable, and where he'd fall in terms of romantic relationships is anyone's guess.

Overall, this was a really good story! The pacing was good, it had a nice arc to it, good character development not just of individuals but of the relationship, and a good ending. Very nice work!
1/17/2017 c3 Ender Mahe
I like it! The last line, particularly, was a great point to end on. The awkwardness, and deliberately not turning it into a "and it was all perfect," especially with the kiss, was very good. The writing style itself could use a little work, but that's how it is with everyone's first work. In fact, I make a point to NEVER share some of my earlier stuff shudder. A couple of things to consider moving forward.

First, because feelings are so personal, it's easy to try to spell them out a little too much. This works when you're in character, but is jarring and takes away from the story when it's done by the narrator. For example, in chapter one, "although Kaoru was not, by nature, a pessimistic person..." or in chapter two "Yahiko's surprisingly well-developed sense of guilt." Showing it is always more effective than saying it, and you've already done a fairly good job of saying it (plus, in fan fiction, you can usually get away with assuming the audience is at least marginally familiar with the character).

Some of the sentence structure, especially in the first chapter, is a little too deliberate; compound sentences are okay! (see what I did there?)

Sometimes it's unclear when you're switching perspective between characters. While switching constantly between them can be done, it's tricky to pull off, mostly because it can get confusing very easily. That comes in part because it makes it hard to tell when the narrator is objective and when it's the voice of one of the characters.

You did a really good job of making Kaoru's and Kenshin's inner voices distinct, though every once in a while they would say something that would seem to fit the other better.
1/16/2017 c3 Sweetishcross
thanks for this update! it's exactly what was missing
1/15/2017 c3 3KaoruKamiya307
Thank you for updating the ending! A much better way to end the story! :)
1/11/2017 c3 KureNo11
Hugging her before leaving to Kyoto, touching her shoulder after Kaoru's confession, and holding her hand after visiting Tomoe's grave had been prove that Kenshin can be so forward. Although in my opinion he prefer showed his affection in private to public. He might need time to make a decision, but he would make one eventually, with or without forces. I could say when he said 'Tadaima' for the first time after Kyoto arc, he had begun thinking about the possibilities of his and Kaoru's relationship and opening up more of himself to their make shift family members. But then Enishi came, and he was forced to tell his stories sooner than he had intended. Before Kaoru's confession, I think Kenshin had already know who's the most important person in his life, and that was Kaoru. But then Kaoru had confessed first, and Kenshin started to had courage to show his feeling as well. This is a nice story. Despite the ending seemed a bit rushed, your overall exploration of Kenshingumi character are well done!
1/11/2017 c3 Kaokenfan
Great story. This last chapter was really good. Keep going!
1/11/2017 c3 skenshingumi
Charming. I love that after tying himself in complicated knots, you had Kenshingumi go for the simple answer. I thought you did a good job in keeping everyone in character.
1/11/2017 c3 Pjean
Great! Another chapter and I hope that you development another more.

English isn't my first language and I don't know if I don't understand well. The problem is that Kaoru never was named beautiful, and Kenshin past this issue to a next level more completed. For this reason, I think this chapter was a bit rude, but is great. Also, If a were she, I'll think he did it for commitment and not for he really think that, but you explain it and Kaoru is so naive that she believed.

Thalia you for a good read!
1/11/2017 c3 17Emilia tsukino
i liked it
1/11/2017 c3 Sweetishcross
first, thank you for completing the story! this was a nice final chapter but the ending was kind of abrupt, it's like something was missing between all the insecurities and the kiss they shared. thank ou for posting this, overall it was great and i really liked it
1/11/2017 c3 9kaoruca
Nice ending. I have to say that she didn't hug him back when he left to Kyoto. And I think that the kiss was a little bit rushed and that he would have kissed her in private, in the house.
But it's my opinion and I like your story. Thanks for sharing
1/10/2017 c3 Asweetsymphony
That was a really nice read. An interesting exploration of teenage insecurity, because after all Kaoru is a teen. I always thought that Kaoru's loud personality is making up for the fact that she wants acceptance from her makeshift family because she's scared of being alone and to hide how she gets affected or feel hurt being called ugly or unfeminine. Girls will definitely recognize this defence mechanism. Sometimes, a nice angst that makes your heart ache is just what we readers want. It gives us chance to channel our own feelings and let our emotions out.

I especially like the part where you wrote that every girl would like to be called beautiful either by a parent, friend, family member or our significant other and it truly did make me sad when I realized that Kaoru wouldn't have someone like that as her Mother died young and it seemed like her Father was on the stricter side.

I know the anime has a lot of filler but I do remember that there was a painter who found her beautiful so there you go! Lols. I personally find her really pretty too. I think her drawing design is cute and she has a good fashion sense so sometimes I don't get why she's called ugly. Then again, most of the time it's Yahiko, who is still quite immature and Megumj who loves teasing her who does that.

Great Job with the story. Really made me think of RK's characterizations.
1/10/2017 c3 3starfingers
Ahhhh thank you for the fluffy ending! I love the simpleness of this story. It really highlights the fact that Kaoru is young and explosive, while Kenshin is more mature and hesitant.

A bit of critical note: like you have written on the author's note, I personally think your extrovertedness is showing through. Introverts tend to overthink stuff - and Kenshin did that in your writing! - but you might want to jumble the thinking order, as though it came from beneath his consciousness. Many of your sentences are still very in order of reasoning.

And as much as this humble fangirl love the ending kiss, it came off as a bit abrupt.

Thanks and keep on writing!
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