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for Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

6/24 c42 Mari Wollsch
supper xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6/21 c42 Brat
love you uncle jack for the pulled muscle I got from laughing for the first time in months.
6/21 c41 Duder
I can definitely see Harry jamming out to The Offspring. Alternatively I also hear A Perfect Circle's The Outsider (original and apocalypse mix just for 'medicated drama queen' line). Come to think of it that song sounds A LOT like a conversation between Harry and somenone else.
6/12 c5 JLShadowFox25
You know something’s good when you can’t stop smiling the whole time you read. God I needed this! Lol
6/9 c42 3fred2008
I almost skipped this...


Deargod, what if I continued on?! This is one of the better fics I've read! Cheers!
6/8 c42 VdG
Thanks, I quite enjoyed that.
I even found your somewhat deranged notes.
6/8 c16 1Ricee
surprised he hasn't just found a way for Sirius to be free tbh
6/8 c14 Ricee
"not good"
yeah, this Harry would probably press on and demand to know what would happen and determine if it's worth it. or gamble that since he's the 4th person that the goblet wouldn't even care if he did
6/6 c42 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
6/5 c27 Guest
Couldn't give less of a shit in regards to the pagan holiday, but Halloween is absolutely commercialized. To say otherwise is peak neo"conservatism".
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6/4 c7 VdG
Hello from a new reader, (since you were complaining about the lack of them).

But a late reader, I'm afraid. I've gotten far too frustrated about stories that stop half-way through so I tend to look for ones that have already completed. Sorry about that. :-(

Still, I'm quite enjoying this so far which ups the chances that I'll take a look at other stuff of yours.
6/3 c42 ak
bonne fic!
alors harry est devenu alcoolique ou ce n'était que cette année? :)
6/3 c42 CoolFanfictionLover
last one was outstanding hehe go mione
6/2 c27 Guest
How many b̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ guns does a man need? n 1
How many does their significant other wish they had? n0
6/2 c24 Guest
I myself am anti-gun - mostly as a non-American seeing news reports on school shoutouts etc. I understand your viewpoint, but I think that there should be some kind of measure. Do they make you show your licence when buying a gun? Something to look up if and when I travel. I figure that in a pro-gun society such as America there should be mandatory gun safety lessons within the school system or something. Restrict ammunition purchase, you can’t kill a man with rubber billets but you can ‘protect yourself and others. Does that sound stupid? Too much death in the world already, make sure everyone who gets their hands on a gun is mostly sane and well-adjusted and not likely to up and kill someone for no good reason. We’ve enough water without starting one in our backyard.
Enjoying the story, your take is refreshing but well written. It’s nice to see your little end note stories. I also find it interesting to see the views of someone both sane and pro-gun - you usually only hear about nut cases on both sides. A pleasure to read, thanks for writing, stay healthy
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