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for Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

2/6 c30 5Da Fox
Love the outsider's perspective from Draco, as well as the little revelation about his 'friends'. Looking forward to the next chapter, as always.

Hope your recovery goes well.
2/6 c30 1RexNihil
Glad to hear your surgery went well, and we won't have to change your name to Ilene.
Cause you'd...you know...lean.
Shut up, I'm funny.
Soon as you're off the fun stuff, have a drink for me!
2/6 c30 Marcus Kyle
Watch out, it begins with hip replacement and you day you wake Robocop-ed.
Take care of you while you hobble in the sunset toward new adventures.

Thanks for sharing.
2/6 c30 Marksbay
Good chapter. Take care
2/5 c30 3JohnDouglas4274
Good to hear from you again, and I like where this is going.
2/5 c30 124goddessa39
I'm glad your surgery went well. I had my wisdom teeth out years ago and got knocked out for it nicely. Woke up the next day in the couch swollen face with my dad telling me how I was zombified as fuck after waking up. You after major surgery is already doing better than me after minor surgery. Um. Get one of those toilet seats on a walker to put over your toilet at home for awhile. My dad and two of my aunt's sweetie by them after hip and knee surgery for stability. You might scoff but it also helps with toilets being short as fuck and if you're cold, achy, and half asleep it can really help.

Thanks for update, dude. Even if it was short, it was fun and I appreciate the notice that you r alive. *fist bump.
2/5 c30 28The Conquerors
A Toast to a Successful Operation.
2/5 c30 1DragonsBC
Good addition to your story. Not so sure about a rumor monger Draco but that is the opposite of what he normally is so good job there. Having Harry as a known crazy person throughout the castle the same time Moody is there may just be too much for Hogwarts to handle. Enjoy your recovery and best luck on a full one.
2/5 c30 7Jigoku no Yami
I'll raise a mug to cheer a successful operation!
And whose bed does Fluer wake up in after a night of drinking?
2/5 c30 9Dragon Man 180
I love Cedric attacking Bagman for desecrating the Pitch. Bagman was lucky it wasn't Wood there, Oliver would have gone feral beater on him and sicced every bludger he could find on the man.
2/5 c30 FenrisInside
Well this is my first review... god that sounds bad considering I’ve been on board this crazy train sense chapter 9 or some shit, so I’ll apologize for that first off. Moving on! I really like the direction your taking Draco, even if it does make me want to punch him in the nose. I’m kinda wondering if Draco will take this new path far enough that he ends up on the same side as Harry and Crew. That would be interesting I think, cuz if he dosnt end up at least not opposing them then he’ll probably go the same way as Rita. Also are you ever going to reveal exactly who Harry’s tattoo is dedicated to that pissed McG off so much? My moneys on the the Morrigan, it would make sense consider she’s the Celtic Goddess of Fate War and Death buuut I’ll be the first to admit that Celtic Mythology is not my strongest subject.

Congratulations on the surgery, and I hope the next one goes just as good!
2/3 c29 guest
Happy belated New Year, I guess! This story is... a wild ride. I just finished binging it. I freakin love it and it's both so funny and kind of sad (they're all fourteeeeen). I especially love how you introduced Luna, Amalie, and how you made the three competitors work together. Also, I love how McGonagall is just slowly freaking out, especially when Lupin joined their shenanigans. This story is amazing!
2/1 c10 1Fanfic gyrl
So far, this is hilarious, and I am loving it, I am subscribing.
1/29 c29 17Ahmira Zaraelys
just stumbled onto this story and am loving it! hope to see more soon
1/21 c25 Guest
And that is why I listen to heavy metal in my car going to and from work. I would rather hear a Swedish guy screaming about World War 2 submarines and tanks than the stuff that passes for current music
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