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6/7 c33 Nightshade TK
Hi Uncle Jack,

The fanfiction and your stories are a hell of an insane ride, but one I'm enjoying to the fullest. You are a tough youngish guy and had I not been living in a country with strict gun laws I would have asked for pointers. Enjoy your journey to becoming Wolverine and keep writing!
6/6 c33 Trey of the rebellion
Glad to hear you've recovering well from getting more metal put in you! RWBY fanfiction certainly is something huh? Reminds me of when the Naruto fanfiction community was in it's heyday like ten years or so. Anyways, hope everything goes well, Love you fuck you too
6/5 c33 blanklystaring
Every chapter just gets better and better! You inspire me to write!
6/5 c27 Bob
I suppose that was sort of a public service message there at the end. To add to it, before pulling that trigger, you gung ho new gun owners should think about this. The cops do NOT clean up that pool of blood that soaks into your carpet, into the floor and the subfloor, seeping in everywhere. And if you wait to kill him outside then its murder. By the time you get back in there to do anything about it, your whole house will stink like week old corpse and your walls, paint and every bit of your furniture will permanently absorb that smell. Even if the cops shake your hand and you don't have to hire a lawyer, its going to cost you tens of thousands and days of your time just to get back to square one
6/5 c33 2CMVreud
Yeah, keep up the good word yourself too.
I actually liked your french love triangle, so i pettition for yo to not ending it.
6/5 c33 FateBurn
good chapter
6/5 c33 CoolFanfictionLover
so looking forward for next part.
uff now its third task
i juts dont want cedric to die.
6/5 c33 Marcus Kyle
Take care of yourself, drink one thinking about your faithful readers and get your A2 right.

Thanks for sharing the story and thanks for sharing your ramblings. Don't know which ones are better.
6/5 c33 Lunaliceazreal
"I have a family," Harry stated in wonder.
That’s lovely !
Also Cedric is indeed perfect XD
6/5 c33 Zexs
Have you ever thought about youtube videos for your gun building. I'm not even really interested in guns, but I would watch them just for the vividness of your descriptions, personality, and to learn more about their history.
6/5 c32 Zexs
Can we please just have a book of your drunken rambles, I look forward to them so much.
6/5 c33 9Dragon Man 180
I forsee lots of fire in use by Harry to clear the maze. I'm glad he realizes he does have family who cares about him, no matter there isn't a blood connection. With that knowledge I think Moldywart is really going to regret nabbing Harry.
6/3 c32 1Jonthechaosman
Loving this fic. Congrats on being one of the only authors whose a/n’s I read and actually enjoy instead of ignoring.
5/29 c10 VeryBadFairy
I checked my girlfriend's ass for prostate cancer ... she rather enjoyed it ...
At least our periods never synced up ... being bitchy to each other at same time would cause massive fights ... and no ass probing ...
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