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for Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

5/18 c32 12Banner
So, I just found this story, and I spent a *hysterically giggling* afternoon reading it straight through.
You make the characters engaging and believable. The interactions are just ... delightful.

Thank you!
5/16 c32 IDoBeReading
Have a safe surgery!
5/13 c32 LA Brat
Sooner or later the people with all the shovels, pic axes, and Jack hammers of idiocy are going to hit magma. Problem is they will have already given birth to the next gen. My husband and I constantly argue about gun control. He wants a total ban like some European nations. I want a gun. We can't afford it so he wins in our house. We both agree that the idiots are out breeding and shouting those with two real thoughts in their head. Idiocracy was supposed to be a comedy, not a genuine portent for the future.
5/13 c31 LA Brat
My dad was a WW2 Naval bomber. He would never talk about it with me, but from all the medals he kept hidden, and my existence, sailor's are not gay. Their just assholes who will do everything they can to keep their daughter's out of the military. Even call in favors. He succeeded to, the jackass.
5/12 c23 LA Brat
I am a pro gun liberal that thinks all the straw being pumped out by people that would rather shout than think should be burned instead of raising another generation of sheep. Your ramblings are almost as entertaining as the story. I say this with all the Christian understanding for their desires, Fuck um. You are right and they are idiots.
5/10 c32 9Dragon Man 180
Interesting chapter, I can't wait to see how Amelia deals with the information Harry spilled in front of her and how the Third Task goes!
5/9 c7 Arachne17
Wasn't this posted new year 2020? I think it got worse... Also, old time reader but my first review. Go you, Jack. Go you. Good luck with the chronic pain. Yours sounds worse than mine, but always found knowing the cause made it more manageable. Hope yours gets sorted (reading this story for 3rd time now)
5/8 c32 texrider
Define common sense gun control that is not already in existence and is actually effective. Criminals and crazy people don't obey the law and when the judicial system refuses to enforce penalties for illegal use of firearms (which happens all the time) there is no incentive to not use firearms illegally. When psychopaths get a drug prescription and turned out on the street why is anyone surprised when they act out their delusions. When school administration refuses to allow gun safety presentations who is to blame when ignorant children have accidents? You have certainly managed to blame gun owners for a problem that is not of their making.
5/8 c32 1Someguy the anon
it's like learning curses with magic, if everyone there had a gun it wouldn't have been a massacre.
5/8 c32 AntarticInferno
I've missed you Uncle Jack, i want to continue reading this story, so please take care of yourself and stop drinking so fucking much(i won't say stop drinking because that will be hypocritical of me XD). Greetings from Argentina
5/8 c32 1John Lasko
This always gets a chuckle out of me, even when I forgot what's going on and what's happened.
5/8 c32 3Meandering Fox
love it. good luck with surgery.
5/8 c32 CoolFanfictionLover
uff these kids
loved whole sal amelia and kids section
and now fluer wants to train too
hmm i am just in love with this group
5/8 c32 62Ytak
Sal's talking at the beginning reminds me of a line from the opening scene of "Patton"": Now, I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

"Murder is a bold way to declare your interest, young lady. I like it."
That is hilarious. Though, I don't blame her. He is pretty rough but he also understands what they are up against and that they can only look out for themselves.

"Spectacularly and interestingly wrong."
That is a great turn of phrase. Reminds me of my dad saying how engineers don't like it when things get exciting. Exciting means something has gone wrong.

I love Luna. She's great.

It's good to hear you've got the surgery scheduled easily. I hope it goes off well and you recover quickly.
5/8 c29 Guest
I somehow missed this chapter but I live for the author notes. Yeah, the story entertains me but your notes are even better. Humor through the pain. But, damn, I'm in awe of your pain tolerance. You are a certifiable badass. I need to make that a thing.
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