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for Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

5/8 c29 Guest
I somehow missed this chapter but I live for the author notes. Yeah, the story entertains me but your notes are even better. Humor through the pain. But, damn, I'm in awe of your pain tolerance. You are a certifiable badass. I need to make that a thing.
5/8 c32 Joshua the Hand Written
Great chapter. I appreciate the blending of philosophy with puddles of blood. It would have made my major at lot more interesting. Good luck with your surgery.
5/8 c32 Patrice666
Here's to hoping your chronic pain ends. And if it doesn't, here's to hoping the pain isn't too high.
5/8 c32 FateBurn
Great like always.
5/8 c32 1schumi23
"is this the secret to IT? Somebody can't get a computer to do something and IT shows up and just reads the prompts on the screen? "
As someone who works in IT... yes. IT is basically:
1) Read the prompt, is the next step obvious? If yes do it. If no, continue
2) Restart the tech. At various levels (close/reopen the program, log out, log back in, turn it off then back on)
3) google what the prompt says
4) Reinstall everything after you've salted the earth.

Anyways thanks for the chapter; excellent as always.
5/8 c32 AzrielG
Glad to hear the 1st hip op went well and that you're all geared up for the next :)
Loved the chapter, your story never fails to brighten my day and give me a good laugh.
5/8 c32 9Isangtao
Poor Fleur. Right now she's the sanest one in the group and that probably won't last long.
5/8 c32 Barbaric Bob
Voldy: we're going to take over the world
Death eaters: I'm out
Voldy: whut?
Death eaters: have you fucking seen the aurors? Those blood crazed bastards will rip us apart
Voldy: they can't be that bad
Death eaters: they're like rabid puffs mate, you don't go fuck with angry badgers, thats a fucking death sentence
5/8 c32 Knaruto
normal? what normal? she dates harry potter's barely legal dogfather! who thinks that's normal? lol. poor fleur
5/8 c32 Knaruto
normal? what normal? she dates harry potter's barely legal dogfather! who thinks that's normal? lol. poor fleur
5/8 c31 Knaruto
who knew Harry Potter had it in him to be a suicide bomber? lol
5/8 c32 Trey of the rebellion
Good chapter, really gives some good background. Yeah, shit's getting crazy, like that Army trainee who took a bus full of kids hostage. Shit's getting shittier. But hey, I just realized I have a shopping addiction and I'm working to get that under control, plus I've got some sound design work for my local art theater! So I guess, good and bad, and try not to be bad for other people? Anyways, stay safe Jack, have fun with the second hip replacement.
5/8 c32 4Atheist God
Also, there are other things that may help you with chronic pain and are slightly better than alcohol
5/8 c32 Atheist God
This fic is still funny as hell... Also, congrats on your sober time, I know how hard it is. I have a year sober after 2 years without a single sober day. It's hard but it's worth it.
5/8 c32 14AthanMortis
As someone who works in an IT call center... yes. That's exactly it. 50% of all my calls can be solved by applying simple common sense. And that 'Did you turn it off and turn it back on?' joke is a joke for a reason. Another 40% are solved that way. It makes me want to scream sometimes. Or start drinking heavily. *eye Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey bottle nearby*
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