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for Allons-Y, Oswin!

4/4/2019 c3 3MusicalSlytherin17
Duuude please update this tell me you haven’t abandoned the story
5/25/2018 c3 That's Balderdash
5/16/2018 c3 12Cashagon
Does the Doctor recognize Clara because of her echoes?
4/4/2018 c3 40Black' Victor Cachat
Oh wait, I DID Beta read this! X-D Clean forgot! :-$

I am sure the Doctor would proudly defend that no one is madder than he is :-P

X-D for refusing to claim ownership in case the Doctor stole it. WHICH HE DID! Thanks to her at that! X-D

Checked my notes, and yes once again I have to compliment you on your portrayal of Clara, as well as your phenomenal job on crafting an OC alien

LOL on Dr. Seuss. Honestly surprised I have not seen that pun before :-)

Keep it up! :-D
4/3/2018 c3 5FicMaster1o6
what luck! an update a week later? I'm so glad it's not abandoned
3/23/2018 c2 FicMaster1o6
it's been so long since this was updated... I love the pairing of course, but I still hope the real Rose gets to meet the doctor again to say sorry
9/30/2017 c2 12Cashagon
:D Clara is Rose? Of course! It makes perfect sense...

If your a deranged Doctor with a messed up regen. Then it's all perfectly normal to assume a total(ish) stranger is Rose. Hehehehe... How is she gonna get out of this one?

Cash is out. Peace!
6/18/2017 c1 felicityawhite
I love it carrry onnnnnn n
4/14/2017 c2 Pikanet128
This is interesting
I wonder were it will go
2/16/2017 c2 domestic fanperson
Whew, is it Clara's echo? Or original Clara? I wanna know when the TARDIS picked Clara. It's sort of Christmas 2005?
1/2/2017 c2 40Black' Victor Cachat
Nice touch bringing in the Tardis' personality here :-)

Ugh yes, pre-schooling is only for the firm of heart. For a control freak, even harder.

Really like how you get Clara's character down, particularly how unfazed she is and working, quite well at that, to stay in control of the situation. Also makes sense that the Doctor, especially a younger one, would remember her from her past life. Sort of. Timey-Whimey given how she has not done it yet and time travel makes no sense
thepunchlineismachismo dot com/archives/comic/this-is-probably-the-fastest-ive-cranked-out-this-many-panels

X-D for the end!

Keep it up!
1/2/2017 c1 Black' Victor Cachat
Those are fairly reasonable suspicions given everything Rose has seen, although yes she should have more faith in the Tardis' security protocols to prevent that. Abandoning Jack harder to explain without revealing what she did to him, even if he might (possibly) be able to verify what the Doctor is claiming. Overall though, yes you would think this sort of suspicion would happen more often

Interesting idea switching up the order with how companions are met

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