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6/19 c15 Bronze
I really don't give a fuck what anyone else says about this, I like it! Anyhoo, YOU'RE the DM of the game! If you're players don't show up for a game, tell them something nasty happed to their character and it'll take some time during the game till they're ok to get in on the action! ;) I'm saying that because my DM when I played, allowed my party to abandon me in a collapsing tunnel. They all made it out alive but nobody bothered to drag my character's ass out. Of course, you could have a DM who confuses feet for inches. Ever tried to sneak under a door that a 9 INCH Caren Crawler just came out from under? It was actually a 9 FOOT Caren Crawler. I questioned the size when she told us and corrected her on the true size. Opps! But back to the story. I think when I last read this it only to chapter 13 or 14. Another thing I know wasn't in here last time was those fighters of theirs. I'd've remembered those! Those was really cool craft! Again I tell you I'm eagerly awaiting your next posting to this story. I don't expect them to return to their home dimension. Even if they get that Gateway working again. I can see Harry and Neville returning long enough to pick up a few things to return with. Like say the 30 caliber canon from the A-10 Warthog. Or even slipping into a ZATA Class world and mining things like the rare earths and special metals. Or even more of those red, blue and green crystals. You do realize that with magic Harry can make a 20mm canon modeled after the 30 cal. of the A-10? He could also make armor piercing Tungsten rounds for it. Or just chambered it that nasty 45-70 magical rifle round Smith makes.
6/18 c5 Bronze
I just stared reading the AN of chapter 6 and I can't understand why readers were hounding you for more Investigator Steel. I'm enjoying it. Yes, it a lot different then Harry Steel Through Time but that's not a bad thing. So, I'll say it plainly to you, I really want you to come back to these stories. I don't give a damn that they're not set during Harry's Hogwash years! They're still damn good!
6/18 c3 Bronze
I know I've read at least part of this but I'm not sure I ever finished it. And that's a shame. I'm finding I like it just as much as Harry Steel Through Time and Investigator Steel. It's just too bad I can't find more like these. And believe me I've tried! Now I don't know what's going on in your life but I hope you get back to writing and posting soon. You're damn good at story telling but need a bit of help with the words. TO mean movement usually. Too means also, as well as, along with several other words. Two is the number 2. You keep confusing the the first two. I'm not in anyway flaming here! I'm just trying to help.
6/17 c7 6penmaster cole
as a murder hobo I agree
4/7 c15 1Dagmar Beck
Someday I hope you will write more of this
3/13 c15 jake141
please update!
3/9 c11 1Xanathos
you bought and drank "Mana, Energy for Gamers" didn't you?
2/18 c14 Guest
A Review for Wild West Harry Potter: loved it from
Beginning to end. I wish this was as long as Harry Steele investigator. I love that story too. I love the trifecta in this Wild West of Harry Neville and Hermione. I love Abby as Harry’s OC gf then wife. If you could create another Harry Steele investigator with Neville and Hermione and an OC for Harry. Don’t write it by committee like you did with Harry Steel investigator you’d have a 5-10,000 favorites and follows story on your hands. You’ve got talent and between this one and your Harry Steele investigator it shows me you have tons of potential. Your writing flows very well from paragraph to paragraph chapter to chapter. I don’t do this often but I’m
Including my email because I sincerely look forward to future creations of yours. review left 18 FEBRUARY 2021 my email address is :
2/11 c15 Dave
Your stuff rocks. I wish you would come back.
11/18/2020 c15 jahne
Would like to see what happens next in your campaign. Do they ever figure the gate?
11/8/2020 c15 Treecat1812
Just in case you look at reviews anymore, I just finished Wild West Harry Potter again. It was good to read it again. I may read IHS again soon. Thanks for not taking down your stories when you quit posting to ffn. Gives me something interesting to read every once and a while. Hope you and yours are well.

10/19/2020 c15 Lurker
I left a rave review over two years ago and after quite a few re-readings I haven't changed my mind. I hope you revisit your Harry Steel stories some day and continue them. You have a true talent for writing. I love the way you work in alternate personalities from other realities too.
It would be great to see an alternate James West and Artemis Gordon, as well as a vacation trip to London and possibly Hogwarts to see what's going on there and in Europe.
Hope things are working out for you and the virus leaves you alone!
8/24/2020 c15 1Araytigre
This was a Fun Read, and I really enjoyed all of the various Weapons that they had, as well as those that they developed (Me wishing "I" had them too...). Granted, all the repetitive descriptions of how many (particularly) Bullets that they made (besides the Weapons) got a bit old, even With Magic. I Loved the Wolf Fighters, but was a bit saddened at him having to cannibalized part of his P-51. It will be a while before they start "developing" the Semi-Autos and Automatics. I can totally see Hermione and Abby cracking the Dimensional Gate, but I am glad that the Four of them want to stay back where they are in the late 1880's. I do agree that Harry needs to take a little more "down time" before he gets himself into a situation where he is too burned out to properly take care of whatever the mission might be, particularly as he is "Only" a Deputy US Marshall, and is actively working an area of almost 5 States, even with reliable Port-Keys, their Gollum Horses, Brooms, and now "State of the Art" Aircraft to get around (eventually they will have Horseless Carriages too). I do hope that your Muse (and D & D Group) will allow you to continue this Fine Fic! (in the mean time I'll check out your other Works). Thank You. TTFN
8/3/2020 c15 1Comosicus
I've lost count of the number of times I read this story and each time I wish you would continue it. However, I can understand and respect your decision to move forward. So let me tell you a big "Thank you" for sharing your work with us in the first place. Good luck with your choices, best wishes to you and take care of yourself and your loved ones.
6/28/2020 c15 1Dagmar Beck
I have been enjoying this story and I hope you write more soon. Maybe you could have Jim West and Artemus Gordonthe old tv series is way better than the movie )
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